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1 yr old with a cows milk protein sensitivity - diarrhea, bad bum rash. What other milks can I give her w/ high fat and calcium?

11 month old (1yr on march 18th) is it safe to give her vitamin d milk? She is not allergic to any food or dairy...If not, out of curiosity, why?

15 months baby swallowed 2 fish oil caps 2000mg,he is okay but i breastfeed him,i've to eliminate fish from my. Diet also not to pass in milk?

17 months baby,eating 3 cups of yoghurt daily 100 gm each,also breastfeeding,too much proteins affects kidney?

26 y m h/o sulfur smelling flatus+increased motility after drinking cows milk/yogurt on every visit to usa but not with buffalo milk in india?

3year old boy with lactose intolerance dx. Before few month during the period of cutting dairy product (advice to cut for 1year ) can we use kifer?

4 month formula fed (guigoz nestle) containvit d 288iu/100 gm drinks about 30 to 32 oz/day does he need vit d supplement? I read recommended 400iu/day

6 wk old breastfed only newborn, just diagnosed with cow protein allergy. On dairy free diet. Can i still eat beef?

7 wk old breastfed newborn diagnosis with cow milk protein allergy. On dairy free diet but poo is still green but no blood in stools. Can iron sup cause this?

8 week old was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and reflux . Currently on a dairy and soy free diet). Doing really well with breast milk. Switching to neocate because i'm returning to work. Neocate works great as it has fixed milk allergy, but her re

A co worker said powder coffee creamer clogs your arteries..Is liquid creamer better? Skim milk dosent cut it..Half and half? Which is healthiest

Acid reflux rebounded after one ounce of neocate mixed with 3 ounces of breast milk. Is this normal? How long does it get worse before it gets better (8 week old on neocate for milk protein allergy).

Adult acne and milk consumption, is there a connection?

Advice for my 2 1/2 yrs old boy milk. Can i give plain milk or mix some health powder ?

Alternative for milk ? I get loose motion, once a day, if i take milk. Same for beef. I don't eat it and reduced milk to qtr glass. What should I do ?

Any bad consequences drinking a lot of soy milk?(for men)

Any difference in health benefit from chevre vs cows milk cheese?

Apart from fiber, does whole milk consist of all the nutrients our body need? If yes, can adults survive on milk alone?

Are meat and milk bad for your health?

Are there any problems with consuming milk products after bariatric surgery?

Are there differences in cheese vs milk intolerance?

As kid had really bad hyperhidrosis triggered by milk as Whey/casein are byproducts of milk will protein do the same if so any alternative protein?

Assuming i drink milk after a full meal, will milk with tricalcium phosphate be broken down and absorbed as easily as milk with calcium carbonate?

Baby just turned 1. Doesn't like to eat and only drinks formula milk. Is it ok if i double the amount of milk consumption to compensate for food?

Baby with failure to thrive-has milk protein allergy, what can he drink?

Being allergic to a milk protein can cause menstrualcycle to stop?

Between 2 cups coffee and oatmeal I can consume around 3 cups of milk daily. Is that considered too much milk for me? I don't mind it. Healthy weight

Between almond milk and 2% milk, which one is good for weight loose? Thoughts?

Bf 3 mo old with cow milk protein allergy. Dairy free x4 wk, minimal soy intake. symptoms improved but not resolved. Normal weight gain. What do I do next?

Bf 6 wk old he has cow milk allergy I'm trying to stay dairy free but found out something's I eat have dairy, would goat formula be best or breastfeed?

Can a 1 yr old drink fresh milk? a G6pd child..thanks

Can a blood test check for milk, protein & soy intolerance? For my 2 month old baby.. Help please! thanx!

Can a breastfeeding mother include milk curds in diet? Elders say lacto bascillus in curds is not good for baby?

Can a milk allergy make a person actually drink more milk?

Can a milk allergy make a person want to drink more milk?

Can a person with liver cirrhosis can drink soy milk for protein source?

Can breast milk lead to fructose intolerance in my baby?

Can calcium supplements, like in milk or orange juice, help in height growth?

Can child age of 20 months drink full cream milk for adults and probiotics like yakult?

Can dairy give me acne? I use it for protien shakes chocolate milk. But I eat real healthy and drink lots of water. But I still get bad acne.

Can drinking milk after eating fish cause skin problems?

Can drinking milk and consuming a lot of dairy products plus grains such as wheat and rice worsen gynecomastia?

Can drinking milk everyday lower your iron?

Can drinking soya milk help in unclogging the DHT from the scalp?

Can drinking too much milk be bad when you're pregnant? (Organic whole milk)

Can drinking too much milk cause hyperkalemia? Just wondering as milk is a decent Source of potassium and ive been drinking more of it latelym

Can drinking whole milk everyday make your butt big?

Can drinking whole milk improve bow legs?

Can drinking whole milk make your butt bigger?

Can drinkng too much milk give you a turkey neck?

Can eating lots of dairy products like milk and yogurt give more chances of acne?

Can eating milk products cause cloudy urine?

Can Gastroenteritis be linked to dairy products? If cattle gets it, is it possible that by consumption of dairy products the consumer receives it?

Can goat milk help liver cycts?

Can i add celerac to my baby's milk? He is 1 month old.Thanks

Can i add lemon in my diet.?.. I am breastfeeding mother of 14 weeks.

Can i add my son's medication to his glass of milk? Thank you

Can i drink fresh cows milk if i'm g6pd deficient?

Can I drink soy milk while on birthcontrol pills ?

Can I give fat free milk or full fat milk to my 9 month old baby. If yes, please advice me on how many times & which milk is preferred. Thank you.

Can I give my 8 mos old coconut water in addition to nursing and meals?

Can i give my infant baby s-26 milk , he had g6pd and rhis milk contain soya bean oil?

Can I mix amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium in chocolate milk?

Can i start my 11 month old bub on cows milk. He has his daily nutrients veggies fish meat fruit dairy and can I give him pentivite. Drops in hismilk?

Can i take tylenol (acetaminophen) with low fat or fat free milk?

Can I use Flagyl with milk?

Can i use little milk in coffee because iam in a weight loss diet so milk is not allowed but can i use it in coffee in little amount?

Can it be no problem to have a drop of milk in my coffee?

Can milk cause acne? I have had serious acne for over 6-7 yrs..And no treatment has helpd..I consume 1-1.5lt of milk/day, if i reduce milk is whey ok?

Can milk or milk base products make you break out in acne? I notice everytime i intake dairy orofucts i start to break out.Or is it the caffeine?

Can milk really cause an acne? I drink milk sometimes and also take milk based protein powder. I am not sure.

Can someone with lactose intolerance consume calcium lactate? The lactate part made me think twice.

Can u tell me if eating fenugreek and drinking milk will grow my breasts ?And if they can grow by them then how much time it will take?

Can you dehydrate breast milk and if so does this de-activate the lipase?

Can you drink milk before or after eating fish ? Does it cause vitiligo?

Can you take milk thistle and red yeast rice together?

Can you tell me about it's like to try bovine colostrum for height increase?

Can you tell me how could i get nutrients for my bones if i don't drink milk ?

Consuming 1 ltr. Milk, 100 grams cottage cheese and 50 grams cheese on daily on daily basis. Is it okay? Will it block my arteries? Weight gains

Could adding a pinch of coffee powder reduces the nutrition of milk?

Could cancer patients receiving chemo drink milk? Or lactose free milk or none of the dairy milk product

Could you please advice what is expressed milk. Can the healthy nutrients stay intact within expressed milk for next 24 hours. How to preserve?

Do I give my child who turns one next week whole milk or vitamin D milk and how much a day?

Do milk thistlle & Levothyroxine not mix ?

Do the milk or cereal take away the raspberries nutritional benefits?

Does 17 months baby need sugar(sucrose)? Feeding him dinner in form of 200 ml concentrated fresh fruits& sucrose since birth,max 10 times

Does adding cocoa or chocolate flavoured stuff to milk reduces the quality of milk?

Does almond milk give you mucus issues?

Does almond milk interfere with the absorption of Oroxine and slow release T3 (liothyronine) similar to dairy milk? Most have been fortified calcium.

Does badam milk increases sexual strength?

Does bigelow sweet dreams tea dicreases breast milk?

Does chocolate have any health benefits at all compared to regular whole milk?

Does dairy in my diet lead to my baby's colic?

Does drinking a lot of soybean milk make you more girly?

Does drinking milk after eating fish can cause vitiligo?

Does drinking soy milk make breasts grow?

Does drinking too much milk cause any skin changes, good or bad, in a child?

Does eating loads of sugar affect breast milk?

Does exercising (gym, yoga etc.) help avoid remission of adult acne? Has milk to do with acne, i've read it contains oxytocin? I am allergic to milk.

Does long lasting milk have the same effects as fresh milk?