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1 1/2 son been sick every week for 4mos same symptoms105 fever 2x vomiting refusing to eat dr says infection not what or wherewhite cellcnt22000. Help?

10 yr old son fever 2 weeks (started high - now 100.6). Doc thought viral - but still has fever and headache and tired. Could it still just be viral?

13 mnth infant keeps fevering but not any other symptoms.. Diagnosis w/slight inflammation of bronchial. what else could possibly cause fevers 103+?

13 month old has had a low grade fever of 100.4-100.9 for the past 3 days. How long does a fever typically last and when should I take her to the doctors? She has no other symptoms except diarrhea one time.

14 year old female very ill with anaemia and cough. What do you suggest?

16 month old has fever of 103 with no other obvious symptoms.  she's behaving perfectly normally, except 4 days ago she vomited twice. What to do?

18month boy diagnosed with entero and rhino virus with fever 100.8-101.8x 21 days. Is it normal for fever to last this long?

1year old boy with diarrhea n fever no vomiting virus is probably da cause, how many days it take to subside diarrhea after supportive treatment?

2 1/2 year old girl 103.1 fever no flue or strep. What do I due?

2 day fever and sore throat high risk for endocarditis due to congenital heart defect it is saturday when should I see a dr.?

2 year old had convulsion raised temp no infection or virus well in self brother had epilepsy till 10 could he be prone to it what could cause temp?

2 year old has a temp of 106 along with a fever what can I do to get rid of fever I have given him a small amount of cold med. Have also given him luke warm bath as well as fluids fever leaves but return after several hours start process over again, but

2 year old has a fever of 101.3 and her eyes look watery. Should i let her run her fever to fight the the virus naturally or give her a fever reducer?

2 yo has fever from flu shot yesterday. Med brought to 100.4 how long fever last, how high can temp get, should I use meds or let it run it's course?

2 yr old fever 2x a month ranging from 101-103, last two have had no other symptoms. Cause? Take her to doctor again? Recommended blood work?

2 yr old w/ fever puffy eyes diagnosed w/ mild throat virus... Possibilty of mono. Temp was102.5 mon now is 99.3 wo tylenol (acetaminophen) should I be concern mono?

2 yr old, low grade fever and diarrhea, MMR vaccine 10 days ago. Also has 2 yr moler coming in. Best method to keep her comfortable and treat symptoms?

2.5 yr old -fever from 100-104 for 6 days. High fever for 3 days/no other symptoms.Fever lowered for 1 day now back to 103.5-chest xray and CBC clear?

24 hour fever 14 days post chemo What can this be ?

3 viruses conf by cult. Fever. Hov @ 101. Day 4. Pulmicort caused fever. Dr wants to keep giving it. Should he be hospitalized? Help please.

3 year girl has diarrhea after 6 day antibiotics. With blood in poo, but no fever. Dr wants us watch. Her temp drop to ~96.5. Should we go to er?

3 year old had big tonsil high fever vomit for2 days then resolved,rash appear on cheek then spread all over after 2 d fever returns but low 38.2 dx?

3 yr old has yellow discharge when he wakes up. He had a cold with fever last week does it need to be treated or can it go away on its own what risk?

36 yo female with right ear pain for 2 days (no fever, drainage or other symptoms). History of ear infections as adult and child. I take azathioprine for crohn's. Should i go to doctor or wait?

4 month old has been fighting an on/off fever for 2 weeks with no other symptoms I can see. At what point do we call the dr?

4 year old girl with fever no other symptoms. Just over normal range.

4 yr old had fever of 104 , fever broke and is now 96.6 - is this too low? Should I be concerned?!

4 yr old has virus running fever for 4 days, dehydrated & given IV fluids at ER fever was 104 tonight, fever broke and now is at 96.6 - too low or ok?

40 yo man, ex-fire-fighter, spends time in the woods, diagnosed viral meningitis over 4 weeks ago. Still severe headache, nausea, vomiting. Why.....?

4hrs after Tdap: severe URQ pain & fever. Few days later got hospitalized &diagnosed w/ acute hep. Did I develop an allergy to something in the Tdap?

4yo had 1 dose of zpak and is on 36 hrs of fevers of 102. Juicy cough. When will fever go away, should we check for the flu. Is this temp too high?

5 month old seen 7 days ago for 104 fever. Diagnosed with virus and given steroid shot. 101 fever last night. Should he be seen again?

5 year old has the flu. day 5 with a fever that comes and goes up to 102. when fever comes down she is more active. is it normal to last this long?

5 year old step-son has fever, projectile vomit, heart murmur (diagnosed this hospital stay), and now a rash what could it be?

5 yr old male. 100.1 fever. Headache. No other symptons. What could be the cause? When should I take to a doctor? Quick care

5-year old with a low grade fever between 101 and 102 for 2 days. Cough. Healthy appetite. No complaints in terms of throat, etc. Should we continue to treat with Children's Tylenol (acetaminophen) or see Doctor?

6 year old child has 102.2 fever for second day with no other symptoms, responds to tylenol, is it a virus? when to see a doctor?

6 year old child has sudden onset of fever and rapid breathing. What might he have caught?

6 year old with high fever (102.7) and severe headache - no other symptoms. What could be cause? ER or wait 5 hours for Dr.?

6 yr old sick with fever cough runny nose very frequently past 1 1/2 month (over3 times) Fever stays for 3 days no antibiotics needed is it leukemia ?

6-year old daughter, fever hit 104 on day one, then 5 straight days low grade fever, only in afternoon and evening. No other symptoms. Concern?

65 yo f. 4 mo. Occ. Violent cough, low grade fever, malaise, and occ. Ant. Ha 4/10 . Lives in desert. Neg cocci, ppd, & pertussis. Ebv+age 15. Thanks.

76 Male having fever of unknown origin. Was having antibiotic IV for 10 days. First 3 days were great with no fever but then fever returned. Why?

7mo.Has high fever, wet cough, all the signs of cold but its affecting everything she does.2 diff drs said flulike virus w/o tests&gave antibiotics?

8 weeks postpartum 2 nights ago i had a fever temperature 101.2f the next morning fever is gone. I am feeling fine but is that a sign of infections?

8y/o with dry, barking cough, weigh loss, and recurrent fever for almost 1 month. Been checked by a physician and took antibiotic but no improvements?

A 21 year-old patient with perianal itching. No fever detected. No other symptoms.

A 6y child with a low fever. Nothing else so far. Wait or see doctor?

A fever of 100.5 dangerous for pregnancy?

A viral with high fever of 103-104 F last how long in11 years old kids? How much dose of Ibuprofen require in such case. He weigh 33kg around.

About every time I get my period I end up getting a fever and the chillsthe fever is 101 .5?

Am having sore throat and fever. What could it be and what do I take. Am in a village in nigerian and can't reach a doctor?

Any specific pattern of HIV fever? Is it persistent (9-10 days). Mine goes higher during the night. Strep throat+swollen lymph gland accompanying it.

Any yall out there seen patients with fever, then sweats, rapid pulse and congestion, ive had it every time i go to doc they say it has to work itself?

Are children with chronic benign neutrophenia supposed to get intravenus antibiotics at first sign of fever ?

Are dairy produts safe during dengue fever.?

Are fevers after surgeries normal ? My loved one has had two surgeries in the past week and have had high fevers off and on ? Is that normal

Are hot flashes that last for 3-5 minutes then subside, two or three times a day, the same thing as a type of fever? Can it indicate infection?

As I have alrdy informed to you about my mother that she is having 11600 WBC in her body.And she is having fever, vomiting and cold also.

Asthma with high-grade fever. Already had a flu shot hence flu is ruled out. What is the possible cause? Patient went on a field trip the day before symptoms arose.

At what degree of fever should an adult go to er? Etiology of fever unknown.

At what point do I take my 16mo old to the er? She's been running a fever all day and it just reached 103. No other symptoms except irritable

Been having excessive hair shedding, started early this month. Previously was diagnosed with dengue fever in August. What do I do??

Been ill since november. (Tooth infec, colds, influenza, sinusitis, mono flare) why am i sick so much? Previously generally healthy. Is this concernin

Can a 7 year old childs appendix inlarge due to vomiting and coughing?

Can a 6 year old suffer from roseola infantum? Vomiting, high temps and has now broken out in full body rash. Been to local GP twice now!

Can a child get a fever when the symptoms of diabetes begin to show?

Can a severe reaction (such as swelling& high fever) to a whooping cough shot in the 50's cause an abnormal EEG and seizures in later life?

Can any doc tell me what's the actual name of the doctor that specializes in yellow fever?

Can anyone tell me what can cause a mild fever of 37 c?

Can eating disorder and recently fever and sore throat cause a slight increase of heart rate to a 4 year old boy?

Can familial mediterranean fever be detected before symptoms get bad?

Can fever result from a near drowing incident?

Can genital herpes cause a low grade fever and upset stomach? I think I had my second outbreak but not sure. No diarrhea or night sweats. Just scared

Can having scarlet fever and chicken pox cause someone to develop seizures. 2 months later in convulsions for 72 hours & seizures never went away?

Can i miss school because of hay fever?

Can my Chiari I cause long-term fever? I have had fever (37.6 - 38.4 degress Celsius) since Christmas. My fever debuted together with severe caugh that persisted for about 6 weeks. The caugh is gone (thanks to 3 different antibiotic treatments) but the fe

Can my child attend school with a post viral rash? Fever is gone, no other symptoms.

Can my thinking cause a thermater to show I have a fever when I don't have a fever ?

Can persistent fevers be an early warning sign of cancer? I have had fevers in the 100 degree range for about 1 month. They break at night on occasion or with asa. They are worse in the evening. I had the same problem about 12 yrs ago and was diagnosed wi

Can stress, illness and hay fever medication delay my period?

Can there be more than 102 f temperature in babies in case of viral illness.How many days it takes to recover.Is there need antibiotics?

Can you have meningitis without having a fever? My wife seems to hav all the symptoms except having a fever of any sort.

Can you run fever a couple of days before you start having signs that you have an infection?

Child age of 1 year presented with fever and foot scale and vomiting .What the cause suspected? Please help me

Child has enlarged spleen, but high fever is not allowing for splenectomy. Bloody vomit and diarrhea, and double pneumonia too. Doctors say no hope.

Chills and low grade fever first day taking Dymista? Will this go away if I stop the medicine?

Could a choking episode in a 2 yo three days ago, followed by a cold a day later and diarrhea and mild fever 3 days later be related? Aspiration?

Could you tell me what is the name of the doctor that specializes in yellow fever?

Cousin diagnosis with reactive arthritis after admitted to hosp with extreme toe swelling and high fever. What infections might cause? Bacterial? Viral?

Daughter got severe mycoplasma pneumonia at her 1.5 yr. Now she is 3.5. she gets infection & fever often may be monthly. Her hemoglobin is low always.

Day 11 after start of spinal TB treatment: fever finally disappears (1st time in 5 months)..Day 12: fever goes up to 38 again.Is that normal?

Day 4 of common cold. Low grade fever each day (no more than 100). Extremely rare for me to even have fever w/colds. Is 4 days of fever w/cold odd?

DD has had a fever of 102 for 24h absolutely no other symptoms, but just feels yucky from fever. Could this still be viral with no other sx? Or bad??

Developing fever 3 days into a cold, that my whole family has had ... Any ideas why?

Diagnosed 2 mos ago w/entamoeba histolytica. Still getting low-grade fever/ill feeling after eating daily (blood sugar ok). Is this part of recovery?

Diagnosed with pneumonial & fever 40 celcious, hospitalized and treated with antibiotic, till now, fever still, but drop to 37.5 - 37.9, shall i worry?

Diarrhoea persisting after 5 months of being diagnosed with dengue fever. Body weight not increasing.

Differnetiate between fever and hyperthermia?

Do hemorrhagic fevers make you bleed?