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;m surrounded by people who love me, and there is no history of depression and self-harm in my family, so why do I feel this way?

A long line of addictions in my family. I'm in foster care and happy with my family but I'm afraid I have alcohol issues. I'm 17?

A man and his son were tragically killed vehicle accident, I am grieving so much and for his family, I did not even know them, what is wrong with me?

A parenting consultant told me that time outs are terrible and cause serious damage to the parent-child relationship. Is this true?

Actually i need psychological remedy. My brother is going in wrong path. Can u help me in this matter?

Advice? When counseling children in grief of loss what are the precautions to take?

Age 23,anxiety at college,parents still care like a 2 years old kid,My family members respect me even elders,was at bad school,not ok in social,cause?

All psychologists I have contacted tell me I need parental consent for psychotherapy. I would rather suffer than talk to my parents. What can I do?

Am I right for speaking to an attorney instead of our family doctor if I don't want to let parent die?

Any benefit from seeing pastor either for youself, or a loved one?

Any suggestions for a good book to read (or any info) when you are the family/spouse of a bipolar person?

Are there any depression programs for broke teenagers with families in denial?

Are there any good stories about being a caregiver to someone with arthritis?

Been seeing a pyscholgist after the murder of my partner by his son, but worried with transference and dependency and the psychologist hating me ?

Can a boy become rough when he had a mental shock like death of family member?

Can a dr recommend some sort of meetings for people getting divorced or dealing with and gone through a divorce. Somewhere in Staten Island please?

Can a mentally aware person using at-home hospice ever really be emotionally happy even with appropriate pain meds? Or, so they worry all the time?

Can anyone tell me what can I do to help my anorexic sister?

Can be very selfish, stubborn, hostile and anger outburts out of no where be early signs of huntingtons if it runs in your family?

Can epilepsy cause someone to withdraw from intimate contact with a loved one?

Can i be a foster parent even though I have lupus? I am able to work full time.

Can I be emotionally happy as a direct caregiver for someone with pancreatic and liver cancer? It is tough, of course.

Can I have some tips on helping grieving grandparents?

Can i tell me how i can get my bipolar and violent dad committed?

Can major depression cause someone to distrust their spouse, their spouses inentions and to blame spouse for them having depression in the 1st place?

Can my dad put a mental hygiene warrant on my sister?

Can people in a vegative state see hear and understand? Do they recognize family members?

Can there be any rehab or counselling that help people at risk of becoming a socialist?

Can this be munchausen by proxy syndrome? If a child who is 14 1/2 years old whos doctor says she is in excellent health both physically and mentally with the mother and custody change and now father says in his custody the child is stress, depress, bulim

Can you advise for approaching disrespectful, dangerous, unprofessional hospital after obscene situation.?

Can you give me some suggestions on helping grieving grandparents?

Can you talk about child abuse to a psychiatrist, or is he forced to report it to the law?

Can you tell me how could i cope with my grandmother when she's annoying?

Can you tell me how i could cope with my grandmother when she's annoying?

Can you tell me how to help my alcoholic mom, who denies having a problem?

Can you tell me what you suggest if someone is put on life support, do they induce a coma or can that person be awake just not able to talk?

Can you tell me, are patients already living in a culture of fear?

Can your family overide your advance directive wishes and keep you alive?

Could my sister's bad attidude toward me be depression or even sibling rivalry?

Could the battle over who knows best about taking care of family occur in part, because of me, but also sisters pent up sibling rivalry and jealously?

Doctors. Have you ever had to tell a family their love one has died? How did you do it? What did you say?

Does a mentally disabled patient's family & doctors have the right to make decisions on their behalf?

Does a parent have the right to refuse to get their child mental health treatment?

Does narcissistic people appear to be selfless, giving,caring,helpful,and generous?my husbands mother said he was narcissistic,but I'm confused.

Dr Ratique thinks I have a Psychiatric illness is why I can't sleep. I'm depressed I'll admit that. My parents died within 5 months of each other 4 years ago and I'm an only child. I've been thru therapy and psychiatric visits. But I'm still in the grievi

Dr. Pappas, i didn't have depression until i lost both of my parents to cancer with less than a year apart. I quit college to take care of them.?

Extreme anxiety after death of a family member. How do I move on from this?

Family member is full blown alcoholic, gets so drunk can barely walk or talk. How can i verbally set a boundary that I don't want to be around it?

Father died 3 yr ago died at a traumatic time, now i deal with ptsd, now i can't remember him much, i feel numb for him loved him lots before advice?

Friend saw Grandma choke to death infront of her. She can't forget the image it haunts her. Refuses to tell parents, says they won't care. What to do?

Grappling with elder issues in family. Who evaluates and deems someone incapable of making decisions? The courts? How?

Gungho exec, ready to retire, devastating stroke at 64. Some recovery but so very sad. How can I help my husband?

Had a stroke six mos ago, had to quit job, can't drive and now my mother has dementia. I'm having trouble coping. Advise, please.

Has anybody suffered social withdrawal when they retired?

Help, grandmother just passed away and im in a state of confusion. How do I accept this fact?

Hieee my mom is 50 years old.Most of the time she panic why it could happened to her most of the situations?

Homeless. Jobless+No Support. Have compounded PTSD. Abused as a child. Dating a Sociopath is what got me here. How can I heal? Who can I call? Where?

How appropriate or inappropriate is it to give your psychiatrist a birthday gift?

How can a 24/7 caregiver get a respite when family members do not allow it and put a big guilt trip on me? They do not listen.

How can a family meeting help me get help with caregiving if no one seems to care?

How can I calm myself, regarding my older brother ?

How can I control my anger at my sibling over mom's care?

How can I convince my parents to encourage our family to eat better?

How can I convince your parents to take me to urgebt care?

How can I cope with a disabled sister?

How can I cope with a husband that is emotionally unavailable?

How can I cope with going from a wife to a caregiver?

How can I deal with an abusive mother?

How can I deal with the depression as a young mom?

How can I fall out of love with my verbally abusive husband?

How can I feel less burdened by caregiver responsibilities?

How can I get my grandparents who I caregive for to listen?

How can I get my husband to care more for my disabled child when he is stressed about the situation?

How can I handle alcoholism during the holiday season?

How can I handle being so lonely as a military wife?

How can I handle caregiving for a husband that has increasing demands?

How can I handle losing my house because my husband needs advanced care giving?

How can I handle my menopausal mother?

How can I handle my mother wanting me to fail?

How can I handle my new responsibilities as a caregiver and husband?

How can I help a loved one manage urinary incontinence before going to assisted living?

How can I help my girlfriend realize her family is emotionally abusive to her?

How can I hire a life coach for a clinically depressed relative?

How can I let my wife know that I am struggling caring for my elderly parents?

How can I make sure my untreated, unmedicated, + alcohlic ex-common law spouse doesn't get any legal say or sole custody in court march 1st-abusive to?

How can I not feel guilty with my mom developing health complications from my caregiving?

How can I prevent my husbands job stress from harming my child?

How can I save my mother from chronic depression?

How can I seek support from others in caregiving for my wife?

How can I talk to my aunt about end of life decisions?

How can I talk to my grandmother and father about end of life decisions?

How can I talk to my parents about end of life decisions?

How can my family, my loved ones, and I cope with my brain tumor?

How can you deal with a parent who is getting dementia?

How can you help your fiance deal with loss of a loved one?

How can you talk to mum or sister about my mental health?

How common is it to still grieve for my grandad, it's been over 6 months?

How could a burnt out parent find ways to cope?

How could family caregiving hurt my husband?

How do I express my emotions to my tyrant dad?