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How to kill toe nail fungus?

How to know it is psoriaris or toenail fungus?

How to prevent And treat toe nail fungal?If the toe fungal has been existence for years will it treated easily?

How to remove fungus from nails?

How to remove nail fungus using home remedies?

How to treat malbranchea spesies on the toe nails?does it need a long time to treat?

How to treat nail fungus? What to do or use fast?

How would doctors recommend i treat nail fungus?

How would i cure or heal dark finger nails that's not a fungus according to the dermatologist that gave me a medicine called nuvail thats not working?

How would I determine if my toenails are thicker than normal?

I am davis 16 years oldf i want to know how can I treat ngrown toenail by my self please.I want to easy way .?

I am experiencing what appears to be toenail fungus. Any suggestions on home remedies?

I am looking for the dermatologist who treats nail fungus on hand by laser. All other treatments has bee exhausted. Any suggestions? Thank you

I am using tea tree oil to treat fungal infection on toe nails and heels of feet. How long do I need to leave it on and how many times to reapply?

I believe I have Onchyomycosis in my toe nail. Would I see a dermatologist, or a podiatrist for this issue?

I cut my two big toenails way passed the nail bed. I have a slight fungus under both toenails. I put some medicated ointment on both.It's not sore no?

I dropped an iron on my foot and now I have a black toenail. Is there any medicine that I can take or an ointmentthat I can apply to it?

I got toenail fungus from pedicure (white marks) on nail end. Do I need prescription from MD or can I treat OTC or at home? Or will it go away on own?

I had a fungal nail infection and treated with oral lamisil (terbinafine). Two nails grew out nicely, two aren't growing at all. Can they be permanently damaged?

I have a fungal nail problem.I bought a fungal nail treatment pen from the chemist but I'm not seeing any improvement after 3 weeks.Should I see a dr?

I have a toe nail fungus. Should i see a foot or skin doctor?

I have a toenail fungus (onychomycosis) - how can I get rid of it?

I have athletes foot and fungus nail infection on 2 toes.. If I went swimming would i contaminate the water & spread the fungus to my hair, groin ect ?

I have athletes foot have been using terbinafine for a week. I think I have toenail fungus will that help or do I need a polish/use over nail polish?

I have athletes foot have been using terbinafine. I think I may have toenail fungus as its tingly around my nails and they're a bit yellow?How to tell

I have been using Jublia (efinaconazole) on my toe for 2 months now. Is my toenail suppose to look like a second one is growing? How long does it take to heal?

I have dry cracked heels, & fungus on 2 toenails (may not be fungus, just thick). How should I care for & address both these issues simultaneously?

I have dystrophic nails on my foot and i think i might have a cyst in one of my feet, what will my doctor do when i see him wed, i have fungus too?

I have finger and toenail fungus what kind of doctor should I see?

I have foot fungus , my toenails are turning colors. What can I use to make them normal?

I have fungal infectipn on toes and have tried everything but no nimprovement. Any advise please?

I have fungus toenails on both feet. What can I do to get rid of fungus toenails?

I have fungus under some of my toe nails. Are there alternative treatments (home) to get rid of it?

I have had a nail fungus on 2 toes for about 3 years now, is laser treatment a good solution?

I have had foot fungus for the past 2.5 years. What can I do to cure it?

I have had toenail fungus for years, what really works?

I have nail fungus and I've been using fungi-nail liquid to make it go away but it hasnt been working. At all. What should I do?

I have nail fungus. Is there any remedy for this?

I have overthick nail skin but don't have nail fungus. This causes ingrown nails. Should I see a podiatrist or a dermatologist?

I have toenail fungus in several big toe bleeds a this from the fungus? overall health is good..started using jublia (efinaconazole) week ago

I have toenail fungus on one toe and the nail just came off with the phone get something eat should I continue to apply the over-the-counter medicine?

I have toenail fungus that is spreading to my other toes that keeps getting worse.How do I get rid of it?

I have white smelly powder that keeps reacurring under my toenails with ingrown nails. please help?

I know I have toenail fungus. What can I do or buy over-the-counter to get rid of the fungus? How long does it take to completely disappear?

I miss my open toed sandals. Will intense pulsed light (ipl) technology kill toenail fungus? I have three very thick yellow toenails on my left foot. They are very ugly and embarrassing. I've tried painting an over-the-counter remedy on my toenails, but i

I need to get a fungus powder for a fungus on my chest, its between my breast she said its from the moisture and heat, but what powder should I get?

I think I have a toenail fungus, it's getting really bad, please help?

I want a cure for toe nail name?

I was prescribed terbinafine for onychomycosis.removed my both toenail.After 4 months left foot toenail not pain and infection.any solution?

I went to my podiatrist and bought Kera oil and tolnaftate oil to apply to toenail fungus. How long does this treatment take to see results?

I would like to ask what are natural and healthy ways of clearing fungal toe nails?

I'm starting to think I have toenail fungus. What should I do?

I've been having trouble with fungus, foot, dandruff & sometimes in my beard. Is there any Natural treatment?

I've had a toe fungus for a while now and I've tryed over-the-counter creams to cure it but it doesn't seem to completly go away. How can I fix this?

I've had a toe infection (paronychia) for quite a while now. How to get rid of it?

I've had an ingrown toenail for around 5-6 months and am still on a waiting list, I'm taking antibiotics and cleaning it, could I still lose whole toe?

I've had foot nail fungus for more than a year I used medicines prescribed by my doctor but nothing has happened How to cure foot nail fungus?

I've had fungus in my toe nails for the last 4 years. What is the most effective treatment?

I've had nail fungus since I was a kid. How do i get rid of it?

I've had toe fungus under my 5 toenails for a few yrs. Now. I can't take the meds is there anything to help me?

I've had toenail fungas for 8 years I want to get rid of it..What can I do?

If i can't find a podiatrist in my area, what other doctor can I see about toenail fungus?

If i have a black line on my toenail, who should i see to check it out? A dermatologist or a podiatrist?

If I have a fungus in my toe nail is it possible that it could cause me to get ringworm on my skin?

If I have something under my nail should I see a dermatologist or a podiatrist?

If my toenail fungus is cured will the nail get thin and smooth again?

If my toenail fungus is cured, will the nail actually get back to normal thickness and appearance?

If someone has foot fungus and toenail fungus for years, what other side effects can occur with in the body?

In what way can I cure toenail fungus?

Is a toenail fungus contagious?

Is anything better than Kerasal Nail?

Is Exoderil cure for nail fungus?

Is Fungi Nail solution good for curing toenail fungus?whats better, Tolnaftate or Fungi Nail?or can i use both for 1 nail?need some very effective.Thx

Is it normal for my ingrown toenail to smell like expired cheese?

Is it okay for me to use zeta clear nail fungus treatment solution so should I go for it?

Is it possible that psoriasis can cause toe nail fungus I believe I have psoriasis on my foot according to research ?

Is it possible to get a toenail fungus by showering with someone who has it?

Is it possible to naturally cure toe nail fungus?

Is it safe to treat toenail fungus while pregnant?

Is Lamisil (terbinafine) good for toenail fungus?

Is nail fungus contagious? Yes it is

Is pepermint tea good for fungus on toe nails ?

Is the miracle nail fungus treatment real?

Is there a home remedy that really works for toe nail fungus?

Is there a clear top treatment for nail fungus? What is it?

Is there a cure for nail avulsion?

Is there a cure for toe fungus that won't ruin your liver?

Is there a good home remedy for toenail fungus?

Is there a good way for me to take care of stubborn corns on my toes?

Is there a good way to get rid of nail fungus?

Is there a non-prescription way to clear up toenail fungus?

Is there a way to treat fingernail fungus naturally?

Is there an alternative cure for toenail fungus and numbness in feet?

Is there an easy and fast way to take care of dry calluses on my toes?

Is there an easy and fast way to take care of foot fungus from pedicure?

Is there any evidence that laser fungus removal for toenails works?

Is there any inexpensive way to get rid of toenail fungus?

Is there any medical reason my 8 year old sons skin on his feet peels off, he doesn't have a fungal infection and it affects both feet and all toes?

Is there any medicine over-the-counter that can cure fungi on my toenail? Or any tips?

Is there any OTC cure for toe nail fungus?