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Is lice shampoo safe to leave overnight?

Is lindane lotion for scabies treatment safe to use?

Is permetherin avaiable over-the-counter ? Looking for over-the-counter treatments for scabies.

Is permethrin cream prescribed for any conditions besides scabies?

Is permethrin safe for a 6 year old?

Is there a way to cure scabies without cream?

Is there an over-the-counter equivalent to elimite or acticin (permethrin)?

My gp diagnosed me with scabies and prescribed lindane lotion i followed the directions for use of lindane lotion but it is 3 weeks later and I am still itching in places. How long will this go on?

My housemate has scabies and has been using a cream for a week now. We washed our clothes separately + dried them together, cud i now get scabies?

My son has scabies. Now i'm itchy. I'm 12weeks pregnant. Is it safe to use his permethrin cream?

My whole body is itching from the pubic lice. I've tried lyclear dermal and derbac m lotion.They failed.

Once permethrin is applied, how long is it before treatment?

Permethrin cream uses for sea lice?

Permethrin cream will it kill ring worm?

Permethrin failed 4 times. Took first dose of Ivermectin 2 days ago. Still feeling crawling sensation on skin. Normal? Or sign of Ivermectin failure?

Permethrin kwell (lindane) lotion how many time apply in 1 day?

Please tell me, could fuicide cream remove scabies?

Pregnant 5 months with head lice. Can use anti-lice lotion or shampoo contain ingredients permethrin 1% w/w or Dimethicone or benzyl benzoate 25% w/v?

Scabies medication applied, am i still contagious?

Scabies. We have all applied Perm. When do i wash bedding/clothes? Before or after I apply the cream? After I wake up and before I wash it off?

Should i be getting new bumps after elimite (permethrin) use?

Used permethrin for 2nd time last sunday. Really really itchy now. Moreso in my groin than before applying. Reinfestation or post scabies?

Were on third treatment of scabies after a yr of dealing with it. I've washed clothing and sprayed. Am i doing something wrong?

What are some contraindications of lindane?

What are some contraindications of permethrin?

What are some house hold, OTC remedies for contact dermitius?

What are some over-the-counter scabies mites killers?

What are the best over-the counter products to kill lice?

What are the differences between pyrethrin and permethrin?

What can I spray on my mattress to kill scabies?

What do I have to do with headlice when it's not removed using kwell (lindane) shampoo?

What do I use to kill scabies?

What is lindane lotion usually used for?

What is lindane shampoo usually used for?

What is permethrin cream usually used for?

What is the best lice treatment at the drugstore?

What is the healing process after having premethrin scabies treatment?

What is the over-the-counter equivalent to stuff like elimite or acticin (permethrin)?

What is the typical dosage of lindane lotion?

What product can be used to treat scabies and / or body lice on skin?

What should I do if I overdose on lindane lotion?

What to do if I overdose on permethrin lotion?

What to do if I overdose on pyrethrin cream?

What will get rid of scabies we have used malathion and permethrinand even bathing in epsom salt we have had wht the drs say is scabies for months help please?

What would happen if I used the lice shampoo more than the recommended once a week?

What's the best spray for things that you can't wash with scabies?

When should a second treatment of NIX (permethrin) be done to ensure all lice is dead? 7?8?or 9 days after the first treatment. Please help

Who shouldn't use lindane shampoo or lindane lotion?

Why does a person have to wait at least 7 days before using permethrin cream second time?

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Will allstop medicated scabies spray work?

Will mitactin kill scabies?

Will my doctor prescribe medicine for all household members if I have scabies?

Will permethrin cream help with cellulitis?

Will rid lice treatment (pyrethins and piperonyl butoxide) treat scabies?