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Acticin (permethrin) for acne?

After the application of permethrin cream, can I bath normally for the 2 weeks before the second treatment?

After treating scabies with first dose of permethrin is it ok to still be itchy? Especially at night? Granted it's not as bad as before.

After using elimite (permethrin) how long before scabies goes away? How do you know if new ones will form?

After using permethrin cream for crabs do the dead nits have to be removed or do they just fall off?

After you use permethrin, is scabies still contagious?

Am i suppose to keep applying premethrin cream to my scabies everyday or just one time?

Any solution for scabies during pregnancy..

Are elimite and acticin (permethrin) available over-the-counter treatments?

Are lice shampoos potentially hazardous?

Are there any OTC scabies mites killers?

Best soap for bathing to get rid of scabies in India?

Can a permethrin 1% solution beeffective against scabies?

Can detergents kill bedbugs and lice?

Can i apply eurax (crotamiton) on my 5 month old baby?

Can i keep nix (permethrin) lice treatment on overnight?

Can lice shampoo kill scabies? Also is it possible to get new breakouts from scabies after treating with permethrine even if you were successful?

Can use permethrin twice in three days?

Can you develop new bites after using elimite (permethrin)?

Can you get elimite (permethrin) over the counter?

Can you put on scabies medication 2 days in a row?

Can you tell me if i could take a bath in boric acid to kill scabies?

Can you tell me if i could use scabies treatment to kill head lice?

Can you use kwell (lindane) on ears that's infested with mites?

Can you use permethrin cream 5% on your scalp?

Can you use permethrin more than twice?

Can you use Sklice (ivermectin) for scabies, even though it seems like a med for lice? How much is safe to use on the body? Do I have to discard tube?

Carli is a 2 month old infected with scabies I took her to the doctors they prescribed her with medicated lotion but where do I apply it?

Could fuicide cream remove scabies?

Could I have HIV from using someone elses nix (permethrin) pencil?

Dangers of using permethrin cream repeatedly?

Dermatologist gave us ivermectin & permethrin for scabies. Do we need to use the permethrin twice, or was the one time enough?

Diagnosed with scabies & told to do permethrin 2x, a week in between. I was not able to do 2nd dose until 10 days after 1st. Will that effect cure?

Do all mites die after you rinse permethrin cream?

Do household cleaners kill scabies?

Does nix (permethrin) lice lotion kill scabies?

Does permethrin work after the first use or second use for scabies? Does it work if you do not have a rash yet?

Does the eurax (crotamiton) cream cure scabies?

Dose having a sunbed kill scabies?

Eurax (crotamiton) lotion was applied 2x a day for 3 days to my son 1 yr and 2 months old. Was the application toxic for him?

Good idea to use borax bath to cure scabies?

Hello, i was diagnosed with scabies a few days ago..I would like to know if after the first application of the elimite (permethrin) if i can be around people?

Hi - I m pretty sure I have lice, but my apartment also has fleas. Will Nix (1% permethrin) kill both these pests?

How can I kill scabies in my home?

How do you kill scabies in your home, and what are some remedies for itching?

How effective is nix (permethrin)?

How effective is tetmosol soap in curing scabies?

How long after using permethrin am i not contagious?

How long after using permethrin do scabies stop itching?

How long do I keep the permethrin 5% cream of if i put it on during the day ?

How long does it take for scabies to go away after permethrin cream?

How long does it take for scabies to go away after the elimite (permethrin)?

How long does Ivermectin stay in your system to fight scabies? Can I use Tea Tree Oil 24 hrs after taking Ivermectin and topical Permethrin cream?

How long for scabies to go away after permethrin treatment?

How long of lice shampoo use would kill the lice?

How long should I avoid work with scabies ?

How long take elimite (permethrin) to work?

How long will I have to avoid work with scabies?

How many doses of permethrin cream kill scabies?

How many time do you have to be treated for headlice with listerene?

How many times can I use permethrin in a week ?

How many times do I need to apply kwell (lindane) (permethrim) shampoo for lice?

How many times do I need to apply kwell (lindane) shampoo for head lice?

How much time crabs lice at last after used lotion cream twice?

How often after first scabies treatment should you wash laundry?

How often can I use permethrin 5% for scabies??

How often i can repeat the application of permethrin?

How often should you use permethrin 5% cream for scabies?

How quick will premethrin cream kill the scabies?

I am 13 weeks pregnant and I have scabies. Is it okay to use the permethrin 5% cream my doctor prescribed me?

I am black and have lice, i used a treatment but will a relaxer kill any remaining lice?

I am taking ivermectin and applying crotamiton cream on my whole body to cure scabies. When can I drink alcohol after taking the ivermectin?

I am using a natural lice treatment called lice blaster on my 5 yr old is this ok to leave on overnight?

I bought some Nix (permethrin) Cream Rinse with 1% Permethrin. How long do I need to keep it on my skin to treat scabies? Or is it strong enough to kill them?

I can't seem to kill off the lice, should I try prescribed malathion lotion?

I had scabies. I used many times permethrin cream and lindane lotion. Now i don't feel ithing just i feel they crawing in my body.Is it normal?

I had scabies. I used permethrin and lindane. But now i feel they crawing in my body. Is it normal?

I had/have scabies and have used kwellada-p twice now. I'm not sure it's working. Is there something else i can use?

I have no antihistamine at home or lyclear cream to use for my scabies i'm so itchy. What do I have to do to prevent it?

I have recently been diagnosed of having scabies. I used one application of permetherin 5% cream. Will it cause cancer?

I have scabies and I just washed off permethrin. Will I have cure soon?

I just found out I have scabies and I have the cream for it when will it go away ?

I may have mites infestation am 5 months pregnant. What can I do can I shower with sulphur soap is it safe I'm out of options please help :(?

I treated scabies with permethrin over 24 hours ago but still have bites coming through, what to do?

I used Kwell (lindane) Sampoo (Permethrin) last month and repeat again today because there are still lice and nits. When will I again apply the shampoo?

I was diagnosed scabies for 10 days now, applied twice permethrine 5%, pumps still come out every day, now cover my whole body, itching is it normal?

I was thinking of using Lindane for pubic lice its not recommed for people with epilepsy like myself.its it affective.permethrin and lotion failed.

I'm black and have lice. Have used a treatment but will a relaxer kill any remaining lice?

I'm using eurax (crotamiton) for scabies, when do I stop?

I'm using eurax (crotamiton) for scabies, when do I wash clothes & bedding?

If I use the elimite (permethrin) cream on my child, how long before she is no longer contagious?

If permethrin cream that rubbed off on my jeans be rendered ineffective?

If you use permethrin on scabie nodules will it make them go away?

Is borax safe to bathe in for scabies?

Is elimite (permethrin) available over-the-counter for scabies?

Is it possible for me to apply permethrin cream everyday until scabies is gone?

Is it safe to treat lice every few days for weeks on end?

Is it safe to use kwell (lindane) shampoo?

Is it safe to use rid lice killing shampoo and gel while 8 weeks pregnant?

Is it true that benzyl benzoate treats scabies?