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Could influenza cause chills and extreme body aches without any cold symptoms?

Day 5 of getting over the flu. Second night ive been having night sweats, only "after" my fevers went away and never had sweats when i had fever?

Diaria, sweats, chills, flushing and fever? For 2 day

Diarrhoea, headache, muscle ache, lethargy and chills but no fever. What's going on?

Dizzy about 7 times a day. cold chills, and fatigue. don't know what is wrong?

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Dr told me my sonbasically had a cold with a fever. It's been 8 days , he has no fever but is extremely lathargic and pale.. what could it be?

Fever and chills longer than 10 days, rash, weakness and tired. Why won't it go away?

Fever of 100, ache all over, ?

Fever, body aches, vomiting and chills. Could this be the flu?

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Fever, shaking, nausea, fatigue, headache, chills, sweats, body aches?

Feveri keep having a fever of less than 100 . I am on presodine and mestion for mg.?

For five days I have gotten hives in the evening followed by chills, shaking then sweating. I do not have a fever. ?

Four year old with fever headache and chills?

Having fever chills throughout with bodyaches and sometym headaches?

Having intermittent body aches and chills, unusually tired, not much of an appetite, but no fever. Could I be contagious?

Help i constantly have cold chills and body aches, what should I do?

Help please i woke up in the middle of the night shivering violently. Might it be fever?

Help please! could dehydration cause chills?

How can diabetes cause the symptom "the chills" or shivering?

How do you know if you have pneumonia? I've been having trouble breathing, caughing, cold ANC then hot chills. Feverish with some nausea and vomiting.

How severe does your temperature have to be for it to be a fever?

I am experiencing petechiae, body aches and fever ?

I am sweating and have the chills but no fever and feel weak. ?

I had surgery friday, today I have been dizzy a chills & sweats. I am not running a fever. When should I check my temp.When i m chills & sweats?

I have a body ache and fever . What shoukd i do?

I have a slight fever, ache, chills how can I recover?

I have been fatigued with chills and sweating no fever for a week the last couple days I've had a weak dry cough. Is this the flu? Or something else?

I have been having chronic fatigue, headache, and cold chills?

I have been running a fever for 4 days?

I have been up all night freezing with chills and I'm coughing a lot.

I have body ache and no fever and chilled?

I have chills, body aches and bloating. No fever or nauseau?

I Have diarrhea, nausea, chills, fever of 100.4, and body aches. Could this be the flu ?

I have had flu/cold for two days now, is there a way to stop fever chills?

I have hives with chills but no fever. Hives had it for over 8 weeks?

I have hives, chills and slight fever (99.5), what can this be?

I have severe body aches, chills then fever, slight nausea, exhaustion. No cold, no headache...Am baffled as to what is wrong.

I have thrown up twice in two days, I have body aches and I do not have a fever , what can this be?

I m having fever from last 2 days, body ache and weakness.Please advise.?

I wake up at night with intense chills. No fever. Why?

I was running fever last night, and now I have a lots of chills, what should I do?

I'm having chills, headache, body aches and dry cough. What's wrong with me?

I've got chills, fatigue, no fever what should I do?

I've had chronic diarrhea a few weeks. A headache fever and chills. The fever and chills have subsided but not the diarrhea. Any suggestions?

Im crying, headache, and have a fever, what do i do?

Im feeling drowsy after fever. Is this normal?

Im hot and sweat i have lowerback pain no fever thermometer what is wrong to me pls help me?

Is a shower good for chills?

Is a taking a hot shower good for a fever and chills?

Is fever the only thing that causes chills? Are there non-fever causes of chills?

Is fever with shivering common in tb?

Is it normal not to have fever for many years? Even if there were times i felt so sick, and yet no fever were recorded?

Is it normal to get fevers or chills when i'm on dialysis?

Is it normal to have night sweats with no fever four days after an appendectomy?

Is sweating at night a sign that your fever is breaking?

My 4 months old is running a fever and is having diarrhea, what could this be?

My body aches but I have no fever. What's going on?

My body is hot and i'm sweating I have no fever?

My friend has been having chills, with cold sweats, headache, and his body has been aching, could it be something serious?

My son of 11 yrs old has headaches and cold chills?

My symptoms are: fever, aches, chills, shaking, lethargy, disorientation, an sometimes headache. It happens a few times a month for a few days. Help?

My two year old is having neck pain, fever, chills, lethargic. What do I do?

My wife has a fever but shivering what is wrong?

Our 6 year old has a fever for 5 days now with headache and body aches. Is a fever of 102 for 5 days unusual?

Past 2 days I've had a fever, chills and hot flashes but don't feel sick at all. I'm 24 what could it be the cause?

Shivers headache fever aching body?

Symptoms: vomiting, chills, aching body, exhaustion. What could it be?

Vomiting diarrhea fever chills cold sweats and extreme body ache. What could this be?