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My whole body is itchy no matter what. I have used aveeno (oatmeal) lotion many times daily and i still itch everywhere. My skin is soft, not dry. Relief?

Would zInc and and castor oil help as a barrier to prevent a rash from swimming pool chemicals such as bromide?

4 month old with dry, red skin on checks & forehead. What's the best lotion to use on him.

40yr,f, face keeps breaking out even w/ cleaning in am and pm and moisterizing.  I do have oily skin but skin has been worse than usual. What gives?

After i've rubbed in d moisturizer, my body still feel oily. Has it not been absorbed or simply d nature of d product? I don't use a lot

After shaving my head with a razor then going outside without my hat, can cetaphil moisturizing lotion protect my shaved head from sun?

After using medicated shampoo my skin throughtout my body has become somewhat wrinkly, red, irritated. I apply so much moisturizer but nothing helps?!

Any moisturizer i put on my skin makes it flush and stay red.. Even organic natural oils like cocoanut.. My dry skin = break outs. Suggestions?

Any oil to be applied for 4 yr old kid who has dry skin problem?

Are bubble baths okay for a child with sensitive skin?

Are oil or water based ointments better for really dry skin?

Are oils, creams or lotions best for extremely dry facial skin? Thank you.

Are there any products I should avoid while I have eczema patches on my hands?

As soon as i apply any kind of moisturizer or lotion on my face, i start sweating and the lotion melts away. What do you suggest i do?

Aside from coconut oil, what is the best over-the-counter lotion or eye cream for eczema around the eyes?

Bad eczema and really bad dry skin, what do you recommend for lotions? That won't sting when I use it?

Best soap for anti fungles in india please told for best care for skin?

Can i wash, dry, then apply pure cornstarch to my baby's neck to help with rash?

Can alcohol or toners irritate a person with the skin condition called atopic dermatitis ?

Can calamine lotion i.P use under of 1 year baby girl for skin problem?

Can daily cold showers help reduce skin redness over time?

Can dry skin mimic scabies & cause occasional vesicles? I don't drink much water and take daily hot showers. Using lotions or aloe daily helps a bit?

Can frequent use of harsh cleaning chemicals cause skin damage?

Can I apply body lotion/ moisturizer if I have a boil on a particular body part? The lotion will be applied on the same body part. How to do it safely

Can I apply jojoba oil on penis to make the skin smooth and moisturize? if not, then can anyone apply any other creams on genitals?

Can i apply vaseline/petroleum jelly on my scalp? I've scratched and irritated my scalp and when i wash it, it burns cus i probably broke some skin.

Can i break out in hives from using a body wash that is hypoallergenic?

Can I just use sunflower or olive oil if I am sensitive to fragrance and chemicals in products for dry skin or atopic dermatitis?

Can I mix skin lite cream with my lotion & apply it on my body at night? Is there any problem with that?

Can i put baby powder on skin which was affected by irritant dermatitis-not dry anymore.dont itch but still red-will powder minimize redness n fade it?

Can i put cetaphil baby lotion my 1yr-old son's skin that has HFMD? We use aveeno shampoo and wash and I noticed without putting lotion, his skin is drying

Can I spray thermal water on my face bef. Applying sunscreen??

Can i still use the vinegar for bathing even if my derma give me a lotion?does the larvae can still penetrate to the skin?

Can I use an OTC 1% hydrocortisone cream on facial irritation and excessive dryness caused by reaction to fabric softener in towel?

Can I use aquaphor on pink skin after scab falls off? Really sensitive skin.

Can I use aveeno (oatmeal) baby moisture cream on my dry, itchy scalp? My scalp is dry from using dr.Bronners soap.

Can I use aveeno (oatmeal) moisturising lotion on my scalp for eczema. Will it clog my pores? Mixed it with raw honey. It worked!

Can I use baking soda to dry up the blisters from shingles?

Can i use Dexamethasone Neomycin for itching of skin between scrotum and anus and scrotum skin?Skin become dry after using soap.

Can i use dial soap on an infected patch of skin near my mouth?

Can I use dove beauty bar on accutane? I've used the gentle cetaphil & hydrating cerave but i feel like they don't clean well enough for me

Can I use mupirocin ointment for severe dry skin on my face?

Can I use nivea lotion on my sun blisters? They barely appeared.

Can I use oil free acne wash with vaseline as a monisrizer my skin is so dry coz of using the free oil-washer ?

Can I use powders and drying agents on my skin to prevent fungal infections?

Can I use pure vinegar to cure skin rash ?

Can I use skin so soft on my baby's head/face? If not what are some other mosquito repellent options?

Can I use something like a body wash with oatmeal in it to help wit the seborrheric eczema? ?

Can iodine alcohol irritate skin?

Can irritating dermatitis occur on scalp?? After applying so much water

Can Marigold cream(Calendula officinalis) help much in healing rough dry red skin after irritant dermatitis?can i combine it with another moisturizer?

Can moisturizing a tattoo once a day cause it to get use to such treatment & then when you forget to moisturize it will it look dry?

Can niosalic ointment be used for leathery(scales type) dry skin patch with a crack?

Can skin-on-skin contact help with breastfeeding?

Can there be any kind of bubble bath soap that won't affect rashes or sensitive skin?

Can too much lotion be bad for you skin?

Can water cause irritating dermatitis on scalp?

Can we use betadine scrub on rashes of scalp?

Can you apply some baby oil after applying betaderm to the scalp to prevent dryness?

CAn you put coco butter on your vagina for dry skin down there to get rid of itching?

Can you tell me how to keep your skin silky smooth after you take a bath?

Can you use lemon and salt as a scrub for your body , legs , bikini area ? Are there any safe homemade scrubs that are good for your skin ?

Can you use sea salt on seborrheic keratosis?

Could baby powder help prevent a rash as it keeps the skin dry?

Could i be getting more rough skin after using clearsil?

Could razor not drying off completely in the shower cause ringworms?

Derm--tell me how to use rose water on my skin?

Dermatographism. What should I do? What should I use in my skin? Should i be worried?

Dermatologists: are serums a good hydrating moisturizer, or are creams better? Looking for an intense moisturizer for eye area.

Do I need to throw away my personal care items after a breakout of cold sore like shampoo, soap, lotions, chapstick etc?

Do I use Vaseline/Aquaphor for skin after intense Derma rolling?

Do you have to wash all Aquaphor lotion or any lotion off hands before eating with hands? Product says call poison control if consumed.

Doctor suggested cetaphil for prirutis ani. Is this gentle enough for that area? Water doesn't seem to clean well enough.

Does a hot wetcloth and witch hazel clear up your skin?

Does amlactin XL help reduce skin dryness?

Does appling moistrizer bad for oily skin?

Does oatmeal bath stuff really help dry skin?

Does oatmeal bath stuff really help your skin, or is it a myth?

Does peppermint soap help clear skin?

Does putting body lotion on a dry penis cause any pimples or acne of any kind?

Does sperm contains protein which if applied to the face has the same anti-wrinkle benefits as moisturising creams.Does the white stuff tightens skin?

Does the body get calories from hand/body lotions that are rubbed on the skin? Specifically lotions with different oils in them?

Does the irritation from chopping onions and applying skin products with mint cause harm to the eye?

Does the use of daily moisturizing lotion on the forehead help prevent wrinkles from forming?

Does weather/climate plays a part on the eczema? What type of moisturiser/lotion is suitable?

Dry itchy skin on both of my shoulders about 2inch, what should I due? I don't have medical. Any natural products I could use?Could putting aloe help?

Dry skin on penis use baby oil?

Dry, cracked and sore skin on my hands from using antibacterial gel, I have stopped using it. Best way to heal them? Is Petroleum Jelly safe?

Extremely sensitive and dry skin. Can shave only once a week. Is there some safe steroid cream i can use to shave everyday. Had atopic dermatitis. Thx?

Few years have worsening dry skin, all year long. My face often has peeling skin on my cheeks, & I use lots of ceramide based lotion. What could it be?

For dry skin would you recommend a lotion or say cerave moisturising cream? I heard thick creams are better. However hard to use all over every night

For how long should I keep the candid b lotion on my scalp before washing?

For ichy skin what is the best soap for pregnant?

Have dry scalp that can peel in big flakes.Wash hair everyday bad? Would putting lotion on be good? What to use to get rid of this?

Have sort of sensitive skin. Never put creams on my face. I use Dove sensitive bar it. But have few pimples show up often. Pls give advice! ?

Heat rash under bra. Can I dry it out with rubbing alcohol? Creams don't work. Bath with baking soda is awesome but I can't live in my tub.

Hello - How should I treat razor bumps that have emerged 1-2 days after shaving my legs? It looks like I have pox everywhere! I'm using Hibicleans to wash them and the applying Vanicream moisturizer and a combo of Tend Skin and polysporin ointment now. (I

Hello docs. I was wondering can we apply nivea lip gel for the dry skin on penis?

Hello doctor, my skin is so sensitive and dry, itried to use agood moisture and daily scrub, but actully it didn't work, icant choose the suitable cream?

Hello, Before I go to bed, I apply cold water to my shaved head. Is it okay to use cetaphil moisturizing lotion after wards ?