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I cut skin while cutting nail of toe.Now I see skin there has black spot and some shooting pain once a while.Can it be infected.Wud I need antib!

why are there some dark bruises below the ankle and near middle toes 2 weeks after cast was removed?

10yrold girl with a ingrown toenail. Very red and had puss. Not anymore. What should be done. Will it grow out on its own. Or should we go to the dr.

14 y/o son had trama to toenail playing basketball back in October, nail fell off from big toe, what to do from here?

1year ago my big toe nail got ripped out from dancing (stuck between floorboards) and gp said to give it time and now the cuticle is black and no nail?

24 year old male. Horizontal ridging in toenails. Nail feels a bit rough. Mainly in big toe and toe next to big toe. Fingernails not affected. Normal?

3 days ago I smashed my finger. It has turned black under the nail, it is numb and leaking a clear fluid from under the nail. Should I be concerned?

3 months ago i banged my big toe - lt turned purple but my toe nail did not fall off. Is there a risk of infection? Pic http://i.Imgur.Com/sx5nyoa.Jpg

3 year old had ingrown toe nail, after doctor cut it out it is still a little swollen over a week later, nail is clear doesn't seem like pus.

3.5 months post partial nail avulsion on big toe. Nail growing back thick/not smooth, no pain. Normal or do I need to go back to podiatrist?

4 days ago drum fell on big toe. Skin behind toe nail came off. The none in middle hurts. Cannot bend big toe. What is cause?

4 y/o stubbed toes toes look fine-no swelling, deformity, walking fine but nail bed looks red/purple and nail bled when happened. Doc visit needed?

5 mo ago a horse stepped on my foot. My big toe nail fell off. There is still no sign of the nail. How long before it grows back? Will it ever?

80 yr old mom has swollen middle finger very painful and nail bed oozes liquid pus. What could be causing this? She is diabetic, on dialysis

A black stain near the cuticle of my big toe, what is this?

A dark stripe running down my nail's surface, how to determine if that a melanoma?

A drawer fell on my big toe and now underneath the toe nail is blackish blueish, what should I do?

A few years ago, i woke up with a horrible pain in my big toe. Over time, the nail has become very thick, raised, and curved. I am very fit.

A heavy bowl fell on my big toe, my toe nail is blue n green and throbbing, have I broke my toe?

A little more than half of my toenail is broken and I have it well cleaned what can I do ?

A nail on my foot was peeled from the root suddenly and naturally. Looks it fell. No pain. No damage in these months. Do I need vitamin or anything?

A peice of furniture fell on my toe years ago and now my toenail is black. No pain at all. How can I cure this?

A small blue-green circular spot underneath my toenail, in the middle. I discovered it when I removed my polish. I also have vaginal candida. Fungus?

A week ago I noticed a dark/blackish area under my pinky toe cuticle. The nail itself appears to be flaking. I don't remember injuring this area. ALM?

A while ago i stubbed my big toe. Now my nail is starting to fall off. What should I do?

About 5 mm black spot on my toenail. It's on the white part (the nail where it grows). The spot grew bigger upward in 2 day. Could it be melanoma?

About a month ago half my toe nail turned black. It hasn't gone away or even lessened. What's the cause and how to get back to normal color?

Accidentally almost ripped my pinky toenail off. What should I do?

After an ingrown toenail grew and went away by itself, my toe ended up red, swollen, and black. It has stayed like this for a while on two toes, why?

After eating sugar i get a headache and my toenails and fingernails turn purple - what's going on?

After incision in wrist bcause of splinter in there can this cause reallyy bad pain or can splinter still b there bcause they didn't find any..?

After pulling a hang nail about five weeks ago, I still have awful pain on the side of my fingernail. Should I see a doctor or wait?

After wearing high heels a part of my big toe under nail turned purple, is this serious?

All my fingernails look very deformed cos there's debris separatin it from the nail bed. It's painles and I've had it for 9 months now. Yellow nails?

All of my toe nail are dark. How can I get them back white like my finger nails?

Am wondering why my nails are all blue?

Any reason why are my fingernails purple & white?

Approximately how many calories do toe nails have?

Are black streaks under the nail a melanoma 100% of the time?

Are white speckles on my fingernails due to fungus?

Around a month ago, I noticed what looked like a mole under my fingernail. It has not gone away and I do not remember any trauma to my finger. ?

At the nail shop, I notice a small greenish spot under my big toenail. (•) Weeks later it got a tad bigger (●) No pain. What could this be?

Basically, I picked my right big toenail and to the right of the nail it has become infected and inflamed. What do I do!

Big toe at the cutical is redish n puffy just sterilized needle n popped it n yellowish pus oozed from under my cuticle can I take care without a doc?

Big toe inflamed and itchy with copper colored discharge around toenail.

Big toe is swollen on one side, hurts to press on it. Havnt clipped toenail in awhile. Put pro oxide on it nothing bubbled. What do I do?

Big toe nail came off 3years ago but grew back. It's tender and feels like it is going to fall off again. They is a Blister on the nail bed?

Big toe nail fell completely off & new nail is growing looks pretty good so far should I keep it covered w/band aid? It's embarrassing when in public.

Big toe nail is green w/purple&black bruising by cuticle. I dropped a table on it. Broken? Bruised? Will I lose my nail? Full range of motion, hurts!

Big toe right foot, under toe nail theres a yellow line. I haven't been to a doctor in like 20 yrs.I smoke cig.I know my health is bad, but this is new.

Big toe swelling, then nail is rotting off and toe is starting to turn black.?

Big toe toenail is buckling, like a rug pushed against a wall, 3 mm high dome?

Big toe very red in the corner from in grown toe nail. Cut the nail away but appears infected. Soaking in tea tree oil Helps. Do I need anti biot?

Big toenail broke halfway across and now overlapped onto cuticle only painful with pressure what should do?

Big toenail gone blue, what does this mean?

Big toenail is brownish gray and the skin is cracked with open sores an in the nail bed now has traveled to hands what is wrong?

BIG toenail's been painful for months now i went to the dr last month and my dr told me that it wasnt a ingrown toenail it has a bump on that bleeds?

Black like bruise under big toe nail, should I be concerned?

Black line on my toe nail?

Black strips on nails?

Black tiny spot on my small toenail. I cut the nail portion off and dark spot came off with the nail. But left a pinkish wound on the skin. Wat is it?

Black tiny spot on my toenail. I cut the nail portion off and dark spot came off with the nail. left a pinkish wound on the skin. Scared abt melanoma?

Bleeding after toe nail removal. Had 1/3 big toenail removed this aft. Bled thru bandage & sock. Didn't know to elevate. Seems to have stopped. Ok?

Blood coming out from under toenail without injury, what to do?

Blue/purple base of toe nail after injury. Will my nail fall off?

Both my big toenail has blood clot under them.Now new layer of nail formed n pushed d old toenail up.Shall I let it be or have to get them pulled off?

Both my pinky toenails are curling if I use fungus cream will they grow straight again? And when i try to cut them down they feel like comming off

Both of my big toes are yellowy coloured. One of them has like more than one layer of nail on it. What can I do?

Both of my pinky toe nails around the edge away from the big toe hurts when pressure is added to it. What does this sound like?

Both of my second toenails have cracked completely across my nail just above the cuticle. No pain or bruising. What could these be caused from?

Bottom near the cuticle is a yellowish color and the nail by the cuticle is breaking off. What could I do at home?

Brother cut underside of foot and now 3 toes have gone black, what does this mean please?

Brown dead skin between toes, should I be concerned?

Brown dot under nail near cuticle on thumb. 12 years old. What is it?

Brown spot in nail?

Brown spots in my toe nails, look like bruises but not sure, what is this?

Brown/yellow growing spot under fingernail near cuticle. Could it be fungus if it is where the cuticle is?

Brownish yellowish skin before fingernails symptomatic of finger ulcers?

Brownish yellowish skin before fingernails, why is this?

Bruised my little toe, sprained my left wrist & ripped my toe nail off, any tips for healing process?

Bruised nail which is painless but it hasn't cleared up yet, what can I do for this?

By me not having hair on my toes does it mean theres something wrong with me. I only ever get one hair on each big toe, my mom,sisters havehairy toes.

Can a paint ball bruise get infected?

Can Accutane cause yellow nails? I've been on Accutane about two months and my nails have started turning yellow.

Can an infected in grown toe lead to a vaginal lump in anyway?

Can i leave a splinter under my nail if NT hurting or red?

Can ingrown toenails cause high cholesterol? I have had them taken out 9 times even black stuff put in now i just do it myself as much as i can

Can it be raynauds in toes even though color doesn't change & cap. Refill is about 4 seconds on each big toe when they feel cold. It doesn't hurt bad ?

Can paint thinner cause black toe nails?

Can someone help please? My toe nail was black now it's bumping and curvy..Is this normal?

Can toe nails recover when fungus pretty much eats away at them?

Can white marks on your nails indicate stress?

Can you explain if it's weird that my fingers and toenails go yellow?

Can you get a stone bruise on the corner of your big toe? How can I treat it cause it hurts real really really bad! :(

Can you get HIV from a nail salon. Had my nails done ladt thursday and the drill nicked my finger and bled. Am freaking out. ?

Can you tell me what is the white line on the fingernail called?

Can you tell ne y I have dark toe nails im a male?

Corner of my toenail went into my skin, got swollen around where the nail was in. Took the nail out but the swollen is still there. Water/pus comes out?

Couch fell on my toe about 3 months back and my toe is is black,red,blue. It doesn't hurt but it bothers me time to time not had chance see doctor?

Could a broken toe nail grow back?