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2 years ago I stopped using hair removal cream as it had made my top lip dark. It's still visible. What can solve this? Will bleaching cream help? Or sugar and lemon juice?

5 week old has 3 small strawberry heamogenia birthmarks. Was told i could use hydrocortisone cream to help them fade by ped. Does this really help?

After the black eyes, im in the fourth month and there is still dark discoloration there, im using hirudoid cream, but is not working, what i do?

After using a tretinoin cream 0.05% for over a year (almost every night+sunscreen every day), my face is now yellowish/brownish. Will it fade away?

Age27, got pimples, dark spots.Applying deriva-cms cream.But not so much effective.What should I do for dark spots? Is suitable laser treatment?

All the creams and ointments have gotten rid of the red scales but leaves a bunch of white spots. will self tanning lotions cover them?

Am an african girl.Would like to have an even skin tone.Are skin lightening creams safe which do not hav mercury or hydroquinine.An suggestions?

Any good green concealers i can pick up to hide uneven skintone and some red scars from acne ? Like from walgreens or cvs ? Im a guy if thats ok

Any one know how to get rid off brown patches on the face without using a chemical like hydroquinone?

Any other remedy for an old bleach burn PIH apart from hydroquinone for a beige skin Indian? Thank you.

Any products you would recommenfd to use on not so severe hyperpigmentation and freckles or age spots that just wont go away?

Any safe creams to lighten my dark areas like the bottoms?Just an even skin tone

Any whitening cream for dark pubic area ??

Anything I can do to reduce hyperpigmentation on pregnant face?

Anything I can do to remove redness from using retin a (tretinoin) and hydroquinone I think I used too much hydroquinone yesterday now my skin is really red?

Are there any laser skin treatments for age spots? I'm looking for a way to get rid of the dark spots on my face for good. I stay out of the sun and exfoliate regularly, but nothing seems to help. I don't want a temporary solution. Would laser skin treatm

Are there any legitimate dermatologist approved dark spot correctors i can purchase?

Are there any OTC hydroquinone products that i can use to get back my natural skin color after years of a lot of sun exposure?

Are there any over-the-counter products proven to remove dark skin spots on face legs and arms?

Are there any remedies like a cream I can buy at the pharmacy for fast results for lightening skin?

Baby facial skin is lightened due to use of Fucidin 2% cream & Hydrocortisone Acet 1% for one week use. Will her tan skin colour come back?

Baby facial skin was lighted from a week use of Fucidin 2% cream & Hydrocortisone Acet 1%. Will her normal tan skin colour come back?

Been using Retin A (tretinoin) for months, dark spots are still there and fine lines and wrinkles are worse. Why? How can i fix my skin back to yhe way it was. Ty

Best cream to remove brown spots on face? I had them zapped 5 years ago and it's back? Its so sensitive after that I don't want to do it again.Thanks

Black elbows I have black elbows .The skin around my elbows are dark/black. I soak with lemon juice i then exfoliate with a sugar scrub wash again with oatmeal soap and add cocoa butter with vitamin E \ I do this twice a day.One elbow lightened and the

Black male, 26, wiped 2 hard under eyes while washing his face, left dark skin under eye. Will light use of HydroQ. 4% & Tretinoin hurt? Ochronosis?

Black woman w/ dark pigment in nasolabial folds from a product. How can I get rid of this? Will if fade overtime? NO HQ please.

Blackheads or black pigmentations have been showing up on my lips. What are my options to remove them? What can I do to prevent more?

Broke out in loads of spots after glycolic peel is this normal? I did have lots of spots under skin beforehand

Brown skin color. 5 on a scale of 6. I have 2, 3 inch spot of hyperpigmentation from 10yr ago from using epila laser. How do i reverse it?

C radiance peel hi i wanted to know if its safe for me to use c radian peel while im breast feeding? Also rapid age spot&pigment light cream

Can hydroquinone and benzoyl when used together stain your skin? If so what could you do to get rid of it or is it permanent? The stain is brown/pink

Can aloevera gel be used to remove skin brown spots? Need expert opinions!

Can anybody tell why lips is getting dark day by day, is there any cream or gel which i can use bring my lips in normal color??

Can Benzac (benzoyl peroxide) 5% temporarily bleach some parts of the skin ? I've had a white/beige spot on my face for the past 2 weeks or so

Can benzoil peraoxide be used to remove ance black spot?

Can glycolic acid stregth 50% get rid of fine lines under the eyes?

Can I use a dark spot corrector while breastfeeding?

Can i use a evion cream for my acen black marks?

Can I use a Noxzema mask for sunburn/red spots/acne?

Can I use adaplene in the morning and triacneal at night for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and red marks ?

Can I use baking powder on dark scars caused due to acid (salicylic & phenol) burn on my skin? There is round black scar on my face.

Can I use betnovate-n cream to treat dark knuckles and pimple marks?? My skin type is normal and I don't have any skin allergies.

Can I use clindamycin phosphate lotion for dark spots on my face?

Can I use clotrimazole cream on my FACE to fade away hyperpigmentation (red and brown spots) caused after folliculitis ??

Can I use honey to lighten my eye color? If not, are there any non surgical ways to lighten and brighten my eye color?

Can I use hydrocortisone cream 1% and fading cream2% to lighten dark scars on my back and legs. Please note i'm an african american female.

Can I use hydrocotisone to get rid of axilla dark brown rash?

Can I use hydroquine for my dark spots?

Can I use hydroquinone for bleach dark underarms?

Can i use my mac cosmetics concealer to cover a few acne n blemish spots? Is it safe for my baby? Im 35 weeks pregnant.

Can I use Proactiv dark spot corrector while pregnant?

Can I use retin a (tretinoin) on my skin to remove dark spots , and if i can which type I use ?

Can i use vitamin E oil on my skin to get rid of upper lip dark shadow?

Can ihave a name of a cream not what is added in it,want to know an actually name of cream that remove upper lip dark shadow it's my skin not hair!!

Can ponds flawless white day creme cause acne to appear? I already have acne, don't want to have more.. Im using it to reduce dark spots

Can you fade age spots by using a laser light?

Can you please suggest me a good day cream for dry skins (men)? My skin gets itchy after shaving n i'v also some acne and dark circles.Thank you

Can you suggest me a good cream to remove pigmentation on my cheeks . I am from india .

Can you tell me if i only use hydroquinone on my back, will i be safe from it darkening?

Can you use honey to lighten your eye color?

Could applying only turmeric and water mixture make my skin dark or can it be used to become fair?

Could I use alpha hydroxy lotions and hydroquinone on black on brown spots on skin to lessen color? Does application of these cause more sensitivity

Could ochronosis only occur where you put hydroquinone?

Could the cream garnier white complete decrease pimples and spots or would it increase them?

Could there be a cream i can buy for flat birthmarks?

Could using ponds white beauty spotless lightening cream cause pimples?

Creams and ointments have gotten rid of the red scales, but leaves a bunch of white spots. Will self tanning lotions cover them?

Darkness around mouth.Please tell me the best product for Asian skin.Have tried so many home remedies?

Do a derma know how to lighten dark pigment on smile/laugh line without using hydroquinone? Can they only focus on problem areas & not whole face?

Do you advise to use bleaching creams to treat dark red spots from acne while on accutane?

Do you think I can go out normally during the day while using Mederma on a pimple dark spot?

Do you think using Aloe Vera & Vitamin E cream would be a help? for white spots on my chest and neck?

Doc i m very upset due to my dark complexion.. i don't want to use any cream .. is there any pill to lighten my complexion?

Does betnovate n works on melasma?

Does face laser to remove hair cause discoloration & dark pigmentation to the skin? Does it also cause wrinkles/weakness of the skin? Using since 2004

Does hydrocortisone clear facial sunburn in a black woman?

Does hydroquinone reduce darkness due to jockitch? How much time does it take?

Does retinol cream help dark armpits caused from shaving ?

Does skin lightening cream help fade stretch marks. If so what risks if online. I'm scared of using one that's dangerous?

Does the lightening of skin which is result of depiwhite is permanent? Or goes off when i stop the use of depiwhite ?Thanks a lot

Does the use of hairspray or gel contribute to the creation of red spots/acne on my scalp?

Does the use of topical corticosteroids cause dark spots?

Does the use of tretinoin on the skin cause dark spots?

Does tretinoin cream treatment help to cure sun tan darkness that got formed many years back? If not, what can be used?

Does witch hazel remove dark mark on back of neck?

Dr., I have dark spot scar on my cheeks since 1 month.Even,I had used ab-uv gel on it but not faded. Need your suggestion.

Drs on here told me that I cant do anything to speed up the process of getting rid of dark spots leftover from PR. What about skin bleaching products?

Dull dry aged skin even at 26yrs..pigmentation around mouth and deep lines even i am using sunblock and alinin night cream regularly..kindly help me?

During the pregnancy period some dark.Brown spots appear in my face and i try to use ointment but no useful ..Help me please to remove it .What can I use?

Fading cream called Ambi & it has hydroquinone in it. My face was fine for 4 days then I went outside & I have severe breakouts. What should I do?

For acne and dark spots on the t-zone, what type of cream or moisturizer is recommended?

Gluthatione as a skin lightening agent --- how effective is it. Taking to lighten my dark skin to make vitiligo patches blend better. Noticably light?

Good herbal product for wrinkle and brown spots?

Got a burn on my face month ago from charcoal grill. Using lucoid. What to use to help even skin tone and get rid of dark streak on cheek?

Had a few breakouts on face and chin that left me with dark spots after. Currently using Epiduo for the acne. In need of OTC med to fade dark spots?

Had mild pimples on my face, been using aloe gel but still have red scars and you can see then more as I am fair any suggestions to clear them up?

Have tinea versicolor.i took 400mg itraconazole for 7 days.its been 6+months but hypopigmentation still on myback.will diamondpeel help or tan in sun?

Hello sir I used melas skin whitening cream from last two days and today I got dead layer of skin with redness. What should I do now? I'm so worried.

Hello sir this uday sir I have pimples and black spot's on my face I'm using clinxa gel how it works shell I use that cream are else other ...