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Can heart disease/liver disease occur on some1who eats fair lot of junk/sugar foods but it's around 9 pounds underweight? I Eat lots of veg n fruit 2

17 yrs old Is it bad to eat cheese everyday with butter n semi-skimmed milk? 1-2 times a day for a couple of years not overweight. Clog up arteries?

18, normal BMI recently started eating chocolate dessert 4-5x a week. Is this bad for female because of the phytoestrogens/ saturated fat content?

19, in general eat little fat & cholesterol but yesterday ate eggs & cheese haven't done exercise to burn it off will this clog up arteries? Eggs bad?

2 weeks no bread/rice/pasta. Only chicken, fish, veg, fruits, nuts. Run 2-4 mi 4x. Last 2days terrible pain in calves, left calf more. Diet deficiency?

20yo female 5"1, 117lbs.I love fruit & lately been eating a lot of it. Morning smoothie, purees thru the day. abt 3.5 cups altogether daily. too much?

21 female. Do potatoes increase blood pressure? Heard eating them 4x/ week does. I do every 2 weeks about 3-4 portions I eat everything else wholemeal

2year old won't eat drinks a little dr said she had bacteria in stomach but should of been better white cells in peer going on 2nd week ?

3 months ago I started gym and diet (no sugar,fats,white bread) I was 100 kg and now 86.8kg Is that too much? Is there anything to worry about?

34 yr old female. 5'5 155 lbs. since giving birth 3 kids. Eat 2 eggs in morning. Salad for lunch. Small dinner. Can't seem to drop weight. Help please?

43wf. For the last 6 wks have fluffy stool .6 on Bristol chart .bright red blood on stool and toilet paper.the only change is diet. No bread rice potatoes etc.shakes with soy milk nuts berries and whey protein ,salads with fish ,chicken . Worried !

44yr old male, 5,10 tall, 200ibs. Cholesterol 220, normal bs and BP. Is having butter and honey or eye egg for breakfast bad for me and cholesterol?

50 yr old. Have eaten raw oysters on the half shell at same restaurant for past 30 years. Now on enbrel (etanercept) for ra. Any need to change my habit?

76yr fem stroke its not very healthy not being able to eat green veg on clopidogrel Is( supp) StatiQuinon Q10 red yeast rice ALAcid just as good ?

A trainer gave me a diet plan for bodybuilding, but in the morning i eat two whole eggs and six egg whites(and oats). Is it safe for my health?

Acid reflux nearly daily. Trying to pinpoint why. Could it be yogurt? I eat a low fat, almost zero sugar, plain yogurt every morning prior to symptoms

Adhd and crave salt to the point of eating right out the bottle , my teenage son craves large amount of salt he sneaks it at night and eats large amts?

After eating a small meal of apple, carrots, light low calorie bread, and one piece of fake meat. I fell asleep 30 minutes later for a half an hour or so. Weill i gain weight or will i be ok?

After losing 4kgs in 3weeks, i weigh 106kgs.I'm basically eating fruits, dry fruits and beef/mutton/chicken/fish. Can any dietitian direct me further?

After trying a low carb diet i got stomache aches and then became allergic to eggs, avocados, and olives. What can I do about that now?

Am i at risk of a tapeworm from eating canned salmon? I eat it several times a week and am nervous since reading this?

Am i harming my son by feeding him too many eggs and ham? My son is a 17 years old, well fit, physically active and healthy young man. I feed him 2 eggs, a carbohydrate (hash brown patties, bagels etc) and a processed meat (bacon, sausages etc). Now i f

Any specific diet for dislocated shoulder to heal faster. Already eat lots if veg, fruit and chicken. Was told simple sugar to increase C02??

Are eggs good or bad I eat up to 6 a day not fried and with wheat bread and oatmeal just bland I eat healthy. My hr 50 BP 108/72 32yo 6'5" 210 lb?

Are frozen foods, veggies n instant noodles also unhealthy n include in fast foods?

Are whey protein shakes from supplement stores bad while ttc or pregnant. Work early and not always hungry for meal, need protein to hold me a bit.

Are whole grains bad for your heart?

As a 3month out bariatric patient can I have nuts and trail mix to eat?

As whole grain contain phyatic acid which effect ca and fe metabolism should i stop eating whole grian repaced it by white bread to prevent bone loss?

Ate half of a high protein think thin bar unaware that it can cause digestive problems. Should I be ok? What should I do to help my stomach?

Ate there any vitamins I should be taking? Only eat white meat, very active but feel tired and out of energy sometimes. I am hypoglycemic too. Thanks!

Autistic niece, 12yo, under no meds, simple diet:rice, milk, bread, beans, chicken, fries, pizza, some fruits.Fist-size ball stool clogs toilet since learnd wc

Avoiding bedwetting in 7year old. Likes to eat ceral with milk before bed. How long after that liquid intake should he use the toilet and then sleep?

Being a female athlete, should I start eating red meat to ensure that i get enough iron?

Best diets for going to gym... Like.. Milk... Eggs.. Etc and their quantity?

Bloating eating anything. Got better gluten free 2 +yrs ago. Can't eat fats or carbs. Take big probiotic 2 yrs. Eat little yet feel stuffed?

Came from analysis of protein and little anemic, what to eat or drink that everything will be fine?

Can a cut from a weed eater be a flesh eating bacteria?

Can a g6pd deficient allowed to eat almonds.Thank you?

Can a person on kidney dialysis eat puffed wheat cereal?

Can a person on low residue diet b/c of diverticulitis eat watermelon?

Can a toddler eat too much broccoli? My 18 month likes to eat broccoli everyday/every other day and I'm concerned this may affect his thyroid function

Can anyone get B.P problems when eating meat (beef)?.. Can eating meat help us to pack on mass (lean mass)? Thank you.

Can consuming a lot of meat cause an excess of mucus? Is meat known to be a mucus causing food? Recently switched from being vegetarian.

Can eating a white chocolate bar (500 calorie sized) everyday adversely affect your health?

Can eating food with aspartame cause a woman to spot blood? My neighbor said it happens to her and her sisters.

Can eating only ground beef be unhealthy that means I eat nothing else ?

Can eating takis chips cause cancer? because i like them and eat them a lot if they do i need to stop!

Can eating too many almonds cause kidneys to hurt?

Can eating whole grain decrease fertility of woman and daley her period and cause distrabance of her hormone i only eat whole grain and not eat white ?

Can girls that don't eat meat tend to hit puberty later due to not ingesting hormones and steroids from meat?

Can holding in poop 48+ hours, eating almonds or other nuts whole, or a bad impact to the appendix region cause appendicitis?Thank you

Can I change my lunch menu with fruits, like pineapple, melon, watermalon, pepaya,. they will save my stomach (My height 162cm and weight 121 pounds)?

Can i drink the v8 fruit fusions while im dieting since i really don't like vegetables? Will it still have a similar affect?

Can I eat 1 whole egg/day daily with out side effects for lifelong?I am 26 y m healthy

Can i eat cereal after 36 hrs of food poisining ? By that i mean with milk (: i'm starving & everything i see looks so good !

Can i eat wholemeal bread with a past history of gout?

Can i give my kids oats as meal..Is that they wil become thin?

Can Jacob's biscuit make you fat? Maybe be if I consumed 4-6 a days.

Can my mom eat dates, dry fruits, papaya as she is having diabetes, high bp, gastric her body has a lot of heat n she gets piles sometimes?

Can my mom who is a diabetic eat dates, honey, dry fruits, papaya her body has a lot of heat too and she has high BP n piles n gastric also?

Can one's blood sugar rise following a totally carb free meal (i.e. protein and fat only--bacon and eggs)? Mine went up a little after bacon & eggs.

Can people with G6PD deficiency eat chick peas?

Can protein shakes containing rice protein and flax seeds attribute to headaches? I am experiencing all day long slight headaches.

Can unhealthy eating (but not overweight) like chips and pizza cause blood in stool?

Can you become addicted to bread ? I am slim, however recently I have found myself eating bread upon bread, how can I stop?

Can you drink cordial as your carbohydrate source while working out instead of something like dextrose?

Can you eat Nori seaweed wraps everyday or would you be getting to much iodine?

Can you eat or drink before being tested for buffalo hump?

Can you explain? I love nuts and often eat a very small portion in the evening is this good or bad for me?

Can you get food poisioning from eating pre - packed salami ? I's it high risk ?

Can you please describe the downsides of eating 100 gr of chocolate every day?

Can you tell me if I am doing a half marathon at 10am what should I eat on race day and at what time. What foods should I avoid?

Can you tell me is it easier to cut meat out altogether or do it gradually when going vegetarian?

Can you tell me what you suggest if you are doing a half marathon at 10am, what should you eat on race day and at what time. What foods should you avoid?

Cant eat any seafood because I am allergic, so fish is not an option for protein. Any meal plan ideas?

Cyanosis and freezing cold after eating chocolate, sugar,wheat .possible causes?started in early twenties.fine as child.cannot eat these at all now.

Daughter 3 days diarrhea- lost 6 lb-eats only healthy-ate chicken fried in grease, potatoes with mayo, cause? How to fix? My daughter is an athlete and eats only healthy, never has stomach problems except for an occassion bug.. Last friday a friend cooked

Diagnosed with Pre diabetic condition with an A1c value of 6.1. Please suggest dietary restrictions. Is it fine to eat fish,whole milk & brown bread ?

Diarrhea & small intestine pain after eating meats- should I cut out meats until I can get to see allergist? What can I eat in place of it for protein

Diet pills, eating under 500 cal per day in food (nuts, fruit, fish veg etc), drinking wine bottle x 3/4pw, how will this affect my body? 138lb 5'8

Do eating raw rice result in splitting of haemoglobin?

Do hight fat foods like hummus and nuts really lower ldl? Or is it replacing a stick of butter w same amount hummus lowers chol? Bad but not as bad?

Do vegetarians have a low chance of getting gallstones and if so is it just because they don't eat meat ?

do we have to take protein diet everyday like beef,meat everyday to stay strong n healthy

Doc, ask sex, can sex very day, l like sex very much, had sex make happy day, I eat health food, like wholegrain, nut ,oat, eat garlic very day?

Doctor say that low fat dairy product is bad for us and they say that woman who consume lo fat dairy may suffer from irregular period is that true?

Does a unhealthydiet inchildhood effectyou later on?I ate alotof fast foodin childhood, but was normal weight.Could plaquehave developed if healthynow?

Does cuttinh carbs typically give you bad bresth?

Does eating antibiotic-free meat lower my chances of getting a superbug?

Does eating beef have somthing in it that may cause migrains?

Does eating butter help my sister whose period have been stopped for 6 month because she was in a low fat diet ?

Does eating meat cause cancer? My mom just told me that today

Does eating non veg have any effect on erection. I am basically a vegetarian. Whenever i take chicken, fish I have a strong erection. Veg food its weak?

Does eating pork ham after tonsillectomy affect the injury?

Does eating red meat make men more fertile?

Does eating rice daily makes a person fat? The person is 50-year-old woman, is obese and has got thyroid reported in check-up. Food tips?

Does eating whole grain make my period delay ?

Does girl who eat whole grain product and cut out whitee product may suffer from irregular period ?

Does people with anoerxa nervousa eat whole wheat or white carb to treat?