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18 month old has flu like symptoms and 102 fever. What do I do?

After a week of the flu, I'm not better and have developed a New symptom: diarrhea. What can I do?

Anyone know what is a symptom that the swine flu gives you its self besides the normal flu symptoms?

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Can gonorrhea cause flu like symptoms?

Can HPV cause flu like symptoms ?

Can i flu cough persist more than two weeks. No fever though. Is that contagious?

Can i get strep and the flu at the same time? I have all the symptoms of strep but i think I have the flu 2

Can lung cancer cause symptoms similar to the common cold or flu?

Can someone be contagious before experiencing symptoms of the stomach flu? And if so how many days?

Can someone have an asymptomatic flu infection? Or are u guaranteed to have symptoms

Can someone tell me how people get swine flu and what are its symptoms?

Can strep or flu cause fatigue?

Can there be any difference between swine flu symptoms and the normal flu symptoms?

Can u catch the flu virus and not show any symptoms?

Can vomiting be a symptom of the swine flu?

Can you please tell me about the actual symptoms of the flu and how do they differ from those of a common cold?

Can you please tell me the immediate symptoms of a stomach flu?

Could you tell me what are flu symptoms and how are they diagnosed?

Could you tell me what are other symptoms of the flu besides nausea and coughing?

Do HIV flu like symptoms go away in 3 days?

Do you know of any good medications that can help me with a flu/cold symptoms?

Doctors, what are symptoms of influenza?

Doctors, what are the symptoms of influenza?

Does every the symptoms of swine flu come at once?

Does the common cold typically cause diarrhea as a symptom?

Does z-pac work for the flu too?

Flu like symptoms after flu vaccine. Is this contagious?

Flu like symptoms for 7 days no fevor?

Flu like symptoms in summer, no symptoms since. If it were Lyme would there be other symptoms after flu symptoms resolved?

Flu like symptoms with impetigo, what to do?

Flu symptoms in 19 month old toddler..How to best proceed?

Have morning sickness I think. Also fever. What are the symptoms of the stomach flu/virius?

Help please! is being sick a symptom of concussion?

Hi can you have bronchitis without a fever?. And how do you know if you have it is there a test for it?. Where can u buy it what's the symptoms of it.

How are food poisoning symptoms and flu symptoms different?

How can you fight off the first signs of the flu?

How can you relieve flu symptoms naturally?

How can you relieve flu symptoms naturally?

How can you relieve the symptoms of flu?

How come i only have flu symptoms at home?

How do I know if I am coming down with the flu?

How do I treat the flu and cold symptoms?

How do the symptoms differ between just a regular cold and mono?

How do the symptoms of meningitis and the flu differ?

How do you distinguish being sick from pregnancy and the flu?

How is normal flu is different from birdflu or anything worst kind of flu? What are the symptoms?

How likely is it to develop flu-like symptoms from the flu vaccine?

How long do bird flu symptoms last?

How long do parrot fever symptoms last?

How many days of fever can I expect for flu in a 4 year old?

How to know if i'm coming down with the flu?

How to tell if I have swine flu if i just have a sore throat and no other symptoms?

How to treat stomach flu symptoms?

I have a mild flu what should I do?

I have flu like symptoms but no fever?

I have flu like symptoms fever mild throat, do I have herpes from oral?

I have had a flu like virus for the last 3 months, it is as in exactly 5 weeks apart. I again have the same symptoms, what is this?

I have had flu type symptoms about 4 days every week for 2 months, what could it be?

I have the following symptoms which I suspect is flu. I have had the inoculation. I have chills and a cough. Is there anything I can do?

I have the weirdest symptoms of i think the flu for over 3 weeks. I have no idea what i have. What should I do?

I tested positive for the flu and mono, but have no symptoms (just one bad headache). Is this normal?

I think I have the flu but i'm not sure, what symptoms should I have?

I want to know what is the difference between the flu and a virus that has flu like symptoms?

I was around someone with influenza now I have all symptoms except fever and nausea/vomiting. Can this be flu or more likely cold?

I was diagnosed as having influenza B 4 days ago. I started tamiflu, (oseltamivir) and been having shortness of breath since. Side effect of drug or symptom of flu?

I went to an online symptom checker. It said I might have bird flu. What do doctors say are the most common symptoms?

I'm a little confused when it comes to the flu. Are the similar to cold symptoms?

I'm not sure if I have the flu, or a cold. What are flu symptoms?

I've had cold symptoms for 3 days. If I had the flu would I have vomited?

I've had cold symptoms for several months. What could it be?

If I have lingering flu symptoms a month after having the flu, is that normal?

If swine flu symptoms can be mild, how would I know if my toddlers have had it?

If two people get the same type of cold or flu virus, will they have the same symptoms?

Im 15 wks pregnant. I've had a cold for 5 days. In those 5 days I've thrown up 3 times. No other morning sickness symptoms. Could I have a virus/flu?

In healthcare . I've tested positive for 2 flus for. 3 months. Have sjogrens. Could I have chronic flu? Just muscle aches. Treat tons of flu at work

Influenza symptoms&its protection ?

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Is it possible to have the flu for more than 2 weeks?

Is it possible to have the flu for more than 4 days?

Is it possible to have the flu for over a year?

Is it possible to have the same flu for almost two months?

Is it true that , flu like symptoms and or sore throat sometimes be just a symptoms of coming of asthma, while having no virul/bacterial cause ?

Is it true that the cold and flu are most contagious before the onset of symptoms?

Is it true that the flu shot has a lot of mercury in it? Also, any chance it can give you flu like symptoms or the actual flu?

Is nausea from chest congestion a symptom of the flu?

Is the flu an HPV symptom?

Is there a test for the flu?

Is there a virus with symptoms similar to mumps?

Is vomiting a symptom of chickenpox?