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A 4 month baby with G6PD can use calamine lotion or not?

Aside from Cetaphil moisturize, what can I use for my Pityriasis Rosea? My PR is on its healing stage and the doctor only recommended Cetaphil but it'

Best non-steroid product to use on baby to help with severe eczema.

Betnovate Cream for Pimples.... is it fine to use it?

Can Calamine lotion be used for urticaria at children 6m+? Thank doctors.

Can calamine lotion be used on your eyelid?

Can I take an oatmeal bath instead of using anti-itching lotions?

Can I use 1% silver sulfadiazine cream of poison izy rash? If so, do I continue to use calamine lotion?

Can I use alum for pimples?

Can I use aveeno (oatmeal) eczema therapy on face?

Can I use Aveeno (oatmeal) products as after shave for my vagina? I've used aloe Vera cream and no good It's for itching and bumps

Can I use baby powder for my jock itch?

Can I use beauty cream when having a chicken pox? Ex. Olay, ponds

Can i use Belcomin cream for my pimples?

Can i use BP and Calamine lotion on my neck at the same time ? I will apply moisturizer . Is it safe to do so ? My neck have acnes.

Can I use caladryl lotion for infants?

Can I use calamine on sunburn?

Can I use carmex as a moisturiser on allergic dermatitis?

Can I use carmex as a moisturiser on my allergic dermatitis? I am already using an lpc cream but need a moisturiser too.

Can I use cortaid (hydrocortisone) on my vagina?

Can I use desoximetasone cream on sun burn?

Can I use desoximetasone cream on sun poisoning areas?

Can I use fair and lovrly in the morning and cetaphil in night?Please tell me

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Can I use johnsons no rash lotion to masturbate with?

Can I use kojic soap when having a chicken pox?

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Can I use nivea lotion to jack off?

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Can i use peroxide and hydrocortisone oimtment?

Can I use physiogel a.I cream for both body and face ?

Can I use ponds cold cream for perioral dermatitis? Or what should I use to wash and moisturize?

Can I use tgel on my baby she has eczema?

Can I use topicort on my lips.?

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Can there be an eyelid fungus cream safe to use at home?

Can this be use for exzema?

Can vaseline use as face moisturizer ? Has anyone reported allergic reaction to vaseline?

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Can you overdose on calamine lotion?

Can you recommend a good natural treatment for eczema, don't want to use hydrocortisones?

Can you tell me about it's like to use a hydrocortisone pill, spray or lotion for allergies?

Can you tell me how I could use hydroqunone cream.can I use this as it is or mix it with another cream please let me know?

Can you tell me if i could use foot cream on my face?

Can you use ammonium lactate lotion for discoloration under your underarms.

Can you use aquaphor for drye eyes at night?

Can you use benedryl for sunburns?

Can you use cortaid (hydrocortisone) on a burn?

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Can you use permethrin cream 5% on your face?

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Could I use eczema cream for my rash?

Could I use tanning lotions as a normal lotion?

Could use your help docs! my eczema is playing up again, any advice?

Could use your help docs! my eczema is really bad and every cream i try burns or doesn't work, what will work?

Could use your help docs! my eczema is really really bad?

Could using a loofah help with eczema?

Could you use Benadryl (diphenhydramine) itch stopping gel as lubricant to masterbate with?

Dear doctors, i am having hyperpigmentation. Please advice about any lotion or cream which i could use during the daytime. Thank you.

Do creams and moisturizers have chemicals in them? Is it bad to use it?

Do you HAVE to use a shower cap when using fluocinolone acetonide .01% scalp oil?

Do you think I can use calamine lotion like regular lotion?

Do you think it would be alright to mix my regular body wash (dove) with the clobetasol cream to use in shower?

Does anyone use protopic ointment for eczema and other skin conditions? I heard there were some dangers.

Does the aveeno (oatmeal) soothing bath treatment expire I've had it for about 6 years?

Due in 2 weeks is it safe to use hydrocortisone1% cream on skin for pimples?

Eczema on eyelids cause linked to yeast having to use steroid creams but worried as all creams and emollients say don't use on eye is it safe?

Eczema on lips and do not want to use a steroid cream on my face. What should I use?

Friend is continuously having eczema.Is using topical creams & is on cortisones.Is keeing skin moisturised & is not using fragnances.What shud he do!

Gold bond medicated lotion and pregnancy, is it okay to use?

Hi can I use botnovate creme on pimples?

Hi doctor, can I use my moisturizer (QEI+) with my Airol 0.05% lotion. As in, can I use it as my body lotion not mixing it with Airol?

Hi for the last two weeks my testicles have been dry and I just wanted to know if I could use a moisturising cream on them and which one is best?

Hi I have lichen sclerosis and am allergic to lanolin. What can I use as a hydrating barrier between clobetasol applications?

Hi, which is better for my toddler's ecsema; eucerin cream or allergenics ointment? Thanks

Hi! I was wondering if Sudocream allowed for an infant with g6pd? He has ezcema on his face. Is it safe to use Sudocream?

Hi. I have eczema on my hands. Can I use mupirocin 2% , if yes, how many times a day?

How can you use calamine lotion for acne?

How do I taper off use of hydrocortisone for my eczema?

How frequently should I apply calamine lotion if I have chickenpox?

How long can I use hydrocortisone cream on my 9 month old baby's legs?

How long can you use hydrocortisone on face ?

How long can you use protopic for eczema?

How much calamine lotion in a bath for an adult?

How to cure dry heels? I use all kinds of cream even 100% pure petroleum jelly vaseline?

How to use dermadew lotion befor or after bathing?

How to use lanolin corona ointments for babies?

Hydrocortisone cream is over two years out of date still okay to use on eyelid?

I am having an acne prone skin.. What should I use for that purpose.. Lacto calamine or caladryl?

I am pregnant I have 8 weeks . I can use IcyHot medicated patch Menthol 5%?

I am using an emollient cream with borax for my 4yrs old son with mild infantile eczema.Is it harmful if used regularly?

I burned my face with a match (2nd degree). Dermatologist says to use a hydrocortisone+iodoquinol cream; GP says to use Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine). What should I use?