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14month old son.What temperature means fever?What to do immediately when fever?Give infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) or something?Pl suggest.

3 year old crying all night, no fever?

4 months ago my kid had roseola.2 days ago he had fever & diarrhea. The fever is gone but now he's getting he same it roseola again? He's 2.

8year old has 102 fever, vomiting child is a female that is 8 years old. Vomiting from fever. What can I do?

A 2 days old baby having a fever. 37°c.

About body temperature (fever). Are adult fevers lower than children's fevers for the same illnesses?

After I gave birth to my second child, every one or two months I will have a fever. Is this normal? My second child now is 1 year old.

At what point should a 3 year old child be medicated for a fever?

At what temp should I give fever reducer to my toddler?

Baby has fever and not eating. What should I do?

Can a baby get high fever while teething?

Can a child with scarlet fever pass it on to infant?

Can a child's near drowning result in fever?

Can a swollen gum cause fever in children?

Can allergies cause fever in toddlers?

Can an infection in the baby cause my body to have a fever?

Can children get fever with a concussion?

Can fevers cause seizures in children?

Can i give milk to a toddler when she has a fever?

Can i give my 8 year old brother benadryl-d for his fever?

Can someone help please? My two year child is not eating anything after being cured of fever?

Can teething be the cause of a fever that my 15 month old son has had it for 2 days. He has no cold symptoms all he has is fever and crankiness?

Can teething cause fever in 15 month toddler?

Can teething cause on and off fevers in a 10 month old ? And diaherra?

Can teething cause runny nose, mild fever and lost of appetite? Child is 19 months old

Can toothpaste help with a fever?

Can you a baby infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) if they don't have any fever ?

Can you breastfeed when you have a fever?

Can you give infant Tylenol (acetaminophen) to a baby if they don't have no fever?

Can you tell me what can cause a fever in a 6yr old child for over 3 weeks?

Child had fever now has cough and nausea what is it?

Child has unexplained fever? Who should I call?

Child with fever for 6 days and very dizzy, what to do?

Child with fever for 6 days and very dizzy. Help me please?

Children, rapid heartbeat, fever, what to do?

Could my 5 month old get diarrhea from pediacare infant fever reducer?

Does teething cause fever?

Does teething cause fever? Will teething cause a fever?

Fever and hallucinations with my 7 year old daughter. What could it be?

Fever at night only with my toddler, what is it?

Fever for 2year old?

Fever in 25days old child what to do?

Fever in child with no other symptoms?

Hello my mother has fever its been for 5 days. We've been to the doctor and he gave her medicines. In the day there was no fever but at seven she had ?

Hi my daughter is 15 months and needs to have her mumps inoculation is it safe for her to have it if she's teething and has high fevers?

How can I cope with baby fever?

How can I manage my baby's fever?

How can I treat my baby or toddler's fever?

How concerned should I be about my baby's fever?

How do I give my child a rectal suppository for fever?

How do you treat a newborn with a cold and no fever?

How does a baby handle fever?

How long is it normal for a fever last in a child with the flu?

How long should a teething fever last?

How long should fevers from teething last?

How many days should a 3 year old child have a fever before you really worry?

How much children ibuprofen do I giv my 1 1/2 year old child for a fever ?

How much infant acetaminophen should I give my 11 month old 18lb baby for her fever?

How to tell if an infant has a fever?

How to tell if my daughter has scarlet fever?

How to treat a 5 month infant for a fever?

I am pregnant. Is it bad to be around a child who is diagnosed with scarlet fever?

I am sick with the flu and my 11 month baby now has a fever. What should I do?

I had scarlet fever as child. Now i'm 32, and I have trouble conceiving. Could that be the cause?

I have an infant that cannot hold down any fluids she has no fever or cough

If my baby has a fever, do they have to be seen by a doctor?

If my child has a fever, will he have a febrile seizure?

If my daughter have a fever of 100.6 what do I do?

If my toddler (1 year 3 months) with HFMD had the fever for the first two days and the fever came back on the 7th day? Is that normal?

If pregnant can I be around a child who is diagnosed with rheumatic fever?

Infant daughter fever only at night along with a cough that only occurs at ngiht?

Infant fever 7 months old. It could be from teething. But do I do. And can I give him water and how much?

Is 'teething' associated with fever?

Is 37.8 fever in a adult ?

Is 98.7 fever for a 4 month old baby?

Is a viral fever more dangerous to a child than adult?

Is is feed a cold or a fever?

Is it normal for toddlers to have a fever of 102 after tonsillectomy?

Is it ok to give a 7 year old a baby aspirin if he has a fever?

Is it ok to give a toddler emergen-c?

Is it okay for me to send my child to daycare with a low fever?

My 10 month baby has had a fever for almost a week ranging from 101-102. What should I do?

My 14 month old 27 pounds toddler has a fever what medicine and how much should I give her ?

My 2 year old daughter has a fever but is still eating and drinking, what could cause this fever?

My 22 months old baby has had recurrent fever in 2 weeks now what do i do?

My 4 months baby's CRP is 11 who has fever?

My 4 year old has some fever and aches now, but he had contact with child that developed chickenpox.?

My 4 year old kid has fever and rashes all over his body?

My 5 years old kid has a fever tor the last 8 days. What should I do?

My 8 year old son has only a moderate fever for 6 days the doctors just said it was a virus?

My almost 6 month old has a fever of 102.3. Can he run fevers with teething? He has no other symptoms and is not fussy at all.

My baby has been having a fever for 3 days now, and he is 20 mon. The temp is 100.2, so what to do?

My boy 8 years old has a fever 36.8oc?

My child has a fever he is 5 months he weighs 15 to 16 lbs can I give him tylenol (acetaminophen) for infant & how much can I give him?

My child has a fever that won't go away, but the doctor says its just a virus. Do I need to worry its something else?

My child has had fever all day?

My child have mild feaver from last five days?

My daughter age is about two years.She is having fever around 102.5.What should I do?

My daughter has a fever what can I do? I have no medicine.

My daughter is 5 month's old she's been having a fever on and off for 3 days, what can it be?