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Hi had diarrhea all day. Have cold in getting over , also on period. What is the diarrhea about? Frm period or cold?

I've been having dizziness from dehydration & stomach flu, doctor gave me 1000ml of fluids & I've been drinking water how long till dizines goes away?

13 mos, has had a stomach virus for over 2 weeks, he seems to get better for a few days and then starts vomiting again, diarrhea. Anyone seen this?

14 year old. Same gastroenteritis/stomach bug as rest of fam. Before vomiting/dry-heaving she is getting "waves of terror" common with stomach bug?

15yo daughter type1 tummy pain above belly. No vomit no diarrhea lactose int. Feels tired maybe stomache bug? Has good bg so far just tired/tummyache.

18 month old had supposed stomache bug. Been a week still has diarrhea and bad episodes of cramping. Also stomache is swollen and hard. Is it virus?

2 yr old w possible stomach virus. Vomiting & fever yesterday but no bowel movements, horrible smell maybe flatulence but havent heard it... normal?

2.5 yr old has no UTI already been checked no fever or other symptoms just tells me everyday her stomach hurts?Before all this she had the stomach flu

23yo vomits if she gets upset about anything?Not anorexia but worrying.If it continues?

26yo f., generally healthy, vomiting and diarrhea for 5 days now & lost 12 lbs. Thought it was a stomach virus but this bad? Should I go to ER?

2weeks ago I was in close contact w/someone who had cdiff.I've had very sore upper stomach and nausea for a few days.No diahrea.could it be cdiff?

2yo vomited once during the morning.Didnt vomit for rest of day, no diarrhea/fever, complained of mild abdominal pain that went away soon after.virus?

3 weeks after several antibiotic doses for stomach infection, still feel nauseous in the odd mornings (not everyday) and vomit sour clear water?

3 year old vomits at night and clutches stomach in pain. Next morning has yellowish diarrhea. No fever. Happened 2 nights in a row now. Appendicitis?

3 yr old has bouts of diarrhea that come and go every couple months.No other symptoms, besides light stomach ache.Could it be rotavirus?Should I worry

3 yr old vomitting, and diarrhea. Says stomach upset and can't hold anything down for almost 24hrs. When should I go to emerg?

3 yr old week ago vomiting took to dr told virusfelt better next day no more vomiting. has diarrhea once a day it is greenish and foamy on top. virus?

37 weeks &' 3 days pregnant. Got cold chills &' I have the poops. But its not diarrhea, I feel like I have the flu. Is this a sign of anything?

38 weeks pregnant severe vomiting last night and now it has started again, along with very runny watery diahrea now. Do i need to get checked out?

3yo coming off viral Upper respi infection.Fever abated 3day ago.highly nauseous for a week,nearly vomits at mention of food,low appetite.any remedies?

4wks postop GB removal.Still get bouts of nausea/diarrhea/low fever.Watch what I eat and drink but still get sick a few times a wk. Is this normal?

4yo had a stomach bug been vomiting. But her heart rate at rest is 125. No fever or diarrhea. Is this because she's sick and little dehydrated?

4yo had stomach bug in and off for a week vomiting, this was two and a half weeks ago. Now her school saying it's going around there. Can she get it?

4yo puked 7 times in 24hrs then no vomiting for 24hrs then puked first thing after waking up today could this be brain tumor? She did NOT have diarrhe

4yo started vomiting tonight. 2x in three hrs. No pain or fever or diarrhea just the vomit. Could this still be stomach bug or something more serious.

4yo vomited and had tummy pain with fever and vomiting then 23hrs fever and vomit free then puked first thing this morning, could this be brain tumor?

5yo had vomiting diarrhea for 4 days then 72hrs vomit free then just woke up puking again. What's going on??? Making me nervous.

5yr old had tummy bug -vomiting, diarrhea yesterday. 7mth old vomited once today but is now fine and happy. Could it be the bug? Also gave her eggs.

8 month old vomits every time he gets upset or has a cough... eats ok but is only 14 pouinds no allergies and and GI does see an issue?

After coming back from a trip to Thailand, I've been having frequent mild stomach aches and diarrhea. Can I have eaten something bad?

After getting a rotten egg taste in my mouth, a few hours later i am sick with flu like systoms, nause, vomiting and diarrhea, what is the cause?

After having stomach flu I have been experiencing minor symptoms of dehydration like not urinating normally and a headache. Should i go to the er?

After i traveled 10hours to sweden i started having cold flu diarrhea throat pain and some items like the water here of i drink it i have to go toilet?

After onset of stomach virus symptoms nausea,stomach cramps,etc abt how long till vomiting occurs?feel sick all day &dont vomit does that mean I wont?

Allergic to fagyl, how to stop the stomach cramps, nausea & persistent vomiting ? I can't get out of bed

Any home remedy for diarrhea I have gone to toilet 20 times and I am feeling very weak. Pls help!?

At least once a month, since 14, when I have a BM it's diarrhea, it's urgent, I get hot, severe cramps, nauseated, sweat, and vomit. Help. ?

Badstomachcramps, diarea went to emergencyroom twice in a month.First time said urinary track inf.Second time bug thats been going around.Meds no work.

Been having diarrhea for 3 days now. I am worried it will lead to a bug or something else. Should i see a doctor?

Been having diarrhea, nausea, and ab pain for few days. My daughter recently had c.diff not sure how contagious that is. Should I be concerned?

Been sick for a week. Saw doctor, said it was a stomach bug. Symptoms improved, all but loose stools. Is this normal? Thanks for your time

Been to ER twice this week and pcp today.Sick 5 days bad.Naseau, vomiting, diarreah, low fevet, bedridden.Weak.Many tests run.Stool tests pending.Ideas?

Been to the emergency room twice they sat I have a stomach virus I have pain in my stomach it's day 3 I'm still throwing up no diareah. What is this?

Best way to treat 23 month old with diarreah?We took to dr. And diagnosed stomach flu . Has no fever drinking and acting normal . What to do for bad d

By a honey bee on my toe and today i've had severe diarrhea and nausea. Might these stings cause the sickness?

Can emetrol really stop vomiting due to gastroenteritis/norovirus or is something stronger needed?

Can i get an order order of Zofran (ondansetron) from my doctor as a prophylaxis for vomiting because the stomach bug is is going around my house and i'm nervous?

Can i get diarrhea from a toothache?

Can mono cause nausea and vomiting? A kid recently was diagnosed with pretty mild mono & then vomited all night. Related? Or probably something else?

Can worrying cause diarrhea?

Can you catch the stomach bug from someones nasal secretions or do you have to be exposed to vomit or feces. Vomiting started 24hrs after exposure?

Can you explain if it's possible to prevent vomiting when you are sick?

Child had vomiting and mild diarrhea resolved except mild nausea. Contact with snakes at a bday party week before. Should I worry about Salmonella?

Cold symptoms for 9 days, is improving, but has had stomachache and diarrhea couple times last two days. Can a cold cause diarrhea? What's going on?

Conjunctivitis, sickness and diarrhoea just recently can I get it from her or am I immune, At the moment no vomiting or diarrhoea but stomach pains?

Could norovirus cause only nausea, chills, low fever, and fatigue in stead of including vomiting and watery poop? Can i get it within 10 hours?

Could recently dealing with a stomach flu and its symptoms of fever and vomiting make my period come late?

Couple of times a year I get sudden severe nausea like I'm gonna vomit, lasts for 30 seconds than disappears. Is this concerning? I have IBS

Crying for help here! chronic vomitting/nausea going on for entire summer. What can I do?

Daughter had vomit/diarrhea stom flu yesterday. No vomit, loose bowels today. How long should she be kept away from everyone to avoid spreading?

Day 3 of diarrhea.. Ugh! I have pots. Not at the point where I need fluids but how much longer can I expect this? Cramping and diarrhea? What helps?

Day 4 no food , stomach bug when to go to ER? Not vomiting anymore but going diaria

Dear doctor, my sister has been feeling under the weather and having stomach pain/diarrhea for a week, and now her tongue is white. Possible causes?

Diagnosed with acute bronchitis Monday is nicotine patches the cause of my nausea and not keeping gatoride and food down? Wasn't feeling Ill before

Diarrhea and gas for about 5-6 days straight. Drinking lots of fluids. Wife similarly sick-3 days later. Just came back from Croatia. Normal bug?

Diarrhea for 36 hours. Don't feel sick; a little bit tired, otherwise ok. No fever or chills. Should it stop by itself or is it serious? Antibiotics?

Diarrhea for 4 days is it bad? Should i go to a general doctor?

Diarrhea stopped after 15 days of stomach virus still have no appetite and chills 2 days after diarrhea stopped and anxiety makes me think of cancer. ?

Diarrhea,nausea, stomachache for 5 days. Released from ER no virus, parasite, bacteria present on blood work. Fever on 1st day went away,?

Do I need to see my Doc I just came from a Mission trip to Canada had these symptoms,cramping in my stomach,diarrhea nausea and flushed in the face?

Do i need to worry that my daughter could be dehydrated and shoul i seek treatment? 14 yr old has been throwing up for 2 days. We've tried nausea relief medicine and cola syrup. She had diarrhea yesterday and the immodium seem to help that. She hasn't

Do upset stomach and diarrhea have anything to do with a seizure or is there a flu going around seizure free for 16 years after having 2?

Does an year old get fever & loose stomach while taking out teeth?

Does anyone know why my UC is ok for a few days but then i get diarrhea and cramps later on?

Does diarrhea come at end of bad cold?

Does everyone get the severe vomiting from norovirus? Is it possible to just get diarrhea with it? Or vomit only once?

Down with loosies and also have stomach cramps. Have to travel tomorrow night. Is it some infection or diarrhoea. What should I do!

Ever since i had my gall bladder removed, immediately after eating, i get a horrible bout of diarrhea. Are there any remedies for this?

Every 2 months I get severe nausea & vomiting. All tests are 'normal'. Doc says its just bad luck w/ stomach flu. Could there be another cause?

Every few weeks i go to bed and get up shortly after with very bad tummy pains leading to nearly throwing up and explosive diahreah. Preventable?

Everyone in the house has symptoms of stomach flu cramping nausea and diarrhea what should i do ? Where did we get it from

Everytime I have anything oily i get really sick and horrific cramps i sometimes will vomit or i will get green diarrhea? Why does this happen?

Family has had stomach bug, all different symptoms. I have been nauseous with little appetite, am I dealing with the virus as well?

Fever (100) vomiting, diarrhea 4days ago. fever and vomit went away in 24hrs. No blood or blk stool sometimes painful to go no severe dehydration appetite going back to normal. Drinking fluids. what can I do at home to help stop the diarrhea?

Flu? Yesterday immediately after eating I became sick and lathargic with diarrhea, today is 4 he same thing but with nausea and dizziness can't see dr

Food poisoning? I got severe stomach pain and diarreah out of nowhere, every time I eat I get sick farted bloody mucus as well

For the past 4/6 months on my first day of my period IV been vomiting and can't keep angry on my stomach?

For the past month, for 2-3 days a week, I get really bad diarrhea that Imodium (loperamide) doesn't help with. It also feels like I have to pee even after going ?

For the past week I have had an upset stomach that comes in waves. I have also had diharrea for days. I have no fever though.

Frequent pooping. Usually it is dirrahea. I haven't ate much to produce. What could it be? Been going in for a couple months.

Frequently, since childhood, when I have a bowel movement I get hot, bad cramps, nauseous, & sometimes vomit. I get diarrhea also. Please help. ?

Gastro has gone round family many times in the years but I always get it mildly, with nausea but no vomiting and tiny bit diarrhea, am I just strong?

Gastro type symptoms was hospitalized only found a UTI but i feel dizzy no appetite sick :(?

Get very sick day after sex vomit badly I am a male this started over a year ago run a fever vomit until i dry heave ?

Gf has nausea, vomit, bloating, no fever. On patch for 3 months. Has never happened. Going for 3 days now. What could it be?

Had a nasty stomach bug 4 days ago with vomiting & diarrhea. Subsided after a few hrs but nw I get a uncomfortable bloating & gas after a few bites?

Had diarrhea and upset stomach on and off, also no appetite for past 10 days not getting better? Is this viral infection or something else

Had flu shot in Fall. Bad sinus headache / irritable and nausea loose stool & was exposed Thursday to norovirus? Can I have mild case?

Had hotdogs for dinner and myself and family feel a bit sick. Some diarrhea, and slight nausea. Should we let it ride or go to hospital? Thanks

Had the stomach flu" for 4 days (vomiting /diarehea are gone) but still feel so incredibly weak & just not right - how long does this typically last?