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I recently ate chili that had beer and bourbon in it and breastfeeding. I just learned that the alcohol doesnt cook out. What harm have i done? j

10 weeks pregnant, I have pcos & I've consumed a lot of foods containing large amounts of splenda this week i &was just informed its bad for pregnancy?

11 wks pregnant. Heard about recall on almond butter for salmonella. Finished jar last wk. Had mild nausea (assumed was pregnancy) Should I be worried?

12wks pregnant. Ate 3 bagel bites, the kind that come frozen. Ingredients say the cheese is made with cultured milk. Is this ok to eat while pregnant?

13 weeks pregnant. At restaurant tonight noticed half way through my salad that the chicken was raw inside. What are the risks to pregnancy and baby?

15w pregnant. Can a baby in utero be allergic to certain foods? I ate a KitKat w/ artificial strawberry flavor& >5mins later I was puking my guts out!

16 weeks pregnant, from week 5 until now I haven't had any meat or anything that has protein. I'm a little concerned if the baby will have any problem?

17 wks pregnant. Ate undercooked pork (accident). Live France so tested monthly 4 toxoplasmosis. Anything else I can do now to prevent/test/precaution?

18 weeks pregnant pork chop been frozen but it expired 2days ago can I still eat it?

18 weeks pregnant. I want grouper. Supposed to limit to three 6 oz servings/month. Can you have 18 oz at once or does it have to be spread out?

18w pregnant. Used same knife that cut fully cooked cheeseburger 4 mayo. Still using mayo. Now worried. Will this make baby sick?Terrified of listeria

19 weeks pregnant and been eating microwave popcorn a few times a week. Someone said the lining in the bag could cause miscarriage or damage to baby. Is this true? I never heard this before.

19 weeks pregnant and have been told to avoid cantaloupe (listeria) however is watermelon okay to eat if it is washed with soap and water and throughly dried?

21 weeks pregnant. I took a large bite out of an apple and may have swallowed some appleseeds. Can that hurt baby or pregnancy?

21w2d pregnant ate cold cooked chicken @ 20w5d & deli turkey was cold on 1st bite but asked to reheat feeling constant braxton hicks. Listeria?

21w5d pregnant drank water with lemon squeezed and wedge in it didn't think about listeria but i'm super worried now. Are we @ risk of listeria?

21w6d pregnant ate panckaes that were sort of mushy on the inside although steaming hot outside pasteurized eggs were used am i at risk of listeria?

24 weeks pregnant and accidentally drank milk in my tea which was lumpy although it smelt and tasted fine. Only seen afterwards. Will the baby be ok?

28 weeks pregnant and ate french fries with black spots. Will this cause problems for my baby? I will avoid in future but wanted to know risk.

31 weeks pregnant. Ate basil pesto today. Read after it may not be safe during pregnancy to eat basil pesto. Should i be concerned?

32 weeks pregnant and have been eating Bush's vegetarian baked beans cold and out of the can. Is this safe? Aren't they pre-cooked? Any risks to baby?

32 weeks pregnant. Ate a box of wheat melba toast then saw they expired a year ago. Any risk to baby? Last few had white specks but not sure if moldy

36 weeks 4 days pregnant and I heard you can't eat pineapple in the third trimester because it can cause contractions, is that even true?

38 wks pregnant, ate a tomato and cheese sandwich 8 hrs ago, won't digest. What can I do?

6 hrs ago i ate meat satay. 6 weeks pregnant. Just now i read that it may containt salmonella n e.Coli. No symptomps untill now. Is it okay?

9 weeks pregnant swallowed small sunny fish bone would it be harm to the baby?

After eating 2 male crabs, 1 big piece of fish(whitening), and 4 pieces of shrimp did i eat over 6 oz of seafood? I am 39 weeks pregnant and scared

Am 16 weeks pregnant and I love chineese food. Is it ok to have it once in a while? Will the MSG in chineese food affect baby development?

Am 33 weeks pregnant.. I ate chicken with sautaed lemon grass in it.. Is it safe? I just came to know lemon grass is not safe during pregnancy..

Am I at risk of getting listeria after eating cheddar cheese that was left out for a few hours still in it's packaged while pregnant?

And doc pls , can I drink milo while trying to get pregnant , can see it also has soy lecthin And soya. Thanks?

Are ham and cheese hot pockets safe while pregnant?

Are sardines okay to eat while pregnant, I'm 14wks and got the cans of sardines in water. Only ate about 3 fishes. Do I need to be concern?

Are The Cold Cut Subs From Subway Healthy For Pregnant Women.?

At 7 months pregnant should I be concerned about listeria? I want to eat deli meat but don't want to pug baby at risk

Ate 3-4 apples that had internal browning. Didn't eat the brown parts but ate the rest. 34 weeks pregnant. Harmful?

Ate a bowl of stew cooked with small amount of cilantro. I'm pregnant. Read cilantro can cause miscarriage. Is that true?

Ate a pasteurized cheese spread that I didn't know also had SPAM in it. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and now I'm concerned about the risk of listeria.

Ate ahi tuna (sushi) often a few months before i got pregnant. Can the mercury stay in your system and harm the baby?

Ate cayenne spiced bread at dinner - hot! 25 weeks pregnant. Problem?

Ate deli meat until 10 weeks pregnant. I'm now 27 weeks preggo and baby looks fine in us. Would he look ok if i had listeria from deli meat?

Ate granola bars with soy protein isolate every day until i was 14 weeks pregnant. Worried about effects on baby.\?

Ate grapes from fruit platter today. I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. Was this safe? Could I get listeria?

Ate several boxes of mac n cheese with annatto extract during pregnancy - safe for baby?

Ate some bad chili, and now my stomach hurts. I am wondering if this could be harmful to my baby, because I am pregnant?

Ate veggie sushi with eel sauce before i knew i was pregnant - ok?

Babys 11wks. I'm terrified of botulism. Read every label I eat for honey. Scared I will drop a crumb and she will get it on her mouth. Normal?

Been TTC & its almost time for my period. But today all of a sudden I wanted pickles and pickle juice I've never wanted pickle juice before can this b?

Before pregnant IgG For(Toxo+) Now im 31w and last day i touch poor cat then i forget wash hand eat some food.Is it ok for my baby.

By eating fresh pineapple can it soften or ripe your cervix and bring on labor?

Can a pregnant lady who is at her 1st trimester eat mackerel fish? Wad if she accidentally had some? Will it harm da baby?

Can a pregnant woman eat baked goods that contain liquor (grand marnier)?

Can canned pineapple juice help induce labor at 40weeks pregnant? How much should I drink to get contractions? Thanks!

Can eating espresso beans during pregnancy affect your unborn child?

Can eating raw rice (washed & soaked in water) is good in last trimester of pregnancy?

Can eating raw rice affect me and the baby during pregnancy?

Can gelatin which using in food cause cancer? I used it today for the first time in cake and I'm worry about

Can I eat beef Jerky while pregnant? I'm 7weeks and been eating it like crazy.

Can I eat beef jerky while pregnant? If so, even slim Jim or any type?

Can i eat canned chunk light tuna 5 oz can at 5 weeks pregnant safetly?

Can i eat cold lunch meat while pregnant friends r tellin me that i'm not suppose to that if i want lunch meat I have to warm it up !? Is this true?

Can i eat fish and sushi while nursing? Is there any i can't have or that could affect my supply? I'm 7-1/2weeks postpartum

Can i eat hot dogs from a jar when pregnant?

Can I eat hot dogs while i'm pregnant?

Can i eat pizzas with four cheese on it mozzarella, mature cheddar, montery jack and emmental cheeses in early pregnancy?

Can I eat pomegranate in pregnancy. .as m 6 mnths pregnant and eating this fruit since 4th of pregnancy. And worried now....

Can I eat the Brunswick chicken salad that you get from a store when pregnant. ? Sorry for these non sense questions I just dont wanna harm my baby

Can i eat tomato sauce while pregnant and iam already taken it few times..Does this harm my baby..

Can i give my 7 month old baby cooked sheep s liver puree? Does liver considered meat & i should wait till 8 month to give him?

Can i give my 7 months babies mashroom , brocoli , spanesh or its early for them ?

Can i give my 9 month baby carp fish?

Can i give my baby 8 month old orange jus ? And eggplant?

Can I have beetroot & carrot juice in my 7th mnth running during pregnancy?And what else should I add in my food list for dis last phase of pregnancy

Can I have shrimp and salmon tempura while pregnant? 3months pregnant!

Can i still take green curry dish while pregant?

Can I use the pop-up timer that comes with frozen turkey to gauge if it's ready to eat? I heard it's unreliable and unsafe.

Can my wife have Vicks drop sweet as my wife is 14 week pregnant or can u advice me cough sweet to eat?

Can pineapple do any damage to my pregrancy?

Can pregnant women eat hot dogs ? Or is it bad for you ?

Can you eat california rolls in your second trimester ?

Can you eat cheese past its best before date? If you ate cheese on the best before date? Any risks associated with eating cheese past best before?

Can you eat Daisy sour cream when pregnant?

Can you eat sushi while breast feeding? Should I avoid certain fish like in pregnancy?

Can you have beef jerky in first 12 weeks of pregnancy?

Chocolate milk i've had almost every day (now 35 weeks pregnant) for past few months contains carregenan. Heard causes cancer. Worried.

Do i need to wash avocados before eating? I've never done it. I'm 21w3d pregnant and have eaten 3 in the past couple of days. Terrified of listeria.

Does carrot harm the pregnant ?

Does consuming mint (pudina) chutney cauase sperm count to decrease ??? Because I had some with a roll coz the roll was too spicy.

Does eating carom and other hot ingredients or garam masalas effect conceiving. Does it bother conceiving?

Does eating sweets,chocolates and ice creams make baby big? Im 31.5weeks pregnant.

Does molasses carry the same infant botulism risk as honey? I'm scared for my husband and I to eat food with it around our 3 month old.

Drank my prenatals after an hour or more of eating, forgot to eat something right before! 35 weeks pregnant! Harmful?

Eat 1/2 cup to 1 cup of almonds a day and pregnant. Can the amount of vitamin E harm baby?

Eat coojed sorrel leaves are good for pregnancy woman?

Eating crab legs during pregna...Is it safe?

Eating food cooked on the previous day affects the baby and expecting mom? if yes, what will be the consequences.

Eating papaya. Pineapple, and mango can make my period earlier? Please i really need the answer.. Thanks and god bless!

Eating raw rice during 9th month pregnancy will cause any affects?

Eating raw rice in pregnancy effect baby?

Eating too much instant noodles cause birth defects while pregnant?