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14yrs old brown thick fungus under toenail & dry itchy cracks between toes & peely bottom feet- 5yrs. Took pills & creams dermatologist or podiatrist?

3/5 toenails have fungus, with no nail left at all on my big toe. Alt/ast are normal. Should I take lamisil (terbinafine)? Podiatrist says no but derm says yes.

92 year old friend has onycomyeosis of nails. Is that contagious?

A dermatologist cure the Ingrowing toenail infection?

Amorolfine hasn't cured fungus of toe nails. Been using it for 4 months. Should I wash feet daily or change my shoes?

An area on my big toenail is white. Why is this and how can I treat it?

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Best treatment for toenail fungus?

Best way to remove athletes foot and nail fungus on toes?

Big toenails removed. Dr prescribed naftin (naftifine) 2% 45g for 8 months on the nail bed. That seems way too long. Box says 2 weeks. Thoughts?

Black spot under toe nail spot is on nail I have been taking apple cider vinegar pills for a few months could this have caused it.

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Can a toenail fungus last years in a single nail and it still be cured fully?

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Can athelete's foot fungus spread to your toenails as well?

Can athlete's foot lead to nail fungus infection? I have athlete's foot now and using treatment twice a day. My biggest fear is that it will cause ugly nail fungus. Is this possible or is that something completely different? .

Can claripro permanently eliminate toenail fungus infections?

Can claripro work to permanently eliminate toenail fungus infections?

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Can I get a foot fungus just by trying new sandals on that someone else who has fungus tried on?

Can i go to the podiatrist for toenail fungus while pregnant?

Can I take oral terbinafine for onychomycosis? I had taken 45 oral terbinafine.Now foot toenail skin are red & pain. It will cure?

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Can someone explain to me the process of using vapo Vix on my fungus toenail(big toes) should I wrap with bandage afterwards then remove In morning ?

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Can there be natural cures for toenail fungus?

Can toe fungus be spread to fingernails and possibly to scalp ? If so , what specifically can one do ? What to use and how often ? Thank you

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Can you give me suggestions with medication for nail fungus?

Can you laser jungle rot from in between two toes?

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Cutted corn on my thumb any home remedies?

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Does anybody know what is dermatophytosis of nail?

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Does laser treatment work for toe nail fungus?

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Does the ultraviolet light treatment for shoes really work in helping to prevent toenail fungus? Thank you.

Does this look like toenail fungus?

Does toenail fungus smell if you've had it for over ten years? I get this really bad rotten smell from my two big toenails that have the fungus.

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Does vinegar work well on finger and toenail fungus?

Dr said my dad has had fungus on his hand. He's on a antifungal med. We share the same keyboard/ mouse at work. Will I get this fungus too?

Dr. Jeffrey kass, my no.S were 65 and 68. The medicine is for nail fungus its prescribed and it starts with an a?

Fastest way to get rid of toe nail fungus?

Finger nail fungal infection. Taken oral Lamisil (terbinafine) for 1 week. How do I know if the med is working? Any changes I should see on my nails?

Fingernail fungal treatment?

For nail fungus in one toe which has lost nail, my dr prescribed naftin (naftifine). everything I read says topicals don't work. should I ask for oral med?

Had pitting on a nail and now it looks like its detaching.Doc gave me ciclopirox topical solution but it hasn't helped.What should I do?What can it be

Half of my big toenail is cream color but it is not fungal?

Has any one heard of leucatin use in treatment of fingernail fungus?

Has anyone ever had this laser toenail fungus treatment? Does it actually work?

Have there been any successful cases in banishing toenail fungus forever?

Have tinea pedis and a small odor on last two toes. Doc says nails are fine/not yellow. Is it the nails or skin? Can Clotrimazole stop this odor?