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13 yro sister has been aggressive. Rude and disrespectful to older siblings and parents. Cusses and destroys furniture. What is wrong? What do we do?

A boy is always behave such that when he quarrel with his friends or when friends did anything against him then he didn't talk to them for years why?

Are boomers sicker younger than the greatest gen parents?

Are children safe on their own if they have a parent who has destructive narcissism?

Are kids better off with grandparents than in foster care?

Are moms who are mentally retarded allowed to take care of their own children?

Are parents allowed in during a circumcision?

Are parents allowed to hide a diagnosis of cancer from a sick child ?

Are sociopaths born that way or is it bad parenting or something else?

Are there any help programs for mothers with overweight children?

Are two females able to have a child who shares both of there genetics?

As a teen, how can I cope with the death of my grandparent?

At what age do you get over sibling rivalry?

At what age should a child not have his parents coming into the doctor's office with him?

Boss. Elderly parent. Teen. Me. Who do I take care of first?

Can a child be far sighted when both parents are nearsided?

Can a doctor preform a DNA test on a baby without the mother's consent, when the mother is underage and is a victim in a statutory rape case?

Can a formerly rich kid still be spoiled at 20 if grandma has money but parents dont?

Can a parent always access the health records of their children?

Can a parent and child share a psychiatrist or is that too weird?

Can a parent do harm when their child has ocd?

Can a teen 16+ reject any flu shots if there parents wants them to have it?

Can depression be passed down from parents to their children?

Can grandchildren visit their grandparents in the hospital?

Can i be nearsighted if both my parents are?

Can I get a nose job at 17 years of age with out my parents permission? Im very insecure about my nose but my parent disagree with surgery.

Can I get circumcise at 17 with out my parents knowing ?

Can i tell me how i can convince my parents to get me invisalign?

Can i tell me how i can help kids with alcoholic or drug addict parents?

Can obgyns keep information of teens from parents?

Can one serve as a guardian for someone even if the person they would be guardian over lives with someone else?

Can our parents bloodtype impact our childrens health?

Can parents attend sex ED classes?

Can someone still refuse lifesaving treatment if they are 18 and still living with their parents?

Can you be 17 and go to the Doctors alone without Parents and Guardians?

Can you ever reunite kids separated in a custody battle?

Can you explain what are therapists allowed to tell your parents?

Can you force child play therapy on a family member or must a parent?

Can you get teen therapy without parent consent?

Can you have a doctor tear your hymen for you without a parent being in the room? Even when that parent agrees?

Can you refuse counseling if you are over 18?

Can you tell me are doctors required by law to tell parents w/children under 18 that their child has a terminal illness?

Can you tell me how I could convince my parents to go vegan?

Can you tell me how I could convince my parents to let me visit a psychologist?

Can you tell me how I could learn to deal with my parents not being the parents I need them to be?

Can you tell me, are doctors required by law to tell parents w/children under 18 that their child has a terminal illness?

Child height predictor based on parents and grandparents?

Could a minor get a mastectomy with their parents permission?

Could it be bad for me to not want any relationship with my parents because of them circumcising me?

Could someone be brainwashed after an accident? I been always close to both my parents. My dad and i been very close all through my life. He would do anything for me and i for him. He enjoyed my company and his grandchildren's company. We were always tog

Could use your help docs! my brother needs counseling but my parents refuse to do anything about it?

Did my environment cause me to be gay? Was it in my mothers womb? Genetics? How do I tell homophobic family? (I'm 19 in a tight-nit community)

Do adoptive parents bond well with child?

Do all kids of gay parents turn gay?

Do all kids of two moms have joint custody if breakup?

Do doctors tell your parents what you tell the doctor.?

Do I need counselling accepting that I cannot have my own biological child?

Do kids have right to see donor if parent says no?

Do parents cause sibling rivalry?

Do parents know when their teen is anorexic?

Do pediatricians ever support my the decision not to vaccinate?

Do you think I should tell my parents that i think i may have low t?

Docs can you explain, is it wrong for me to not want any relationship with my parent because of circumcision?

Docs, could a mental illness skip two/three generations, say from grandparents to great grand kids?

Docs, could a parent with a heart condition still adopt?

Does a parents' having schizophrenia mean loss of child custody?

Does parental influence really have a big impact on social development? My parents always had friends, but I hate people.

Does the oldest child decide on a parents burial and medical decisions?

Does the parent or guardian to make a doctors appointment?

For the doctors who are parents : how does being a doctor affect your parenting ?

Hello I'm 16 years old and I have a lot of problems which is I cannot share with nobody else not even with m friends or parents. ?

Help a nervous parent with advice about talking to kids about sex?

How can grandparents cope with messy eaters?

How can I adapt to the changing demands of caregiving for my parent?

How can I be a better parent than my own parents?

How can I decide whether to become a parent?

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How can I help a neighbor child who had been abused?

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How can I help my spouse who is caring for his elderly parents?

How can I let my parents know that I am having a tough time caring for them?

How can I prepare my child for the arrival of a sibling?

How can I tell if I have given my abusive mother in law just what she wanted!?

How can I tell my parents that something is wrong with me?

How can my child be accountable for his actions?

How can one care for aging parents during the workday?

How can parents behavior and attitude affect the child?

How can you ask your parents if you can be tested for a condition?

How can you calculate child's height using parents and grandparents?

How can you confide in your parents or family if you think you are homosexual?

How can you tell my parents I am worried I have adhd?

How can you tell my parents that i want a shrink?

How do child pyschiatry wards work? Who commits you?Can a teen check out without permission?

How do I convince my parents that i want to continue medschool after 4 months of quitting medschool?

How do I cope as a parent of a disabled child?