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having lemon, orange,strawberries,tea& zinc to help body get rid of hand warts (tried everything else on planet acid,cryo,tape,acv). might work?

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is this really true?

1. Is there any cons for using apple cider vinegar? 2. How does apple cider affect the process of cellular respiration? How it process? Thank you

29 weeks pregnant with uti. Will having baking soda with water help relieve symptoms until my prescription is filled?

A dash of tumeric added to slightly hot milk helps cough?

A dash of tumeric added to slightly hot milk helps stop cough, will it work?

A friend takes organic apple cider vinager w/ water its cured his diabeties, can it help w/intestinal problems also since it helps w/your pH balance?

A friends baby has septo-optic dysplasia and someone told her to try pomegranate juice. Is that a good remedy?

A not so serious question, is it ok 4 my mam 2mix glas warm water wit honey,2tbl spoon cider vinegar,half spoon bakn soda, half juice/lemon 2lower B/P?

A number of women on the site below claim that Apple cider vinegar can get rid of fibroid. how true is this please?

A toner made from Apple cider vinegar,glycerin, rose water, green tea got into my eye.stung lI'l.I washed eye with there anything to do now??

Alkaline base coffee is helpful to our health? True?

All health benefits of apple cider vineger? Any weight loss benefits? Heart benefits? Colon benefits? Etc

Any home remedies that work for relieving heartburn? Read to use baking soda in 8oz. Of water, but amt. Of baking soda listed was from 1/2tsp to 2tsp.

Any one heaed about fray romanos and an anti canser drink made of alo vera?

Any previous experience with the apple cider vinegar diet?

Apple cidar vinegar is said to aid in fat loss because of its acidic content. What can I add to it to make it taste better? The taste is awful alone.

Apple cider vinegar - does it have an effect on hair quality when used to treat dandruff?

Apple cider vinegar benefits, will it work on acne scars as well as help me lose weight?

Apple cider vinegar burns throat and stomach, is this normal?

Apple cider vinegar can treat eustachian tube dysfunction?

Apple cider vinegar for age spots removal, does this work?

Apple cider vinegar for scalp treatment?

Apple cider vinegar good for having sore muscles after a workout?

Apple cider vinegar good for weight loss, is it?

Apple cider vinegar help with ibs?

Apple cider vinegar honey and water is it good for weight lost?

Apple cider vinegar is good for someone that plan to have baby?

Apple cider vinegar kill lice?

Apple cider vinegar, is it good for swelling?

Apple cider vinegar..does it really help with all it proclaims. Any safety issues. How much is too much a day? Is it safe for my 2 and 7 year old.

Apple cider vineger good to get a mole to fall off?

Apple cider viniger cures chronic gastritis?

Apple vinegar cure genital warts. Is this true?

Are any of the regular baking ingrediants bad for you?

Are chemist indigestion remedies better than baking powder?

Are dill pickels good for muscle cramps? Or is only the vinigar in pickel juice?

Are essential oils safe to ingest? A drop of lemon oil (Oshadhi Lemon yellow) in a glass of water for gerd.

Are oil of oregeno and apple cider vineger 2 of the most potent natural cure-alls available? I've heard great things about them.

Are retinoids and other skin medicines prescribed? What do retinoids do? Apple cider vinegar daily drinkin/detox isn't helping.

Are their any side effects of having hot water with lemon early morning except tooth erosion?

Are there any alternative medicines that involve apple cider vinegar?

Are there any dangers or complications associated with taking apple cider vinegar as a dietary supplement?

Are there any Harmful effects of drinking too much apple cider vinegar?

Are there any negative or positive affects to adding some lemon slices to water?

Are there any real benefits for detox water for weight loss? If so, what is the best combination? I've read raw honey, cinnamon, and lemon is good.

Are there any weight loss benefits of store bought apple cider vinegar?

Are there benefits to taking apple cider vinegar everyday? If so what are they and the dosage?

At what age is suitable for drinking apple cider vinegar dissolved in water?

Ate steamed broccoli, dannon oikos plain yogurt for yeast infection, drinking water cause my fluconazole isn't working (yet), good idea or no ?

Bad eating habits, recently gained tons of weight so I want to do the maple cayenne lemon master cleanse.Can I do it w/o the salt water/stimulant tea?

Banana, garlic, lemons(calamansi), tomatoes, and honey are found to cure hypertension or help lower risk. If used as a mixed juice, can this still cure?

Been suffering from acid reflux. What does it indicate if drinking apple cider vinegar or baking soda make it worse ?

Bitter gourd leaves can be used to get menstruation?

Boiled juice of water melon & lime cures weak erection ? My friend suggested it & it acts as n atural viagra (sildenafil) . Is it cures...?

Can 100 percent pomagranate juice clear arteries at 37percent?

Can a daily regimen of apple cider vinegar (raw organic with the mother) with baking soda help gout?

Can a hypothyroid person safety use apple cider vinegar?

Can adding chocolate to warm milk at night reduce the effect of the triptophan as a sleep aid?

Can alkaline water be somewhat helpful in treating esophogitis?

Can apple cidar vinegar work on acne scars?

Can apple cider cause diarrhea?

Can apple cider vinegar affect my tooth patch? I'm drinking the Bragg's apple cider vinegar.

Can apple cider vinegar be used for bloating? Do capsules work?

Can apple cider vinegar cause a false positive on a bac screen?

Can apple cider vinegar cause cramps and diarrhoea?

Can apple cider vinegar CAUSE frozen shoulder?

Can apple cider vinegar cause stomach ulcers when taken everyday for weight loss?

Can apple cider vinegar cure fatty liver?

Can apple cider vinegar cure very small plantar warts?

Can apple cider vinegar damage the stomach or esophagus?

Can apple cider vinegar give you diarrhea?

Can apple cider vinegar help a birthmark?

Can apple cider vinegar help this birthmark?

Can apple cider vinegar help unblock tubes?

Can apple cider vinegar helps infetility?

Can apple cider vinegar kill Morgellons?

Can apple cider vinegar make your urine orange?

Can apple cider vinegar or other home remedies help lighten or remove small unwanted moles?

Can apple cider vinegar pills really work?

Can apple cider vinegar really fight hair loss?

Can apple cider vinegar really work for skin disorders?

Can apple cider vinegar reduces swelling under eyes?

Can apple cider vinegar shots help flatten your tummy?

Can apple cider vinegar supplements help clean marijuana from your system?

Can apple cider vinegar use to treat sinus infection? .

Can apple cider vinegar work for acid reflux?

Can apple cinder vineger cure numbness in my thigh?

Can balsamic vinager hurt my baby?

Can boiling dry yeast destroy its estrogenic effects?

Can children safely take turmeric in a water-based extract? 1/16 of a tsp approx. 137.5 mg a day in the food spice levels of 60mg-200 mg a day.

Can Cinnamon-Honey drink daily cure UTI?If yes then how long should I use it?

Can consuming raw apple cider vinegar cause constipation?

Can consuming vinegar cause a false positive etg tests? I have eaten salad with lemon, and balsamic vinegar dressing & I have a test in a couple hours

Can Detox Drink containting Cinammon, Lemon, Apple Vinegar, Honey daily has positive or negative effects on Dry eyes pateint?

Can drink the apple cider vinger with water cause vaginal bleeding and or spotting?

Can drinking apple cider vinigar help nasal polyps?

Can drinking vinegar cure hiccups?

Can eating Apple's prevent acne?

Can flat moles be removed using apple cider vinegar?