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8 yo daughter has pimples on face n blacheads on chin. Tried washn face with dial, alcohol, face cleansers, warm compress. Saw dr no help what to do?

A lot of dead skin on face and its oily and dirty spots what kind of product to use to clean it I don't wear foundation or makeup face nvr expose 2sun

After I wash my face with any or a particular face wash, it causes over dryness. What is the cause and prevention tips for this?

All face washes make me break out, even cetaphil. When i used to just rinse my face w water i never broke out. For some ppl is not washing face better?

Allergic to BP, face so sensitive it cannot tolerate any topicals even gentle moisturizer. Wash face 2x day. What else can you suggest 4 my acne?Time?

Any suggestions on a great face mask that I can leave on over night to clean pores?

Any suggestions on which is more important in fighting acne: the right face wash or moisturizer?

Applying honey to myface morning&night daily . washing face 15-20mins after application.what's the benefit of doing so and is it a good procedure?

Applying raw milk on face helps in prevention of acne???

Are baby wipes good to wash your face with when you have acne breakouts?

Are facial cleansing devices such as the clarisonic good for your skin or too abrasive?

Best Scrub or cleanser for White head ?

Can a cold sore spread if I wash my face? I get one on the columella of my nose. If I shower/wash my face, will it spread by water?

Can an astrigent be used instead of a toner on your face?

Can i apply retin-a on an unwashed face at night? Will it be less effective?

Can I apply vaseline onto my baby's face?

Can i mixed facescrub and facewash together for my facial wash? I mean during night i used facescrub and during morning i used facewash.

Can i put doxycycline in facial cleanser?

Can I use a carebet clin cream daily on face.Does it cause facial hairs?

Can i use apple cider vinegar for face wash and a toner? Nothing else? It's tough to find face wash or toners that don't have a million ingredients.

Can I use diluted Dettol(antiseptic) on my face to get rid of acne?

Can I use evion cream on face daily? Does it cause facial hairs on face

Can I use face wash after using cleansing milk on my face?

Can I use mild bar soap on my face while on accutane?

Can I use panthenol as a mosturizer on my face while having acne ?

Can I use papaya soap to wash my face then use my retin a (tretinoin) after? Or it will just make my skin worst?

Can I use rose water after washing face at night time.. I have mild acne & oily skin... Yes or no?

Can I use water only to clean my face? If not, what is a good way if I have very dry skin?

Can talkum powder reduce oily face?

Can washing face with coconut water cause acne?

Can we use keep lemone to face to reduce pimples over night?

Can you let me know how many times should a person wash his/her face a day if he/she has acne-prone skin?

Can you make all your own products for your face like masks, cleansers, moisturizers?

Can you suggest some good mild soap for oily face/face discoloration?

Can you tell me are cleansers & face wash the same thing?

Can you tell me what could I use on my face to keep it from drying up..?

Can you use ketoconazole on face before facial?

Can you use some hibiclens as a acne face wash?

Compared to each other, would you recommend a 3 step process face wash with benzyl peroxide or a face wash with benzyl peroxide that is just one step?

Comparing face wash, cream cleanser, or cold creams, which won't harm my facial skin down the road?

Could antibacterial body wash be causing more acne on the face?

Could I skip washing my face in the morning and just use water to just? washing it with a cleanser at night

Could i wash my face with contacts on?

Could it be alright to wash your face with sun poisoning?

Could it be healthy to wash my face three times in one day?

Could use your help docs! my face is oily and very tired, very acne and pigment in my face, how can I clean at home?

Could using a face wash w/triclosan in it for many years cause nasal tumor(from accidental flushing of soap in nose etc)?would more ppl have if so?

Could you apply acne moisturizer on your whole face?

Could you please recommend a specific face wash for someone with Rosacea?

Currently using cetaphil as my facial wash. It makes my skin soft but i need something that cleans my pores better. What's a good facial scrub ?

Do abrasive face cleaners help or worsen acne?

Do feminine washes damage the skin down there?

Do i put face lotion, sunscreen, then my makeup, or sunscreen, face lotion, makeup. What is the best face regimen for a very sensitive skin woman?

Do I use facial wipes before getting right in shower and applying my facial cleanser? Example: clean face with wipes then Get in shower and use "FC"?

Do you think it could be safe to use clearasil (benzoyl peroxide) face wash to clean my teeth?

Doctor says, superficial face wound, wash face with soap in morning, let it dry, apply antibiotic oinment at night, how long do I need to do this?

Does anyone know of a good milk based face wash for roscea rash?

Does applying baby powder to your face to prevent oily shine cause any acne problems?

Does baby soap produce blackheads on my face?

Does clean start face wash work to remove acne scars?

Does drinking water have any benefit to the skin on the face?

Does master facial wash or vaseline facial wash for men effective?

Does pond's clear solution facial scrub cause pimples? Please, need some answers?

Does scrubbing with a washcloth safely remove dry skin off the face?

Does the face need to be moisturized everyday?

Does washing your face/body with water 5 times/more a day cause dry skin?

Does water have specific skin benefits such as the face ? And if so what are they

Dry peely skin on face. Is it good to exfoliate? How about a face cleansing brush such as clarisonic?

Each time I use a face wash, my skin burns after rinsing. Why?

For better facial skin, should I wash with water only or use a face wash with ingredients like salicylic acid?

For some people does not washing your face keep it clear and face washes give you acne?

Having neck lift. Hibiclens, phisoderm, dial recommended for hair/face was. Hibiclens says not above neck. Which other better ?

Hello docs. I was wondering can we wash facial scab with mild soap?

Hello Sir: I am using dettol soup for washing my face twice a day because my face is oily and having acne.Dettol makes it dry.Is it harmful for skin?

Help can biotin cause your face to flush?

Hey docs, just wanted to know if I could wash my face with mouthwash?

Hi i use a lot of cream and face wash but my acne is not going please tell me some thing?

Hi doctor my I have acane on my face please tell me its solution?

Hi doctors. I have a question? Is cetaphil facial wash good for all skin type? Im asking this coz I have an oily face. What soap can u recommend?

Hi, Am from india, My face is darker than my body. can you please tell me what to do?. I use only Garnier men's facewash and talcum powder after wash.

How can I avoid a green face after shaving?

How can I cover up my pimples without using makeup?

How can I get rid of oily skin? I can wash my face and within a hour or two its like i dipped my face in oil

How can I manage excessively oily face?

How can we clean our face?

How do I find a good routine for cleaning my face? I have acne but i think I have dry skin.

How do I get rid of oily skin? (face) I wash my face with a mild cleaner 2 or 3 times a day and use tretinoin .1 for ance but it was oily before

How do I not get zits? I've used nutregena oil free face wash so far and micro scrub

How do I use coconut water on my face?

How long do I need to leave clindamycin gel on my face (for mild acne)? Can i wash it off after 15 minutes, for example, before applying makeup?

How long have to use benzoyl peroxide to get a clean face?

How long should I have benzacline on my face?

How long should I wait for applying the gel and moisturizer after wash my face and what water should I use for ?

How many times a day should you, wash your face? And should you wash your face with cold, warm, or hot water?

How many times a girl needs to wash her face in a day?

How many times a week should I do a face scrub ? Got the St.ives invigorating scrub and just wondering how often I should use it.

How much should you wash your face per day?

How often should I use oats on my face for a wash or exfoliate. Every 2 days?

How often should we exfoliate our face and body?

How often should you wash and exfoliate your face?