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Disconnected surgery for partner and I want to start a family My genes will pass on to my Temporal Lobectomy suitable forpetimal?

Father inlaw had parkinson probe implants removed and devloped mrsa on the brain again swelling and caused hospitization. What is the life expectancy?

@ age 68 my husband was tested by a neurologist. Result was early signs of a. How can they say it is really alzheimer's and not age relate dementia?

11 yr-old boy and family struck with a mystery illness after Indian vacation. He is critical with lung symptoms. His father died. What diagnosis.....?

13 out 20 shared g enes with her father equals out to what percentage possibly of he being her biological father?

13yr daughter in hospital for new onset type1diabetes.Why did this happened to her? What might have caused her to have this if she was a well person?

2.5 yr old female diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis. Her development is severely delayed, will she develop normal in the future? Walk, talk, chew food

22 y.O female with back headaches. Is this a brain aneurysm? Im scared ill have one but I have no family history, no smoking, no kids, no hbp

3 yrSon isdefiant and hitssometimes punching andthreatening tome andadultsin family fathernot present whatsefective w out creating neg selfimageinhim?

3-year-old boy with amotio retinae, pls tell me which hospital is best with this disease?

45F. Just read about young woman of 24 who died from GBM. Sounds terrifying. Tx didn't work. Are these tumors common ? Any way to prevent them ? TY

83 she contracted a lung infection and also have parkinson disease. She is in a hospital at the moment but is extremely fragile, can't talk, prognosis ?

87 year old mother survived pneumonia and c diff. Now has a UTI and is exhibiting signs of dementia. Is this permanent?

A coworker of mine died of mesothelioma suddenly she had respiratory problems diagnosed at autopsy work in an office what can I do for detectiion?

A doc on here said that the FP rock n play has been known to cause O2 desaturation in an infant that led to CP. Where can I find evidence of this?

A family member had kidney disease and lost movement of their legs. why does this happen?

A girl I am dating's mom had a big stroke from a blood disorder. Is there any risk of me picking up this stroke from her through kissing/intercourse?

A patient has come to me with a concern about numbness in right leg and family hisory of MS(Mother, deceased age 57 and Grandmother, deceased age 63) ?

About familial mediterranean fever‏my greetings to youi want to ask about fmf as i made amyloid a ( saa) and the result was 41 and the doctor diag?

Academic facility for 2nd glaucoma opinion. Dr said genetics not factor controlling glaucoma i won't be same as mother. 1st dr. Disagreed. Which right?

Actually my mom is suffering from cryptogenic hemoptysis.I m not financially too strong.Can u help me?Hoping positive response from u.

After a CT on my moms had, they found to much brain water. My mom is 82 years old and has also demencia. What would you regement.....Surgey or not ?

Age 52 twisted aorta with abdominal aneurysm 2.6 cm.. Mum and sis have too 2 of my aunt and a cousin died from this... Burst ... Heredity?

Als is hereditary in our family, i'm noticing weakness in arms, falling lately. Would it be wise to have blood test to compare to our gene marker?

ALS paitents tend to pass with 3-5 years after what does Steven Hawking's have? I ask because he's suffered far beyond most ALS pt.

Am a sandwich generation member, planning to move to be near kids. Now mom has been diagnosed with arnold-chiari malformation. What to do?

Am a sandwich generation member, planning to move to be near kids. Now mom has been diagnosed with choledocholithiasis. What to do?

Am a sandwich generation member, planning to move to be near kids. Now mom has been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. What to do?

Am i putting my baby @ risk 4 autoimmune disease later on in life bc she doesnt go to daycare? (+ family hx autoimmune disease,gma w several types)

Anyone out there familiar with Posterior Cortical Atrophy? My father-in-law is looking to find someone to help his wife. Alz-related dementia.

Are enlarged liver and cardiac hypertrophy related in any way? what can cause it? My boyfriend, with no prior medical conditions died from this and it does not run in the family. He did have a history of drug use in the past (smoke heroin)

Are hallucinations sign of Alzheimers? 70 yr old aunt seeing zebras at night. Psychologist is stumped. Aunt refusing to go for testing.

Are there new tests for dementia being developed for boomers who might have 'partied' hard?

Art around what age do the obvious symptoms of cystic fibrosis set in? I'm worried of the disease although I played football for 5 years since 7th gra

Autopsy said husband had hypertrophic myocyte nuclei, but it was not cod. How young can a child be screened & what are the tests? We have a 6 y.O.

Both grandfathers and my Mom had Alzheimer's. I'm 73 and have symptoms. Drs. are pushing Airecept -- I don't want to be drugged into submission.

Can a single mtfr mutation cause symptoms?I only got the 1298 which is responsable for many psychiatric conditions and i got a long history of this

Can an acquired aortic stenosis be passed onto the next generation?

Can B12 deficiency run in families? someone suggested since my mother had the problem that i might too because of my toe numbness . thoughts?

Can DNA from deceased persons hair be used to look for family risk of disease?

Can you advise me my uncle is on death bed! plzzz read!?

Can you get angina at an early age if it is in your genes?

Can you tell me how i could get over my depression over my grandfather's recent death?

Can you tell me how I could help my sister that suffers from mesial temporal sclerosis and unable to learn, bt is good is art?

Cardiovascular diseases prevention - should I already worry about my high school son and daughter?

Cat is acting unusually aggressive after diagnosis of pancreatitis. I don't think she recognizes me. She has already attacked me, it's not normal. ?

Colonoscopy on my son at 30 ordered due to death of his dad at 35? in nursing home. Parkinsons with lewy body's x7 yrs.failing.dr said no more can be done and that he's not suffering.meaning death soon?

Conversion disorder my sister inlaw has beeen diagnosed with conversion disorder. We don't know much about this condition, but when she has episodes she will be in the hospital for days to weeks at a time and iin the past she could barely talk and move, e

Could all pathologist perform an autopsy on every single body that has died do they take out your sides?

Could my thick blood be something hereditary if 3 of my close family members have died before the age of 65 from strokes and angina?

Dad had ALS @ 62, mom has dementia @ 67. I am worried about my genetics. I'm healthy and family history beyond parents is clear. Am i being paranoid?

Dad has polycythemia vera. Under control now but.. Is this rare blood disorder genetically passed down and what are very early symptoms? Worried..

Dad passed from cancer several yrs ago, mom is on dialysis. Cat died recently and now i'm having anxiety attacks and feels if I have a disease or some?

Dad with Parkinson's w/lewy bodysx9 years.sleeping most of longer reacts or speaks.has to be fed.almost bedridden.prognosis? Scared its the end

Dealing with increasing levels of sociopathy I have always had a moderate level of sociopathy. It was apparant, at leas tto me, since age 5 that i was missing something others had. At 5 and 6, both my mother and grandmother, who never talked, at diffeent

Dear esteemed mds: my client, mr. Gray, is a 70 y.O. With end-stage melanoma. For the past 2 weeks -- since discovery of brain mets --he cannot stop eating. He is never satisfied. Why is this? Thanks

Depressed - lost my cat to kidney disease, what to do?

Despite concrete evidence of spndylthpthy if not anspon my hmo refuses to admit that I have an autoimmune dis likely as i've had it 32 yrs.What to do?

Diagnosed hla-b27+ but none of my parents have it. Also no one in branch family upto 3 generation had any rheumatic probs. Any risk of as or othr prb?

Diagnosed with lupus & Parkinson's how do you tell your family that keeps saying not to worry & stop being drastic, i'm scared i've short time 2 live?

Difficult question but would appreciate honest answer. Life expectancy for 21 y.O. Diabetic A1c 9.0. Past been up to 11.7. No complications yet.

Do my sister and I have upturned noses due to scandinavian genes?

Do premature babies get Brain MRI's done to make sure no AVM or anything wrong? i was born in 89 and born in Toronto Canada.

Do stem cells taken at birth of a child would cure the rheumatoid arthritis in child if that happens in future, as we have family background of ra.

Do you born with scheuermann's disease? Or it can be occured if staying slouching? I have it, and I wanna know if it's my fault or not ?

Do you have any advice on how to create a safe environment for my mom in early-staged dementia?

Do you inherit the emotions in the new heart after getting a transplant?

Do you think Gazans' children will be sicko from the horrible views..

Does a plant based diet help with fibroids. I have one that's 6 cm and another thats 4cm. It's all genetic! My mom had them when she was younger too! ?

Does anyone have any info about life line screening to identify anuerisms and cardio vascular disease?

Does chron's disease kill you? My mother in law is being lied to by her soon to be b/f i just want to prove it to her!

Does my ethnic background make me more or less likely to get heart disease? Does someone's race or ethnicity really make a difference in his risk of developing heart disease? Why does skin color or where you were born make someone more likely to have hear

Does the fact that ive ate meat from hunted deer in the past put me at risk of developing a prion disease in the future?

Due to poor weight gain, developmental delays, sweating - my nephew is being tested for cystic fibrosis- how long does one live with this?

Encephalocele found in unborn baby17 weeks 3 days, not family history found my side or my wife family side would need advice whether to continue ?

Everyone says high cholesterol is genetic. My parents and sister are 260-300 and mine tests in around 100. Same diet. How is this possible?

Family member is 54 yo and has been smoking since 14 yo. Now experiences chronic seasonal bronchitis and periodic pneumonia. She had a very minor car accident at work and had to submit to a breath tester for alcohol as a condition of employment. No one

Family tragedy. 2 sisters broke hips around 90. Both developed rapid-onset dementia within 6mo. Was it genetic or trauma or age-related?

Father 82 being forced by wife 66 into NC with family. She is angry with them. Has him on antidepr. Is this an Adult Prot. Serv. matter? worried!

Female w/ piebaldism: blond forelock & recent forehead loss of pigment. No retardation/deafness-do my future kids have ^ risk of retardation/deafness?

For a year now my B12 is at 2000, what could cause this? I keep reading about leukemia being linked with this, my dad just pasted away with leukemia?

Fraternal grandma and 2nd cousin died of brain aneurysms at ages 38 and 42. I am 33 and had a clear mra at 27. Do I need repeat screening and if so how often?

Friends mom has ALS. Friend got tested and shows positive for familial ALS. She is 50 with no symptoms. Is there a chance she may not get ALS?

From 3 generations of strong women who lived near 100 on mom's side and men who lived to 90 on dad's. Bode well?

Grandfather who is 85 is diagnosis with Alzheimer's but barely showing signs. I'm 31, should I become concerned for early onset alzheimer? I do have add, diagnosis when i was 14.

Grandma(38)and 2nd cousin(42) same side of family died of br aneurysm. How much higher is my risk than avg? Dr doesn't advise screening shld I push?

Had 1st INR protime .08 and 11.2 all 8 + dad had cong heart fail. Dad died 54 mass HRT atk no symptoms before all bro died -65 concern?

Had 2 abnormal labs, GDR was51, lymphs was 18.4.. Significant family history for late onset leukemia, father and kidney disease, twin sister. What nex?

Had there been any outbreaks if nocardiosis or has nocardiosis played a significant role in history?

Has anyone ever died from a migraine? Has anyone ever passed away just from having a migraine? Is that even possible? .

Have researchers discovered some outwardly signs a persons cholesterol is too high?

Have we gotten ahead of the game on prion diseases? Or are prion diseases likely to be major social/public health problems down the road?

Having been diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos just recently, (myself, my 2 disabled sons, and my mother), I am still trying to learn about it and understand the depth of its impact on my family and all of our symptoms/conditions. Is it possible that it cause

Hello, my mother is a+ and the person I suspect to be my father is o+ I am 0- what is the probability ? Thank you so very much and have a great day.

Hello. While I know there is a major randomness in genetics and how a person is developed I wonder where you get your intelligence from. Mom or dad?

Hi My son is 6 months and 7 days old.His weigth is 12.4 KG So many people tell me to show the doctor on other side some says that its normal once he reach to start crawling then he will be ok.i m his father and confused what to do....please support.Best R

Hi, I have a new girllfriend who has ms...Are there phisical singnes if the desease will strike? Thx

Hi. I want to know. What is the best treatment for familial mediterranean fever other than tacking colchicine , my brother is 24 years old , ?

Hi...I'm a 52 yo woman and have noticed my hands tremble occasionally and i'm having a really hard time remembering things. My mother died two years ago from an atypical Parkinson's disease and i'm scared to death i'll suffer the same fate b/c my med