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Is a fever of 103.6 normal for a kidney infection. She's on day 1.5 of 5 for nitrofurantoin. Acetaminophen controls the fever still?

10 days of augmentin cured my son's low grade fever and throat pain but his rapid strep test is still +ve,my son has no symptoms, what do u recommend?

10 weeks pregnant with fever and a throat infection. Taking paracetamol & antibiotics. So worried about the baby. Help?

13 month old has pharyngitis; can it be the cause of his 102.8 fever two nights in a row?

2 1/2 year old with an ear infection (06/03), fever recurred 4 days ago ER dr. says infection not cleared up yet. Changed antibiotics still has fever?

20 y/o male diagnosed with strep throat on Friday, given Augmentin; still having fever of 103 on Monday, antibiotic changed to Duracef, pus worse tod?

22 month old on antibiotics for strep for 24hrs now but is still running a rectal temp of 102.5 is there anything I should do besides motrin. Does he?

25 y o healthy male has a fever after taking amoxosyillin for 2 days for strep. All the symptoms of strep and an ear infection. No chills. Fever 102. ?

3 days of diarrhea,stool examination rbc&wbc were seen(20-40).Dr gave me antibiotics.(ciprofloxacin&metronidaz)fever,chills,ache,cold symptoms. Ideas?

3 yr old has scarlet fever with a rash rapid test positiv started amox today. His hands are slithtly swollen is that normal? Fever goes down w tylenol (acetaminophen)

30 y/o son has strep for 3 wks.Was on 500 mg augmentin for 8 days now 875 augmentin,so far this will be day 4,but his throat still not fever?

3yo had fever for 6 days. Day 2 with no fever and sweating at night? Just finished antibiotic today. Throat culture back tom. Is this bc fever broke?

4 year old on the 7th day of augumentine due to throat infection. Cough has come back. Is the antibiotic not No fever. Can I give zertac?

4 yo had some kind of throat infection a wks ago, is on antibiotics. Now has extreme temper tantrums and doesn't know what he wants. Meningitis?

4 yr old daughter positve for strep no fever. Zpak started 24hrs later she developed a fever should I be concerned? or should I give it anotherday?

4 yr old finished a 10 day amoxicillin treatment for strep. Next day has a 102 temp. Today fever hovering near 100 but no other symptoms. Still strep?

4 yr old son had strep throat, scarlet fever two wks ago. Seemed almost better after antibiotics. Now throwing up and not eating for the last four day?

5 yr old daughter with fever and cough for four days only at night time. Is physicians care need or is it presumed viral and to run it's course?

6 yr old diagnosed strep throat swab test. Muscle, headache. Running fever of 103.4 for 36 hours now even after Antibiotics & Motrin. Do I take to ER?

6 yrs old had fever 12 days ago finished penicillin a week ago fever gone still many swollen nodes and tonsils wbc tested On 4th day of penicillin 4.2?

8mth old son had fever and ear infection took penicillin for 8 days( had delayed reaction ) 5 days later he has low grade fever should doctor see him?

A child of 3 years age having fever of last 7 days , fever didn't subside after using calpol, febrol and now using cefixime to treat infection?

A month ago I had a throat infection, full fever, nausia etc. Was given antibiotics which cleared it but now have recurring pain when I swallow.?

After typhoid treatment of 7 days i am still feeling chill and tiredness some times (but no fever), should i continue with the antibiotic (from asia)?

Anaphylaxis reaction to doxycycline 4 days ago...still drained, lethargic, fever, and feeling terrible. Normal? Hives are gone

Antibibiotic cause fatigue?

Are antibiotics needed for flu or severe cold?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about rheumatic fever. Is that ok?

Azithromycin can use in case of fever?

Baby had fluctuating fever. Docs says a throat infection and treated with rocephin (ceftriaxone) for 3 days. Baby is teething and still has fever and doesn't eat.

Baby on Zithromax for five days for fever ear & upper respiratory infection. Fever has come back should I be concerned? Fever between 101 to 103

Been taking keflex 500mg 4 times daily for sinus infection. Have no symptoms other than low grade fever. How or when will i know if its going to work?

Being treated for staph/cellulitis using sulfamethoxazole and clindamycin. Infection down but now running fever, achy, chills. Should I go back in?

Bronchitis for almost 3 weeks, im on antibiotics and i still have a fever of 100.4, should I still get rest?

Can ivermectin tablet cause fever, night sweats?

Can a child get viral infection immediately after bactarial infection and still on antibiotics? He is 5.5 yrs old weighs 23 kgs on cefixime 100 mg 8ml

Can I get a flu shot while taking antibiotics for an ear infection? I don't have a fever, have been fever free the past 24 hours.

Can I go to school if i have scarlet fever? By the way I'm already taking antibiotics

Can my 4 year old take cough medicine and tamiflu (oseltamivir) at the same time?Positive influenza test 4 days ago, lingering cough,fever free 48 hours.Contagious?

Can scarlet fever go away on its own? Are there ever any instances where scarlet fever runs its course without the use of antibiotics? .

Can taking an antibiotic cause a fever and chills?

Can taking antibiotics and tamiflu (oseltamivir) delay your period if you're sick and coughing?

Can you give a 7 yr old clindamyacin to help get over a 9 day old fever/cold, cough has gotten stronger. How long does a viral infection last?

Can you have an inflammation without having fever? For example , when you have a cold can u take an antibiotic like augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) despite no fever ?

Can you run a fever with a uti?

Caught cellulitis the day I was finishing antibiotics for strep! Day5 of Duricef, (cefadroxil) have runny nose, low fever&chills. Could it be caused by cellulitis?

Chicken Pox, Secondary infection from Blisters. Effectiveness of Augmentin? High fever not abating

Child given Amoxicillin course for "pharingotonsilitis" w/o testing. Isn't this usually viral? He has mild fever, headache and a red, sore throat.

Child has strep and very mucusy cough that began after starting antibiotics, could this be pnuemonia? Still has fever after dose 3 of antibiotics

Child has strep been on antibiotics since yesterday, taken 2 doses. Should he still have a fever? Its 101.5 plus a mucousy cough. When will fever stop

Child has strep with a very mucusy persistent cough, has taken his 3rd dose of antibiotic this morning, still running fever. Strep confirmed with test?

Child with strep still has fever after 5 days on antibiotics. Also has phlemy cough doc prescr inhaler for that, does he need to go to ER for fever?

Child with strep, confirmed by rapid test, has been on antibiotics for 4 days and still has fever?

Concerned about developing cough and congestion after er positive test for strep on Thursday. 6 doses antibiotic to date.

Could a bacterial throat infec lead to tummy pain and fever vomiting in a 4 yr old child who has had 2 courses of antibi- in 3 weeks that isnotworking?

Daughter has a 105 fever..Took her to the dr and they said its an ear infection! ibuprofen hasn't got the fever down. What else can I do?

Daughter has had fever of over 103 for four days with fine rash. Strep test is negative. Is it possibly the flu and should I take her to emergency?

Day 5 of flu and antibiotics for ear infection. the fever came back is this normal? First we had fever the first 2 days and went 2 days without it

Diagnosed with strep throat two days ago and given Azithromycin. She has taken two of the doses and is still showing all symptoms including fever.

Does amoxicillin cause rash and fever?

Does getting a rash from amoxicillin necessarily suggest mono?

Does mono always get a rash with amox. 2day my dr. Said i probably have mono due to loss of appetite and ill feeling. No fever or rash from amox. ?

Does persistent fever as a part of HIV infection respond to Avelox(Moxifloxacin) ? My fever went down after the first dose.

Does taking antibiotics help with a fever?

Does taking antibiotics treat scarlet fever? Can i take antibiotics to treat scarlet fever or does it need further medical attention? .

Dont have fever, chills, can it be bacterial prostatitis?Have visited urologyst and said I am fine, so why the symptoms still there after med for 3 month

Double ear infection caused by virus. 5 days of fever, today no fever at all, and tonight back to 102. On antibiotics. Could there be something more?

Doxycycline antibiotic allergy: does vomiting count or just rashes?

Dr thought I had strep, no test. Gave antibio but told me to wait a day. Fever gone but still sore throat. Didn't take RX. Risk of rheumatic fever?

Dx with flu on Sunday on tamiflu (oseltamivir) today have an earache and stuffiness to left ear. Is that normal?

DX with viral infection bronchitis yesterday. Started 4 days ago with 103 fever, yesterday fever was 101.2 but today worse again 104. Complication?

Fever for 8 days vomiting diarrhea ear and bronchial infection flu dr hasn't done anything but antibiotics for ear. Getting worse. What can be done?

Fever for a week. On 4th day went to doc and got told I had pharyngitis. Still fever after 3 days of complete doses of antibiotics. Should I worry?

Fever Lasting 5 days . Taking antibiotics for ear infection 3rdday. Fever increases around 6 hrs after Motrin. Coughing and irregular runny nose?

Finished 10 days of augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) for tooth infection today. Now developed cough congestion chills and fever of 102. Should I go see my Dr?

For cold ( no fever) and URI with occasional cough which Antibiotic you normally recommend for your patients doxycycline. or Amoxicillin and why.

For how many days Cefspan/cefixime 400mg (1 a day)should be taken for relap of typhoid with following conditions Normal fever Chill Headache Body pain?

From last week onwards, I am having fever at night only and still goes on!my doctor told me I am having urinal infection and this causes the fever.

Given prophylactic keflex post surgery.103 fever next day.Fever up & down til finished meds.Switched to cipro (ciprofloxacin).Fever gone, still having fever symptoms.

Got a really bad cold sore, a fever, & a throat infection.. I was given Valacycovir(2kmg) amoxicillin, & oseltamivir.. now vommitting due to meds?

Got a really bad cold sore, a fever, & a throat infection.. I was given Valacycovir(2kmg) amoxicillin, & oseltamivir.. now vommitting due to meds?HELP

Got the flu and on tamiflu (oseltamivir). Fever 2 degrees above norm. How long will fever typically last? I did have my flu shot. Tx

Grandaughter was treated for bronchitis 2 weeks ago, now diagnosed with flu after amoxicillin didn't work, is she contagious? Just started tamiflu (oseltamivir)

Had a flu for 12 days now, dr gave me clarithromycin as it is turning into infection.I have bad taste in mouth, and fevers still, how long for it works?

Had fever 4 last 3 days (37.3-38.8c)todaygp started me antibiotics. Do i still take paracetamol for d fever?

Had strep, treated with augmentin 500 for 8 days.. 5 days later doc says still have strep, now on aug.850 for 10 days, is rehumatic fever a worry?

Had uti since 5 days but started antibiotics yesterday only. The fever is very troubling just a 2 day relief from fever and its again there. Started a?

Have a sinus infection started 10 days ago and started antibiotics 48 hours ago and still have a fever - should I be concerned?

Have bronchitis no fever at dr. prescription for inhaler and zpak if I get a fever. Why zpak if I get fever? Spiked fever and started zpak. Exposed to flu a.

Have had cellulitis seven times in 15 years this time I do not have fevor or chills or red been in ER the past four days for antibiotic drip plus bac?

Have shingles for 1 week on scalp was given valacyclovir and cephalexin, now have sore throat, fever ?

Head congestions fevers around 102 off and on 3rd day now just woke up fever 102 pulse 130 been on augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) 875 mg 2 days what to do?

Help please! is antibiotic used to help with glandular fever?

Hi doc, i just recovered from fever this week but haven't finished the antibiotic course. What should I do?

Hi my daughter is 3 nearly for the past few day she has been unwell being allergic to penacilin i think she has toncils swollen /infection and temp 39?

Hi my niece was admitted for tonsillitis, after 3days of IV antibiotics she is still experiencing fever and chills, repeat labs are normal, why?

Hi, My son was diagnosed with strep throat Monday (after he had fever since Saturday night). He was prescribed amoxicillin . He already had 4 doses of the antibiotic. Is it ok that his fever is still going up? I measured 101.2 a few minutes ago. Or sh

How can I differentiate between the flu and a sinus infection? I gave had the flu before with no fever

How can you know if after child is taking antibiotics for 10 days that all of the bacteria from scarlet fever is gone. When to follow up with doctor?

How can you know if after child took antibiotics for 10 days that all of the bacteria from scarlet fever is gone. When to follow up with doctor?