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Hi a daycare used a Mr Clean Magic eraser on my sons leg. It caused a rug burn effect. What kind of cream can I put on it?

100% covered with psoriasis head to toe, we use a 60gram tube of clobetasol. On just one treatment what else can we use that would last longer. HelpP?

13 years of antifungal hasn't worked, recently a local disinfectant (for washing hands) proved very effective but caused inflamation of penis & testis?

2nd degree burn to the face 9 months ago. Used many lotions like desonide .05%. Ect. Still have redness and extremely sensible to the sun. Suggestions?

A man has herpes and at times he uses Aquaphor ointment or tea tree ointment to moisturize (non-outbreak times) can that cause a woman vaginal issues?

After applying broad spectrum spf 46 as my last step, can apply tiny spot on treatment? It's the neutrogena 2 in 1 fight and face gel

After using this cream i felt better. But my groin itching recurred again. I have used 4, 5 tubes. My skin became so delicate at that part. ?

Am I able to use a vaginal machine to work the pelvic muscles even though the tissue recently ripped?I am healing by applying bepanthen

Anyone know the longest lasting cream that can keep my skin soft all day?

Applying steroid cream in genital area affect fertility? I used candiderma many a times. Could it cause infertility in future?

Are antiperspirants safe to use as long as you don't apply them immediately after shaving under your arms?

Are there any creams, oils or anything I can apply to make this keloid shrink and eventually go away?

Are there any side effects if I use steroid creams in scrotum? I use the cream for skin tearing near thigh pelvis joint. Cream legal in my country.

Are there any topical solutions for drop warts? I have one on my neck that rubs on my clothing. I don't have money for removal right now.

Artificial solution for vitiligo on lips (male)?

As i shown to my dermatologist he said its a chemical burn which caused by wax trips ready to use.told to use proceroid d onitment 5 times a day .

Betadine (povidone lodine (etodolac) solution my surgeon gv it to me for cleaning my penis glans n reduce sensitivity m circumcised 12 days ago this lotion work?

Burn after chem peel: raw red tender moist! Applied fucidine + hydrocort 0,1 + cicalfate post-act! now it's dry but darknening! how to avoid PIH????

Burning and drying while using Tretnoin 0.1% will applying a moistruizer after 30 minutes affect Tretnoin in any way? I did not get this answrered.

Can a steroid skin cream can cause psychological or physical harm to a baby?

Can aloe gel from the plant be ingested? I bought an aloe leaf and would like to place the gel on a cut on the inner lip- the part touching the gums.

Can compound w freeze be used on skin tags?

Can diclofenac diethylamine emulsion gel 1% help a little in cases of painful ingrown nail toe ?

Can directly applying more dettol on skin cause cancer?

Can finacea be used on groan area?

Can i apply normal moisturizer cream which is used for normal body parts , for the penis while i'm masturbating or is there any problm if I do ?

Can i inject Benadryl (diphenhydramine) into bug bites with one of those needles diabetic patients use daily? Where can I buy a needle? Would this method soothe itch?

Can i loose facial hair because i´m applying a cream like elidel or zinc pyrithione that got hot yesterday and therefore can be harmful?

Can I mix a pea size amount of hydra cortisone with any cream or serum as to prevent any allergy or irritation?

Can I put or rub alcohol (ethanol) on a mole?

Can I put or rub alcohol (ethanol)on a mole that is still not checked by a doctor ?

Can I use "clotrimazole and betamethasone disproportionate cream , use 1% 10.05% base" on the herpes around the anus? It seems to help me w/ the pain

Can i use a hot tub if i have ring worm? I have put topical antifungal for 4 days

Can I use a small amount of boric acid and plenty of water to create a soak to fight foot fungus? Is it safe? No open wounds just badly damaged nails.

Can I use avon moisture therapy intensive healing & repair extra strength cream both in the morning and before bed?

Can I use avon moisture therapy intensive healing & repair extra strength cream on my face?

Can I use compound w etc to remove a seborrhic keratosis?

Can I use gold bond for my vaginal area?

Can i use hair removale gel or cream on any part of my body like breast, chest , belly ?! is it safe ?

Can I use savlon antiseptic cream for a mild impetigo if I don't have time to see a doctor in the coming days? If yes, how often should I apply it? Should I put a bandage over it as well? If no, any other OTC product you would recommend?

Can I use savlon on my child to treat heat rush?

Can I use silver sulfadiazine on the face? I have a burn on the chin area due to a curling wand.

Can I use triamcinolone acetonide cream USP 0.1% on a open non infected pressure uscler?

Can i wear makeup over radiesse injection sites right away? My skin is not very pretty, so i always wear at least a foundation. I understand the doctor will clean my skin before the injections. Will i be able to reapply my makeup before leaving the offic

Can i wear makeup over radiesse injection sites right away? My skin is not very pretty, so i always wear at least a foundation. I understand the doctor will clean my skin before the injections. Will i be able to reapply my makeup before leaving the offic

Can liquid honey be used to treat skin ulcers on the leg?

Can mupirocin calcium cream 2% be substituted for Bacitracin for skin irritations due to disposable undergarments?

Can nair irritate one area but not another even though the same amount is used?

Can oral providone iodine be used for skin disinfection or is it mouth only ? I have only that and some small wounds to treat.

Can putting OstaDerm hormone cream on your armpits increase it's effect?

Can smearing xylocaine (lidocaine) on the skin can prevent a cut from hurting?

Can testosterone cream be applied to the scrotum to enhance absorption? Will that hurt the testes more than applying a stronger dose on a leg or arm?

Can the shower spray damage my penis nerves when i clean it?

Can topical ointments that have ingredients like green tea, caffine, ginseng and we apply them onto our skin can these ingredients get into bloodstrea?

Can topically applied testosterone cream cause hand pain (palmar aspect)?

Can topically applied testosterone cream produce / create hand pain (palmar aspect)?

Can water be applied during masturbatiion?

Can you apply rubbing alcohol directly to the forehead to reduce headache?

Can you apply turmeric cream to hands and legs to help the appearance?

Can you use a drawing salve on your penis?

Can you use a small amount of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) on the very inside edge of the nostril? Something unknown is causing irritation/itching. I use saline flush.

Candiderma cream applied around inner thighs and genital area externally. It contain steroid. Does it affect fertility?

Cellulitis on nostril treating w Oregano oil. Appeared yesterday. Will topical application work to clear up or do I need to ingest as well ?

Cetaphil dam lotion is preferred to treat neonatal acne and left out white patches... Is this desirable? ?

Continous use of betamethasone propionate ointment due to foot cracks for past 6 yrs.Applied directly to wound.Does it affect male gonads?Pls reply

Could a topical steroid applied to the face decrease inflamation in other areas of the body?

Could cuticle cream be used on your hands?

Could cyriax's friction massage be harmful?

Could i back homemade testosterone gel from scratch?

Could I use my tens unit without applying gel before putting the electrodes?

Could use your help docs! my doctor told me to apply androgel 1% to my enter thigh and the directions say toapply to your arms and shoulders?

Could you apply cavilon cream on a pressure sore area?

Could you please suggest me ay ointments for pigmentation and also is metasone ointment is safe for skin ?

Cream useful toapply for herpis on nose ?

Didnt wear gloves when applying .015% triamcinolone acetonide solution to dogs. Washed hands after. Is there a major cause for concern?

Do body sprays (fragranced ones) harm the skin? Also, does the intimate spray for private areas (women) harm te area & cause skin disorders? Safe? No?

Do I have to constantly apply vaseline and take corticosteroids/antihistamines the rest of my life?

Doc gave me mometasone furoate 0.1% ointment to apply on whole face for 2 days for a skin irritation. Now have dents on my skin in 3 places. Help me!

Doctor prescribd me halox lotion bt i dunno how to use it How many tims in a day It is aplied in particulr area or whole? And hair wash after applyin

Does acne get dry and heal up when we apply saliva on it since it contains lysozyme .what do you think ??????????????

Does applying candiderma cream in the genital area affect ovulation or fertility as it contains steroids? Please reply

Does applying vitaminE and garlic to genital warts remove them? If so how long should I apply it? Please help

Does cream help to tighten vagina if applied , how long ll it take to bring effect ?

Does epiduo pump bottle supposed to burn when you apply it?

Does using a lot of topical steroid cream on my skin increase risk of skin cancer since I'm in the sun a lot?

Dr Ebner, This is Sami, your patient in Isotretinoin - Second month. I used Nair to remove hair in my hands and legs and got some red rashes and breaks, in my hands. Any medicine/lotion I can apply to cure this skin break and rashes?

During summer season my body surfaces which are directly visible to sunlight is foundvery rough.For that I am using halobet ointment.Is it advisable.

Event Moniter for 2 weeks to catch SVT. I'm allergic to the electrodes, is it okay to use steroid cream after showering, before i put it back on?

Ex: face skin compromised, letting yeast come in. Repair skin barrier or use anti-fungal? Two sides to this argument. How would you go about this?

Face burns...I ignorantly used a foot spa device on face. It is used to smooth feet. It's my face is now red and bruised, the spa device normally used for feet is electric and it has different attachments that are like emory boards for the feet. I kno

Fat burning gel and skin firmers are they safe for me with cardiomyopathy and my meds ?

For a small second degree burn that happened 3 hours ago, do I need to put silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) cream on it? Is it available over the counter?

Got chemical burns from cement and i'm now 3 weeks into it..whats best way to treat it now? I'm still using an ointment and guaze plus wrapping them.

Got itching white patch(small) just below my testicles.any medication for it.i've used betaderm ointment.Is it a good practice or i should avoid.

Gyno said I had immature cells around where my hymen used to be. Is there a permanent fix or do I have to use cortizone (hydrocortisone) forever?

Had a cut. Used poison ivy ointment by accident a few times. It's healed over but now looks like poison ivy. 2"x3". Been using over the counter ointm ?

Had a heart cathe done and I was allergic to electrode gel. What can I do to help stop the itching & redness?

Had an reaction to nair leg removal I have used it for years with no problem but been on steroids for 4 weeks is that why ?

Had cut in corner of mouth. Antifungal cream didn't heal. Fusidic acid cream's working (3 days using now). When can I stop using it? Can I kiss my bf?

Hand got crushed by hammer, doctor prescribed silver sulfadiazine cream. Was that right?