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2y baby ate 1 tsp nutella containing soy lecithin and no allergy at all,this means no favism?don't 've to make sure with test? Can safely eat beans?

75yr old Taking plavix (clopidogrel) after stroke consultant said have to avoid Dark Green Vegetables brussel sprouts, brocolli what is the true ans?

A lot of white seed like thing in stool what could it be? Small, big but smaller than a pumpkin seed. I eat healthy (lot of seeds, chicken,rice)

According to some people tomato should not consume in gall bladder stones because it cantains seeds. Is it true?

After ovulation, can we still consume royal jelly?

Any studies to support white kidney bean extract is a starch blocker.

Any study done on the raw radish juice (or raphanin) having effects on thyroid function? How much radish juice will be beneficial to my thyroid?

Are almonds good for memory power or walnut?I have weak memory and my parents want to buy only one amongst the two.What should I buy?Walnut or almond?

Are fiber one protein bars acceptable in pregnancy? I read that chicory root extract which is contains, is dangerous. Is that true?

Are foods cooked in soybean oil bad for men? I heard soy products are not good for men. Same for soybean oil? Thank you.

Are foods like walnuts advacados ginger cinnamon kale and oatmeal truly fat burning foods are is this just a clever marketing strategy ?

Are legumes really bad for you? I eat chick peas, nuts, and beans on a regular basis. The web has a lot of conflicting information on the subject.

Are mangoes and walnuts warm to body? Can i eat mangoes and walnut while planning for a baby? Is rose spatial jam beneficial while child planning?

Are mushrooms anywhere near equivalent to meat?

Are prok chops considered red meat?

Are raw white cup mushrooms carcinogenic?

Are the any dangers in drinking oat seed or oat straw infusions while on prozac (fluoxetine)?

Are the long green pepper seeds poisonous as apple seeds are? Can they cause harm if eaten during pregnancy?

Are there any negative repercussions to a child eating strawberry leaves with the strawberry?

Are there any side effecta of eating chia seeds everyday? Atleast2 table spoons a day?

Are there known health benefits associated with eating raw hemp seeds?

At what age is it safe for babies to have corn, beans and tomatoes?

Ate oils like almond, avocado, macadamia, and olive safe for my skin and developing baby during pregnancy?

Ate rhubarb leaves in really small doses, dangerous?

Blueberries: is it true that blueberries are a sponge for toxins - pesticides and herbicides - and are not recommended for consumption unless organic?

Can accidentally eating apple seeds (in a fruit salad )harm a baby? I've heard apple seeds are toxic, can eating a few may be bad for the fetus?

Can aflotoxins from penuts induct cancer if one consumes about 200g of penuts a day? What are the chances?

Can baking broccoli destroy the beneficial vitamins and nutrients the way boiling does?

Can cooking cauliflower destroy indole-3-carbinol(anti-estrogen) in it?

Can cooking with ground black pepper cause any of the pepper chemicals to become carcinogenic?

Can eating fennel seeds cause any harm to my body? (i eat about 2-3 tsp/day). But still, what are the advantages & disadvantage of eating fennel seeds

Can expired folic acid 400mg and expired vitamin C 500 mg be used on potted plants, flower beds, vegetable gardens or compost piles?

Can fresh milk help prevent ascaris limbrocuides?

Can i take a diet supplement to lose weight after a hysterectomy, like raspberry ketone, apple cider vinegar, flax seed...Etc..?

Can i add ginger and garlic in preparing vegetables. Will they affect my inr. Similarly what about tomatoes.

Can i consume Hemp seeds as a dietary supplement while on Prozac (fluoxetine) 40mg daily? Hemp seeds seem to contain negligible amounts of tryptophan

Can I consume royal jelly during menstruation?

Can i give my baby potato, dal and soyabean oil with rice? She have hb e/beta Thai and age 5 months 10 days. Pls advice.

Can i give vegetarian custard made from readymade powder to my 8 month old.The powder contains cornflour as thickening agent.

Can i overdose on mushrooms is it possible to eat to many mushrooms and be at risk. I've heard mushrooms are not good for people's liver. I'm talking button or shitake - general mushrooms you have in the super market

Can I safely eat first fruits or leaves from plants I bought that were sprayed before I planted them?

Can i take chia seeds if I have gastritis and digestion problem? Thankz. :-))

Can it be the salt from the sunflower seeds that made my skin on my gum die?

Can mushrooms help with cancer? Which mushrooms? How do you have to cook them?

Can nightshade berries kill you? Any help appreciated!

Can seeds block your appendix? If so, how likely is it that i will get appendicitis if I have seeds daily? I love seeds!

Can the skins of butter beans have any nutritional value?

Can wild grapes give you rashes?

Can you be allergic to one nightshade vegetable, but not others? Example, only green bell peppers, but not other peppers or tomatoes?

Can you explain if it's true that eating mushrooms and carrots lower cholesterol?

Can you have oats and honey together?

Can you mix spirulina and wheat grass powder?

Can you tel me how many calories and carbs bee propolis has?

Can you tell me if it's dangerous to eat castor beans?

Can you tell me if wild rice contains nickel?

Can you tell me what number of brazil nuts should I have a day for selenium?

Can you tell me, are you supposed to chew chia seeds to get the health benefits?

Complete Iron Rainbow Light is using Stinging Nettle and Dried Plum and Fig and Raisin. Are they safe to drink during pregnancy ?

Could 6 large cloves of garlic, eaten raw have a notable anti-inflammatory effect on the body?

Could eating pomegranate seeds affect your penis size?

Could frying spinach lessen its nutritional value?

Could you tell me a nausea free way to consume morning glory seeds?

Dark chocolate in moderation is beneficial for health (above 70%) due to flavonoids in it! Is pure cocoa powder too good for health? If not why?

Do almonds (that you buy at the store to eat) contain cyanide or arsenic?

Do apples increase in the glycemic index the longer they are ripened? I have some sandy apples so I am wondering if the glycemic index has increased.

Do apricot seeds have any cancer fighting properties?

Do bitter walnuts contain cyanide also do whole almonds? Quite concerned

Do clove, date and black pepper cuts down cholesterol?

Do i understand this correctly : I have a seafood allergy, however it is safe for me to eat ground flax seed?

Do mahogany seeds help treat diabetes?

Do rock melons have antioxidants?|

Do smithies with 50% dark greens and 50% fruits and almond drink help after radical prostate cancer twice a day?

Do tangelo = tangerine allergies?

Do want to take grape seed. Where can I find grape seed without vitamin c?

Do white sunflower seeds affects on acne ?

Does anyone know if all blue green algae supplements have the chemical in them?

Does azilect (rasagiline) interact with velvet beans? I have velvet beans that can be sprouted for consumption.

Does black beans or pinto beans have estrogen in them?

Does cholestrol exist on almonds?

Does disaronno originale contains any trace of nuts? My cousin is allergic to nuts and i would like to know if this drink is a danger to her. Thanks

Does dry roasting of nuts,seeds,chickpeas, etc increase their calorific value or reduce their nutritional benefits?

Does durum semolina pasta naturally contain iron? I'm worried because my new pasta doesn't say enriched, and no nutrients are listed.

Does eating salad leaf harm during thyroid?

Does eating too much papaya harm the liver?

Does fried testes of lamb contain anything for an effective erection?

Does gentle pasteurized juices remove allergenic properties of fruits?

Does green almonds contain a lot of fat like dry almonds ?

Does green barley help to minimize acne?

Does kimchi need to be pasteurized before eating if pregnant? Whole foods has a natural unpasteurized kimchi it sells & i'd like to buy it. Am 12 weeks

Does lettuce, tomato, beans, apple, cabbage, broccoli contain uric acid? My doctor said to control it for pain in my left heel joint. Thanks for your

Does mosambi or Leamon consist of suger?

Does Mosambi or lime consist of sugar?

Does oat bran have a significant amount of molybdenum?

Does pumpkin seed actually help with an overactive bladder? Are there any other natural remedies?

Does red meat have any affect on my intestines if I have been juicing for two months?

Does spinach dip have pastorized milk?

Does the FDA classify a coconut as a nut?

Does the Green Coffee Bean Extract actually healthy? A relative of mine used it and has an amazing body now!

Does the HGH homemade cocktail based on a 3 tomatoes and 250 grams of broad beans and 250 grams of cabbage mixed in a blender make you taller?

Does unbleached enriched white flour affect the body?