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16 with period troubles..Cant ask mom. Will teacher help?

16 year old cousin has been using cocaine. Her mother is taking her to their family doc today to get help for her. How do family docs respond to this?

1st christmas without my baby girl . She passed away last october. I want to be happy - ...How can I be happy ?

5 m.old baby loves all who plays with her.Is it normal?As her 1.8 m old cousins afraid others except mom&dad&grandma&nanny,even grandpa who sees daily

88 yr old mother is confused and barely mobile. Brother who is caregiver plans to take her on family's winter vacation. Isn't she too vulnerable?

A family member has just had a son unfortunately born with no toes, would it be possible for him to still be able to learn to walk?

A really good friend of mine has a brain tumor, his mother refuses to get him help, is there anything i can do?

A.hi .Dr my mum is adham?

Adult daughter is totally confident that cancer pallitive care will be given in the house to mom no matter what anyone thinks. Is this care available?

Anxious all the time about my kids. Isnt that just being a good mom in a dangerous world?

Are there resources to help single moms?

At what age is it no longer ok for a single mom to share hotel room with son?

Big sis thinks she has total control of mom but is only poa in case mom cannot. How can we get her to stop making decisions mom can make?

Both my mom and my aunt has a MS and I've done some research and I have a lot of symptoms how would I go about getting tested or talking to my doctor?

Can a real brother make her real sister pregnant(same family)?

Can expectant father's get acne ?

Can expecting fathers have sleepless nights ?

Can I get sick from mom's chemo if I clean up after her?

Can I go to cemetery to visit my mom grave if I am 16 weeks pregnant. Thank you.

Can i move out if im 17 an pregnant an mom wont help support me?

Can I refuse to get an episiotomy?

Can I take power of atty away from my older sister?

Can i tell me how i can convince my mom to get me checked for adhd?

Can my 13 year old step daughter rightfully refuse the hpv shot? She's had the frst one but her mom and her don't want the rest

Can my husband and I take a trip without our baby, and just leave him with grandparents?

Can there be a way to get anti-depressants without my mom knowing?

Can you get sick in hospital even if healthy like a new mom?

Can you go to family counseling where everyone goes together (mom, dad, brother…)?

Can you tell me how i can convince my mom that I have add?

Can you tell me how I could convince my dad to take me to the dentist?

Can you tell me how I could convince my mom to get me tested for adhd/add?

Can you tell me how I could convince my mom to let me use lybrel?

Can you tell me how I could get control back from my mother in law who watches my son while I work?

Can you tell me how I could get my mum to listen?

Can you tell me how to get over the guilt that I wasn't there when my mum died?

Can you tell me how to tell my mom I purged?

Can you tell me is is possible I have what my mom has?

Caring for my dad during chemo and I have a cold. Should i stay away or is it okay?

Could i develop asthma later in life since my mom did?

Could I have a baby with blue eyes?I am half chinese and spanish. My husband, maternal grandma, great grandma/grandpa, & uncles have blue eyes.

Could my mom pass down an eating disorder to my sisters and i?

Dad has cfiff for 2 months, retested and has it again...How long yet or should he do somehting, do we need a new dr. Dad 91 years old....Scared, i ?

Dad is now empty-nester and single. Thinks its cool to smoke weed. What do I say to my kids about grandpa?

Dad watches cnbc all day and gets stressed. What can I do?

Daughter is the only child, after my stroke i cannot give everything, she screaming at me. Now i'm living w my dad?

Daughter of mom disagrees with MD's advice for mom to get 2nd biopsy opinion. Mom wants it. How to deal with such a loud and unfair daughter?

Daughter wants me to live with her, her husband I never liked. Would miss my friends, indep. Why can't daughter ask al director, aides for more help ?

Do I have more exhaustion as a 40yo new mom with one or 25yo mom with 3 little ones?

Do i need to talk to my mom and have her take me somewhere?

Do moms or dads get up more frequently with the baby?

Do you agree children should move on to a better life for themselves when they grow up? My mom passed up a better life to stay close to grandma.

Do you think my father enjoys embarrassing me? He always talks about how great my big sister is.

Do you think parents have a right to refuse vaccinating ~see below~?

Does the little boy im nanny for miss his mom and sees me as a kind of surrogate?

Every time I think about my late father I cry. He died peacefully enough at age 73. This was 9 years ago. Is it normal or should I see someone?

Female in the late 20's. My mother died of stomach cancer in her 30's. Her brother is fine & parents lived till old. Should i get gene-tested?

Grandma had ALS will i get it?

Grandma never tells pt when she is hurting. She wants to please them. What should I say?

Have you regretted putting your mom or dad in an old age nursing home?

Hello i am a callcenter and i am a mother of 1 child as well thats why its very impossible to have a better sleep. please help?

Help for single mom of three, needs energy, anyone knows of anything?

Help, what to do if my mom passes out?

Help! I can't keep my mom away from my fb pals and I don't know what to do?

Hi doc, my parents and my elder sister have diabetes. i am the one left and I am 24 will I? coz I love eating chocolates

Hi docs, would my mom have to stay with me during ekg?

Hi doctor im goran in kurdstan iraq. My mom have brest canser can you help. Me ?

Hi I am giving my uncle a kidneys I have to lost 20 how can I keep it off?

Hi, my father is suffering from a stroke for 4 years already. He couldn't talk, eat or move. He's in the nursing home now, what can I do?

Hi, was talking to my mother about how i can't just feed my son just veggies cause that would put him the hospital and she didn't believe me, is it true?

Hiiii....I am thinking to get pregnant n i heared that marrying in family with cousin might get any risk or disorders in children is that true?

How am i suppose to tell my mom i need therapy because my cousin touched me once when i was 5 without making her cry?

How can an intelligent young mom get into meth?

How can convince someone that doesn't have herpes that it's ok tobe with someone that does?

How can I ask my mother to see her ass naked?

How can I be active beening a mom. With a 10 month old.

How can I bring up needing new bras to my mom?

How can I convince my sister to get breast reconstruction? She doesn't care.

How can I encourage my mom to do what she is supposed to do for her diabetes?

How can I explain to my mom that i'm not anorexic? She seems to be certain that i am.

How can I find out what immunizations i've had if mom forgot?

How can I find support for single moms during pregnancy?

How can I get great abs in a month, as a mother who recently had a child?

How can I get my grandparents to quit drinking? My uncle too

How can I get my husband who I caregive for to listen?

How can I get my mom to be healthier?

How can I get my mom to care?

How can I get my mom who I caregive for to listen?

How can I get the memories of my mother dying out of my head ?

How can I help my sister who just admited she was malested as a child by her moms boyfriend? If my sister i going crazy how can I help her

How can I stop feeling embarassed by my obese mom?

How can I tell my mom I think I have hemeroids?

How can I tell my mom, she's the reason i'm cutting?

How can I transition best to being a stay-at-home mom?

How can my 90 yo aunt get hrt?

How come they wont let both my bff and bf and my family in the delivery?

How could i get my mom to stop saying I have mono/anemia?

How do I care for my young daughter on top of my spouse with cancer?

How do I convince my mom to let me get help for my OCD and emetophobia?

How do I deal with a mom that has got demincia?

How do I get my dad to understand my aspergers?