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sex=sept.2 ,today=sept.28.for the past 2days I've been having diarrhea& nausea.I didn't start feeling sick until after eating Taco Bell. On nexplanon?

1 bout of explosive liquid diarrhea followed By projectile vomiting 2am Sun Mar 20, was immed better. Ate lite 2 days but normal since 3/22 but no BM?

10month old has had diarrhoea for 4days. Sometimes it has mucus in it, what could this be?

11day old with diarria what to do? after 4days of not doing stool

11month old has had ongoing diarrhoea on & off for over 5months.sometimes it has mucus in it and it's just like water?

13 wks pregnant. Upset stomach, diarrhea, vomitted once. No fever. Started this morning. Should I be concerned about food poisoning & see a doctor?

16 Mth Baby family food poisoning vomiting over 20 times today started diarrhea (had for 24hrs)Hospital gave anti vomit tabs no change slight fever?

1year old 2 days diarreah?

2 yo son had g.I. Bug. Diarrhea lasted 12-24 hours. Fever lasted 2 days. No stool next day. Went again today. Still loose. Normal after recovering?

21 month old son has had diahreah for a week but has cleared up. Vomitted twice tonight and tummy is bloated but acting normal. What could it be?

22 yrs old. 4wks postpartum. since beg. of pregnancy after i eat my stomach will hurt,then diahrreah & sometimes vomiting. until now what can i do?

25 weeks pregnant had diarrhea for 3days and throwing up now do I need let it take it course or tell my doctor?

25 wk pregnant on Zofran (ondansetron) 4 stomach flu haven't vomited but have severe ddiahra is that normal? And i can't eat

28wks 5days pregnant. Had soft stools for past few days, today had diarrhea with mild stomach cramps. Is this a sign of early labor or just a bug?

2weeks ago had cramps followed by several days of watery diarrhea & cramping. Ate bland & only 2 bouts past 9 days, but if eat normal it returns. ??

32 wks pregnant.watery diarrhea everyday since 20wks. Doc says virus but what else would cause diarrhea to last so long. It's several times a day?

35 weeks pregnant with watery diarreah on and off for past week??? No fever or pain or sickness ....

36 weeks pregnant with second child woke up at 5am cramping, diarrhea, and vomiting why is this?

37 weeks pregnant and bad watery dairrhea ?

37 weeks pregnant and been throwing up and really watery stools all day today along with pretty severe cramps. Could this be the beginning of labor?

37+4 pregnant and woke up today with aches, diarrhea, and vomiting. Is this a sign??

4.5 year old was constipated Dr gave her anema and she passed stool. After whole night again she z complaining of stomach ache. Aftr eatin she vomits.

4yo puking on and off for 4days then started diarrhea today and back to vomiting tonight after nap. Is this still considered stomach bug? Brain tumor?

4yo vomited for 24hrs no diarrhea, then 24hr no vomiting, then after drinking water as soon as woke up vomited twice. Still the tummy bug. No diarrhea?

5yo had vomiting on Wednesday diarrhea on Thursday vomiting on Friday diarrhea on Saturday.This a virus?

5yo threw up Wednesday morning once then had 1 bout of diarrhea Thursday then vomited this morning no appetite until today. But have zofran (ondansetron).? Virus?

6hrs post-EGD. Have had diarrhea nausea no appetite since procedure. Should I worry or normal? None of this happened after colonoscopy.

7-year old daughter has started with vomiting and diarrhea 10 days ago for 48 hours which went away. Then started diarrhea again 3 days ago, with more vomiting - 3 times a day since. Please advice.

8 mos ago Prior CDiff without diahrrea, now bad constipation, gas with slight nausea. Went to dr. Started on IBGard and Mirilax, nausea is worse. ?

9 weeks pregnant and have had two days of very watery diarrhea. No fever. Should i be tested for listeriosis?

9yo w/norovirus on Thurs,vomit x2 on 1st day & diarrhea.Feeling better.Sat.started with diarrhea again and belly ache.if he sneezes has poop comes out?

After working in Nepal 2 years ago, I have suffered from bouts of liquid diarrhoea and bad gas about twice a month for periods of 3-5 days. ?

Again my 5yo woke up in the night vomiting but nothing came up. BM normal.Eating liter than usualThis is day 10 of off and on night/morning vomiting. ?

Almost had a bowel movement during nap. I got up, had explosive & super watery diarrhea, just took chlamydia and gonorrhea meds, is this normal ?

Am 3wks pregnant my neasuea is bad I get on and off cramps but mild and today I had a watery stool why? What can I do or take

Any advice? I have had diarrhea for two and a half weeks and i don't know what to do?

Ate chick taco in Mexico diarrhea for 12 days blood and stool tests all negative??? No fever have chills 26/f bad cramps

Ate two laxaxtives last thursday and having diarrhea since then help, what to do?

Bad Diarrhea for 5 months colonoscopy came back normal?

Bad diarrhoea on 26th in the evening. It carried on on the 27th till about 3pm when some Imodium (loperamide) i took seemed to sort it. I haven't pooped since. ??

Been constipated. Took 2 exlax a couple of days ago. Still having diarrhea and now intense stomach cramps and pain. How much longer will this last?

Been eating dairy not using my pills have severe stomach cramps diahrea and bloody mucus 52 had colonoscopy less than year ago came out good ?

Best over counter remedy for both vomiting and diarea? Just started four hours ealier.

Boyfriends ad diarrhea for 1 week?

Breastfeeding for 4 months now - experiencing nausea now and then every day. Distended stomach before bed last 2 nights. Had diarrhea tonight. Help.

Came back with diarrhea friday from south america Pregnant 29 weeks No fever vomiting pain Only indigestion and watery stool Am I Ok?

Can 50 mg of mag oxide in prenatal vitamins cause watery watery stools? Just found out I'm pregnant, just started these today, 1-2hrs later, diarrhea

Can being on your period cause you to have diarrhea? I woke up this morning, got my period & have terrible cramps & diarrhea

Can stool softeners that are given after birth cause nausea and vomiting? Took one last night and just threw up in the morning. Was that the cause?

Can u feel nausea 5 days after sex. I took an ECP 4 hours after. Did a bit over eating yesterday. Now have loose stomach and vomitng. Am I pregnent?

Constipated. Took exlax last night. Few watery bowel movements, nothing else since. Horrible taste in mouth and nausea. Should i be worried?

Could not have a BM for a couple of days and when I did it was normal and then I went again later and it was diarrhea. Is this normal?

Day1 severe diarrhea, vomit 1x early AM Day2 normal stool, vomit 2x late PM No fever. 6yo , bellyache & leg pain only complaints. Virus or other?

Dear Dr, I had diarrhea for the last 2 days, just took 1 pill of diafuryl. I have no BM now. I feel a bit heavy and full in stomach. Please help.

Diarehai woke up a few hrs. Ago with very watery, reddish diareah, i've been back to the toilet 3 more times and had lots more of the same. Can i us?

Diarrhea a couple days that stopped then vomiting started. Then vomiting. Stopped and diarrhea started again doc blames reflux? Other possibilities?

Diarrhea since last night. What should I do now?

Diarrhea started first yesterday, then vomiting. Vomiting stopped 12 hours ago, able to keep Gatorade down. Still have very watery diarrhea. Scared.

Dirreah and vomiting for 24 hrs Vomiting subsided. Will the surgery still happen. Tried pepto?

Do i need antibiotics & dr to see me? Its tues diarrhea is back..Vomitted sat & diarrhea all nite .Sun took gravol &immodium with fluids &rested .

Doc gave me Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) 4 days ago, now having diarrhea and abdominal cramping.Took immodium, no more diarrhea, but still bad cramping.Call to doc.Suggest?

Every couple weeks I get chills and nausea one day then headache and diarrhea stomach cramps weakness the next day colonoscopy stool sample blood neg?

Extremely watery diarrhea for two days when with immodium had endoscopy in Wednesday and nothing is helping. What do I do?

Felt fine then 2day onset of fever increasing to 101.1/nausea/period cramps/ & diarrhea Now diarrhea is better but stil what feels like period cramps ?

Female 25. I have had two bouts of explosive dark brown diarrhea over the past two hours. Should I be concerned?

For the past 2 days, I have had nausea, diarrhea and have vomited once. My period is due in 7 days, could I have morning sickness this soon? Worried

For the past 4 days i've had awful stomach cramps, and starting last night I have clear liquid diarrhea and i still have cramps. What could this be?

For the past week I've had diarrhea. Since Monday I have been taking Kaopectate (kaolin and pectin) and the diarrhea has stopped but now I have gas pain after eating.

Got an lap appendectomy 5 wks ago, now get diarrhea evry week and nausea almost evry day, last pooped was 5 days ago and it's diarrhea,no fever,okay ?

Got extreme vomiting&diarrhea 5 days ago. Vomiting lasted 1.5 days&diarrhea has been on&off due to taking imodium (loperamide).Cant eat&now have bad abdominal pain?

Gray vomit today diarreah two days ago should I take my three year old to er?

Had a 24 hour flu bug w/ diarrhea. Diarrhea went away for a day & i had normal stool. The day after the diarrhea returned. Is this normal for the flu?

Had a car accident in Dec. for 6days now no appitite gas bloating diarrhea help?

Had a stomach ache over night Friday. Saturday morning bloody diarrhea assumed from having diarrhea all night. haven't had to poop since(3 days ago) ?

Had a tuna sandwich at 1:30 pm its been 7 1/2 hours ago still have nausea abdominal cramps, diarrhea and a headache .What do I take?

Had bad cramps, fever and nausea (no vomiting or diarrhea) tuesday and wednesday, and am now still exhausted. When can I resume exercise?

Had diahrrea last tuesdays...stool still watery and I go 3-5 times per day.

Had diarrhea 2 times on tues, once on wed.And have been feeling nauseous since then (been 5 days) now constipated. Dr told me I have the stomach virus?

Had diarrhea for 2 days then totally constipated the next day. And now I have diarrhea...again. Right after I finished my Alfredo. Should I call my dr?

Had diarrhea for over 24 hours and Imodium (loperamide) doing nothing? No real other symptoms. Vomited once yesterday. No fever or cramps.

Had diarrhea past week now suddenly have diarrhea feeling but barely anything comes out. Period ended 4 days ago, causes??

Had diarrhea twice on tues. Once on wed. Then got constipated now for 3 days. Doctor told me i had the stomach virus. Was she correct?

Had gastro stomach flu since Monday..past 2 days I've had very frequent diarrheal bowel movements with nothing but liquid..what to do? Anti diarrheal?

Had hysterectomy tues very nauseous fri and sat. Went to ER prescribed mirilax. Had small amount of diarrhea but still bloated and nauseous can't bm?

Had pain and diarrhea after meals for the past 2 weeks. Had this before, lasted a month and lost 20 lbs. At 75 lbs now, what can I do? What is this?

Had random spell of diarrhoea Thursday. Friday took an imodium (loperamide). Diarrhoea stopped. Not been toilet properly since & stomach feels terrible. Nauseous 2?

Had very watery diarrhea for over 24h, took anti-diarrhea medicine, next day evening had clay stool..should I worry?

Had watery diarrhea for 48 hrs, then began eating bland solids, after 24 hrs diarrhea returned, now just in the am the past 48 hrs any suggestions?

Have had diarrhea since this morning just water and mucus comes out now and still has not stopped . Very sore cramps . Have used two Imodium?

Have ibs.flared up Friday.have had diarrhea since.took Imodium (loperamide) didn't work.everything goes thru me.dizzy when standing.what can I do.

Have robotic cystectomy tomorrow. Woke up with nausea, vomit and diarrhea. Will they still do it? I think I ate too much last night and Im nervous.

Haven't puked since the 20th still have some diarrhea, nausea, can't finish meals yet. Why?

Having watery diarhhea/vomiting /pain before and during period. Got dehydrated and went to hospital. Periods getting worse. Could it be endometriosis?

Hello.. So I'm having the diarreaha systems the cramping bloating and diarreaha. But when I go to the bathroom the diarreaha is just a clear liquid an?

Help every few months or more often i ve been getting severe stomach cramps and diareah it started when i started to loose weight in 2009?

Help, 3 yr old throwing up and diarea? What can I give him? No fever. Iarea? What cam I give him? N

Hi im jan and i had an endoscopy on tues 11th dec. I have gastrits & duodenitis. I have terrible diarrhea & nausea every morn only, why?

Hi doc, is it normal yo have diarrhea after miscarriage. When should this stop?

Hi doctor... I wnt to know why when my period cme i feel headache bodyache vomits diarreia?

Hi I have a diarrhea that comes routinely, this day i'm diarrhea, the day after tomorrow it's cured. Then the next day i'm diarrhea again.