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'i''ve been having a stomach ache and green stool since last night. What is the problem?'

13 weeks pregnant nauseous , runny stools no energy is this normal?

15 month old son has had diarrhea (4-8 watery stools per day) for 7 days now. The past 2-3 days he has been sleeping more than usual. ?

17 year old daughter headache with vomiting, pattern is every other day. Vomit is odorless with white (mucus, clumps)?

18m girl.Past few months,mix of pale poops with mainly brown.Recent hep vaccine. Vommit,diarrhea,fever after 2days,poop all pale for 5 days

2 mos preg. Started vomiting severely yesterday, can't keep food down, bile coming up & having diarrhea which is now neon yellow. Lower back pain. ?

2 year old has abdominal cramping disrupting sleep but no fever, vomiting, or diarrhea but has defecated 4 times today with formed stool. No appetite.

2 year old, vomiting and diarrhea for 4 days. Little urine output. Not eating. Drinking some. Seems in bouts of pain. Been to emerge once said to hydrate. Vomit had brown streaks. He feels cold.

21 yo son has runny bloody stools, vomited (1 time) neon green liquid x1day, no fever, no lethargy. Any help is very appreciated. Thank you?

23 f. No gallbladder. Just finished menstrating. Nausea, bloating, constipation followed by diarrhea. Orange/yellow. No fever. Feel sick.

24 weeks, cerclage, cervix .3. I can't eat or drink anything. Constant vomiting & diarrhea. Should I be concerned?

27 weeks pregnant and have been having the cramping you'd get with diarrhea minus the diarrhea for 3 days. Now noticed mucus in my stool?

28weeks pregnant and experiencing stomach aches followed by loose stools and sometimes nausea even if I don't eat anything and I'm staying hydrated?

29 weeks pregnant not much bowel movement but suddenly got diarrhea, cramps when i need to poo, the past week a lot more cloudy discharge bh more often?

2mths post gallbladder removal today dark green slimy diarrhea first time ever with nausea yesterday based vomited once with sour stomach virus? Gall?

2yr old has diarrhea which is yellow and watery for 2 days now he seem ok during day but at night he cries out in pain should we be concerned now?

3 months ago I had Nausea for 2 weeks. No diahrea or fever. Blood/stool test negative for everything. Now I have only nausea again. What could be?

3 yearold with runny green foul smelling stools, vomiting tiredNess. Is it norovirus?

34 female. Oily (rust-colored), foul smelling diarrhea after eating tonight. Been having some mild nausea after eating this past week. What's wrong?

34 weeks pregnant and I've had yellow diarrhea almost all day oily s this normal?

34 weeks pregnant been have yellow diarrhea for a day and a half.. is this normal?

38 yr male, having really watery stool for 3rd day.Going to potty 10 times/day. No fever/nausea,just twirling stomach.BRAT diet no help. What do I do?

3days of diarrhea with cramping until I use the restroom. 2nd and 3rd day throwin up. My stool consist of water. Feeling very dehydrated. Help please?

4 year old with fever, diarrhea and vomitting- all bright green, could it be bug or should I take him in? this is second time in 3 weeks.

45y f with nausea vomiting loose yellow stools bright yellow urine and hunger pains?

4days, stomach ache, headache, sweats throught the night fluid and solid stools for duration but today chronic diahrreah every 10mins almost.

4th day feeling sick,3rd day diarrhea-2nd day watery light green.Bloating,smelly gas,burping,urgency for BM but nothing,dec. appetite,weak.What's this?

4yr old son has v watery diarreah and vomits a large amount occasionally, has a slight tummy ache but doesn't seem unwell in himself. Its been 6 days..

5 day Runny/watery stools, constipation, stomach Cramps that come and go. Vomiting. Strips that look like blood in stool. Please help me?

5 days green stool with mucus and light blood in mucus no fever but weakness and tiredness started with vomiting and nausea just one day 6 days ago?

6 days after stomach bug vomiting stopped but still have diarrhea, pounding headache, and dark stools not taking anything Could it be Cancer???!

6 hours of abdominal cramping Soft stools not quite diarrhea and now light dizziness and vomiting?

6 month old baby has been having fever know throwing up bloody mucus and also has diarrhea ? What should I do

6 month old baby. Fever of 100.5 to 101.8 for two days. More stools than often. No runny stools, but smelly gas and frequent loud belching. ?

6 month old throwing up bloody mucus and has diarrgea. What should I do help?

6yo. Mild diarrhea, bluish/green poop, mild tummy pain normal appetite ?

7 days late and been having diarrhea that is watery type for a while, now I feel constipated and can't poop regular what could this be?

7 y/o vomit and diarrhea 10 days ago then stopped. 2 days ago - much diarrhea and yellow bright vomit - 3 times at nighttime. Pain around belly button, feels terrible. Gastroenteritis for this long?

8 month old- runny stomach with green stools & fever?

82 year old man vomiting black liquid and diarrhea?

9 month of increasing daily stomach pain,bleeding diarrhea agony. Yellow an orange diarrhea and mucus Dr say still IBS. No meds work.

A stomach bug resulted in vomiting and bloody diarrhea for 3 days. Now i'm constipated. A nurse told me to use a suppository. Is that a good idea?

A week ago i had bluish green poop no diarrhea the past 3 days i had diarrhea i took pepto i made it slightly solid but diarrhea back is it chrohns?

A week ago, i had a very bad drinking experience that resulted in vomiting. Ever since, I've been having bright green stool. Is this normal?

Abdominal pain, diarrhea,lots.Had pepto,diarrhea again puked,very acidic yellow liquid&black tongue. I'm vegan, recently had a little dairy.Related?

Abdominal pains, chills, migraines and now vomitting. The stool and vomit are green and very foul smelling.. Help!

Accidentally took 36 mg. of iron 3 days ago. After 2 days mild upset stomach/nausea, I am better, but had dark stools this AM. Is this concerning?

After getting the flu my stools are not smelly. Why is this?

Are pale and yellow stools common after having a stomach bug (vomiting and diarrhea)? I am 5 weeks pregnant also.

Azithromycin has induced severe nausea and vomiting. Vomit was initially greenish with consistency of snot. Now it is just green liquid. What do I do?

Bad stomach pain, nausea and green diarrhea after a night of drinking jack daniles leaves me concerned please help?

Been feeling sick for 4 days now. Had some mild stomach cramps, flu like symptoms. Today for the the first time I had pale clay like stool.

Been nauseous for a few years. Never vomited, nor blood in stool, only nausea so I never really worried. Could it be something dangerous?

Been nauseous for a month, along with yellow stool off an on. And smell has gotten sensitive and sometimes causes nausea?

Been Puking and having diarrhea for 2 weeks. can't keep anything down. & puking up green & yellow bile. gallbladder removed 2013. what can i do. ?

Been vomiting bright yellow and also brigh yello diarrhea for about 17 hours now, cant keep anthing down. Was told gallbladder is slugish.. help ?

Been vomiting for a couple days stool look like coffee grounds but no blood when am vomiting is this a emergency?

Black foul smelling loose stool (not tarry) w/ stomach pain minutes after eating (no nausea/vomitting). Gastric bleeding? Will it likely heal on its own?

Bloody diarrhea 30 weeks pregnant. What should I do?

Bloody stool with an upset stomach what does this mean?

Bloody stools, four days late and stomach ache. What does this sound like?

Bloody, watery diarrhea (now just bloody water) for 4 hours with stomach cramps & occasional vomiting. ER or can it wait until morning?

Bowel movements were soft yellow stools then yellow diarrhea, been experiencing stomach nausea too.?

Bright red blood in stool then followed by mucus in stool. Extreme fatigue, stomach cramps, feeling feverish, and diarrhea accompany this. Any ideas?

Bright yellowish diarrhea & upset tummy gas was bloated started yesterday afternoon after cottage cheese(lactose sens)now fever 100.3 lactic acidosis?

Bubbly sounds in abdomen, tenderness over liver, yellow watery diarrhea x3 days, t & a 3 weeks ago, should I be worried?

Can excessive salt on all my food cause diarrhea? I seem to have really bloated/cramp/burning/watery diarrhea once every month, maybe less sometimes.

Can exposure to black mold cause sever stomach cramps, watery diarrhea, heartburn and vomiting? Remolding the bathroom found lots of black mold so significant exposure. Took pepto and gasx but the cramps are getting worse

Can gastroenteritis cause clay coloured / grey stools in a child with no other symptoms other than slight diarrhea?

Can vaginal infections cause you to have nausea and vomit?

Chills with no fever last night also with headache today mucus filled loose stool yesterday was diarrhea with green mucus also having nausea?

Christmas night felt bloated began throwing up, nausea, diarrhea. 3rd day no throwing up but yellow liquid stool(forcefully). Is this normal/?

Chugged about 15 oz of water, looked in it and mold and white cloudy things were floating around in it. Now fever diarrhea and nausea. Am I ok?

Constipation/diarrhea both with some mucus ONLY before period?? Am I sick??

Contraction like cramps after food intake, yellow diarrhea stool for 2yrs which smells extremely like vomit. What could it be?

Could a stomach flu cause you to have black stool?

Could i possibly have some type of colitis? I don't feel good, have diarrhoea, poops bloody and stringy, I have real bad cramps

Cramps diarrhea bloating and heartburn. But I go to the bathroom so much it turns into a mucusy yellow or clear substance has been going on for years?

Dark green diarrhea and queasy feeling in stomach. Also vomited large amounts of yellow fluid (just fluid) this morning. No change to eating/drinking?

Diarrhea and vomiting 4 times in one year bad taste in mouth what could it be. I have IBS and have had 4kids.excessively vaginal discharge clear.

Diarrhea for 2 days w/cramping from diff shades of yellow, clay, & all shades of green. Vomitting once. No appetite. Is it the flu ?

Diarrhea for 3 days, lower stomach cramps, bad taste coming from stomach. Diarrhea is very watery, dark brown then gray now yellowish?

Diarrhea for a couple days and now it's a bright green. Accompanied by stomach cramps and sloshing noises. What could be wrong?

Diarrhea I have diarrhea very bad for over a week and my stoop is very black. Please help need a answer. Thank u

Diarrhea off/on for past few weeks. For last week it has been frequent, watery, pale/yellow along with loud gurgling abdominal sounds & cramps/pain.

Diarrhea? I've had diarrhea for the last two days. Now today, it's like a white-yellow almost discharge, but it's coming from my anus. Any ideas what it could be? Or how to stop it?

Digestive issues for a while. Has gotten worse. Frequent nausea, pain, & diarrhea. It's explosive & orange or sometimes BRIGHT yellow and fatty. ?

Dioerreha 3 times last Mon and 9 times this Mon with stomach cramps +mucus . Loose stools every day. Didn't go both Sundays could it be conspiation?

Discolored vomitt, blood in my vomitt and stool, loosing vision and hearing, confusion, and foul smelling stool , what is wrong with me ?

Do I have the stomach flu if I am experiencing digestive problems, flu-like symptoms, light coloured stool?

Do i need to go to the hospital with green vomit and green diahrrea.i am a 57 year old female ?

Dr Cattano- persistent diarrhoea is very watery and sometime uncontrollable. Ideas please?

Every morning for the past few weeks I have been having yellow watery diarrhea with abdominal cramping. It usually wakes me up early in the morning?

Every morning loose stool which is shortly followed with 1 episode of watery diarrhea. Stomach grumbles through day but no movement. What is this?

Explosive, very foul smelling gray, clay-like diarrhea when I eat for 7 days & terrible stomach cramps. What could it be?

Fever 99, yellow mucus in eyes, diarrhea, what is cause 1 years old and teething?

Fever every night, vomiting every day, vomiting undigested food 3+ days' old, vomiting black large fuzzy mass yes, it really was a mass/solid material?

Food poisoning. Had nausea, cramps,fever, chills, and watery diarrhea (orange color) lasted 24hrs, 2 days later I am having smelly gas rumbling belly?

For 24 hrs straight overwhelming sense of urgency to have bm & I only pass bloody mucus. Stomach cramping & Nauseated. No fever.

For 3 days have constant stomach ache, but normal bowel movements & no nausea. Then today stool was covered in NEON green slime, sticky pellets?