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After eating a few spoons of ice cream, my tongue burns to the point of pain. What is this?:

After eating raspberrys, bananas, pineapples, sweet potatoes, ice cream, or drinking milk, pains start on upper right abdominal. What is wrong?

Am i allowed to eat smoothies/ ice cream? Even though i just got my braces yesterday

Any ideas why my throat burns after eating ice cream?

Are ice cubes bad for me.I eat them everyday.Do they cause pneumonia?

Are pickles and ice cream actually a common pregnancy craving?

Are wraps better than bread for you?

Ate too many tortilla chips and have constipation. What's a good OTC med for this?

Can a diabetic person with bsr-537 eat ice cream?

Can a person with a new stomach pouch have frozen ice pops?

Can a sugar high from cake, ice cream and soda cause me to forget everything that happened the past night?

Can chewing on ice chips cause anemia?

Can eating 1/4 of a pint of ice cream a day, along with a glass of chocolate milk, make me a diabetic?

Can eating ice when pregnant cause pneumonia?

Can I drink chocolate milk or eat chocolate ice cream 3 days before a colonoscopy?

Can I drink chocolate milk or have chocolate ice cream 3 days before my procedure?

Can i drink/eat cold foods like ice or ice cream while having tonsillitis?

Can I eat freeze dried ice cream (astronaut ice cream) while pregnant?

Can i eat ice cream if iam a celiac patient?

Can I eat ice cream with mild gastritis? Would the coldness soother the burning in my stomach? I'm craving ice cream

Can i eat mangoes, red meat, ice creams after PTB treatment? Can i eat everything after treatment?

Can I get herpes if a fast food worker spit in my ice cream?

Can i give a 6 week old chocolate ice cream?

Can I give ice cream to 3 year old when she has fever?

Can ice craving be a sign of msk?

Can ice cream cause food poisining ?

Can ice cream cause stomach aches?

Can lactose intorlerant people eat yogurt or sorbet ice cream?

Can my 8 month old eat ice popsicles?

Can someone with no gall bladder eat lots of peanut butter and ice cream and cake pops without gaining weight?

Can you catch aids from eating a strangers ice cream cone?

Can you eat ice cream cones with braces on?

Can you get food poisoning from ice cream?

Can you get frostbite from eating popsicles?

Can you have something fatal like a reaction, from eating chocolate and vanilla ice cream with kiwi?

Can you overdose on ice cream?

Can you tell me why when i eat ice cream my teeth get sensitive?

Cold teeth from ice cream is cavity?

Could I eat ice cream if I have gallstones?

Could my lactose intolerance have been brought on by an eating disorder with cheesecake, ice cream bars?

Could someone get sick from eating a little piece of year old ice cream?

Could you explain why does my teeth hurt when i eat ice cream , chocolates and anything complete cold and too hot?

Diarrea after eating ice cream the night before, what is wrong?

Do they still make ice milk?

Does chewing ice cause anemia?

Does eating ice cream affect stomach ulcers? Hurts my stomach about 10mins after eating ice cream. The pain is where the ulcers are

Does eating ice cream cones cause or worsen acne?

Does eating ice dehidrate you?

Does eating ice is good are bad for an asthmatic person?

Does eating ice lower your iron.

Does ice cream help bronchitis?

Does lactaid before an ice cream snack prevent acne?

Hi! I'm lactose intolerant and had ice cream. My stomach is upset. What can I take to feel better?

Hoe do you treat frostbite from the salt and ice challenge?

How come I have a compulsion to chew ice alot?

How long does it take for food poisining to show up with chocolate ice cream ?

How many hours does it take to get food poisining with ice cream ? (chocolate ice cream)

How many lactaid pills should I take if I want to eat ice cream?

How much a normal person who exercise 3-4 times a week eat ice cream & cookies?

How to maintain a diet working at an ice cream shop?

How would you recommend i cure my salt & ice challenge scar?

I always get a cough when eating ice cream or yogurt. What can this mean?

I am lactose intolerant and recently noticed that I am able to have yogurt for breakfast w/o the symptoms I typically get after eating anything with lactose (pizza, ice cream, cream, etc.)?

I ate skinny cow ice cream and it says sugar alcohol will that make a positive on a breatherlizer?

I did the salt and ice challenge and I am scared why do I do ?

I eat ice a lot. Could that be a sign of iron deficiency? I don't crave ice but I could eat ice all the time.

I eat ice every day, once every hour. I'm trying to fight if but I crave ice over food. Is this severely hurting my body?

I have a cheat weekend every two weeks how much impact do you think that will have on my weight loss.. Usually pizza, ice cream etc?

I have a crippling stomach ache because I ate chocolate cake pizza and ice cream how can I get rid of it?

I have a really heavy headache , can I still eat ice cream?

I have acid reflex when I have ice cream or milk the burning starts mins. After i eat ice cream or milk not so much on cheese

I have diarrhea every time I have dairy products like ice cream or cheese. I've never had a problem until the past 6 months. Do I see a doctor??

I have gastritis, what food shall i avoid? can i eat ice cream and french fries?

I have lost 6 lbs in a week &2 lbs in one day, is this normal? No exercise &i'm eating.Hot at night too, takin ice pack to bed every night. Ideas?

I have pain in stomach after eating. Ice cream stops it. Why would that be?

I have severe anemia. I can't. Stop eating ice my iron today was 9.something. I get very cold after eating. Ice i need help?

I just ate some ice cream and I started coughing. I do this a lot with other cold things such as smoothies, snow cones, and especially Rita's. Why?

I love eating ice cream but im allergic to peanut & soy. Can I eat ice cream?

I m pain in my teeth becoz of ice cream?

I'm anemic and I love eating ice.Why is that?

I'm just wondering, if you eat too much ice does it mean there is something wrong with you?

I've had a headache all day. The only thing that helps is eating ice, why?

If I have a strep throat can I have Ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, cereal?

If i have gestational diabetes can i still eat ice cream?

If I have the flu can I eat ice cream?

Im craving ice cream & pickles, and in 3 days my menstrual period starts, my question is why am i craving ice cream & pickles?

Is cold or hot better for a dry throat? For example ice cream, soup, etc.

Is cookie dough ice cream safe to eat while pregnant?

Is cottage cheese a healthy substitute for ice cream?

Is cravings for ice and ice cream but hates cold air and aircons bad?

Is eating a lot of sweets bad for you ? Such as peanut m&ms, ice cream etc

Is eating butterscotch ice cream safe during pregnancy?

Is eating ice a good or bad thing? I am constantly crave ice. Instead of drinking 8 cups of water , I am eating 8cups or more of crushed ice dailly.

Is eating yogurt ice cream ok to eat when you have upper respiratory cough.

Is frozen custard as healthy as ice cream?

Is ice chewing a symptom of anemia?

Is ice cream a nutritious food?

Is ice cream still a good thing to eat after tonsillectomy?

Is it bad eating ice cream when I have the cough?

Is it dangerous to give an ice cube to an infant?