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rash/dry skin, itchy around vaginal area-assume from chaffing, . Working in malaysia so it is very hot and always in the sea. What cream should I use?

severe itching x3wks. No rash, bites and previous dry skin now is very moisturized. No meds, started fish oil and lotion for exzema, not helping?

1yr old twins . have blotchy rash. Same soap/lotion since birth. Can they now be allergic now? No food changes. Using hydrocortisone cream

4yr old has pigmentation under her eye.I noticed redness and peeling when using elidel (pimecrolimus). Could she have a vitamin deficiency? Or allergy

About 4 red blotches on my face moustache area. Very dry but red when skin flakes off. Tried infection cream and steroid cream. Did not work. Any idea?

After applying a cream called sensibio forte which I used to apply. I found red rash with papules under my mouth and on my chin .what is that?.

After applying a cream which I used to apply. I found red rash with papules under my mouth & chin .is that an allergic rash or perioral dermatitis?.

Allergic reaction on my face and now I have a dark patches on my face. My doctor gave me Fucidin h and epaderm cream is this the best thing to use?

Allergic reaction to clothing 3 wks ago, skin has red itchy rash. Taking antihistamine and using calamine to calm but its still there and v dry too?

Am having skin i have lots of itching, redness and pimples...Am using eucerin but so far no respite...Do i need some corticosteroid....thx.

Anything I can give baby or do to relieve his itchy skin for now?

Breaking out in rashes after scabies cream treatment ?

Bumps on bottom of arms. Not itchy, pink, all on hands. Went to dermatologist & tried coconut oil, oatmeal lotion, fluocinonide, and aloe vera.

Calamine lotion good for oncoming pimple?

Can 3% hydrogen peroxide alleviate shingles pimply rash?

Can advantan ointment be used for red rash under breasts(probably heat rash as it is not always itchy or spreading)-is it ok to use it on heat rash?

Can drugs containing cortison cause hand skin rash that starts peeling ?

Can hydrocortisone clear up a rash overnight?

Can hydrocortizone 1% cream be applied for fading of non-itchy rash on leg which is pityriasis rosea herald patch, on skin for almost 2 months, ?

Can i apply aloe gel overnight? My fac is kinda itchy maybe because of allergic or sunburn

Can i apply aqueous calamine on my 1 year old baby when he gets urticaria or when he gets heat rash? Need him to stop scratching.

Can i apply calamine lotion for baby under 6m gets eczema? Thanks

Can I apply Icy Hot Cream on my elbow pain while on Accutane? I don't want any skin reactions.

Can i put Butenafine 3 times on ringworm rash on chest-2times a day and 1time atnight?is it harm to apply it 3 times?as only that way itching is less

Can I put neosporin on my entire scalp for broken skin, scalp sores, and scabs? Or does plain vaseline help or hydrocortisone cream?

Can I use 1% hydrocortisone on my 4 month old daughters mild rash?

Can I use a diaper rash cream to relieve anal itching?

Can I use a steroid cream for a swollen bug bite?

Can I use a tinea cream (terbinafine hydrochloride 1%) and Vaseline? Vaseline to stop itching and barrier between my skin and clothes, on torso front.

Can I use benedryl for rash on face?

Can i use clobet gm for the red henna tattoo itching.i did the henna on my hand and now it getting to have tiny scarr and itchy.don't know how to stop?

Can I use clotrimazole cream for itching caused by herpes? I do not have any open sores yet. Just very itchy!

Can I use cortisone for fungal rash?

Can I use cream to lessen the itchy skin due to mosquito bite im 15 weeks pregnant?

Can I use hydrocortisone cream for dermatitis on the eyelid if the skin is cracked open or oozing?

Can I use lactocalamine lotion for keratisis pilaris on my upper arm?

Can I use monstat cream for skin rashes on my belly button and under arm or athletes foot cream is better?

Can I use permethrin on my face. It's itching horribly.

Can I use sophramycin on rashes around anus?

Can my skin go back to normal after dicoloration from using cortizone (hydrocortisone) for long time?

Can saline solution compress help with soothing itching irritation rash due to wrong creams applied on it?was at the doctor

Can u put benedryl itch cream on an 18 month oldd?

Can you please tell me which is the top cream to prevent eczema?

Can you tell me what is the best thing that can relief the itch of an eczema?

Can you use hydrocortisone on your face to treat eczema spots?

Can you use lortrisne cream for itchy dry skin?

Canestan hydrocortisone cream caused me to have a worse nappy rash, what can I do for this?

Chigger bite marks on someone's skin. Is there a precription available to decrease swelling and itching vs. Otc?

Constant itchy skin all over with no visible rash or known allergy. Tried moisturizers, switching detergents and other remedies. Suggestions?

Could cortisone cream for allergies rash used for more than a month in my six year old thighs be the cause of darkening few dark pubic hair?

Could eczema go away with cream?

Could you use hydrocortisone cream for itchy and flaky areola and itchy nipples? I was told it could be a yeast infection. I really need help!

Dark patch under breast fold, no itch, dermatologist prescribed anti fungal cream. Can breast fungus be without itching?

Daughter has an itchy red rash around nose. mupirocin for 10 days and it didn't work. doctor just put her on triamcinolone aceto. It's red! Help?

Daughter has skin colored bumpy itchy rash spreading on body tried betaderm & aquaphor. Not working. Allergy meds don't help either. What could it be?

Dermatologist prescribed hydrocortisone2.5% for rashes,itchy skin on face&apply twice a day for 2weeks. I'm 6weeks pregnant.Is it safe for both of us?

Do numbing creams that dermatologists use make the skin red?

Do red allergic patches on face due to applying topical antibiotic can turn into hyperpigmented areas, ?

Do you need a prescription to get lidex (fluocinonide) for itchy patches on your skin?

Do you recommend eucerin redness relief for red cheeks?

Do you think putting Locoid (hydrocortisone butyrate) Lipocream sparingly on a dry red rash would help get rid of it?

Doc says I have facial eczema, prescribed elidel, (pimecrolimus) using it for 5 months. It is not helping. Red, itchy blotches appear daily. I don't think its eczema?

Does calamine lotion on rashes work to stop the itch?

Does cortaid (hydrocortisone) only work for helping itch or helps getting rid of ashes also?

Does cortaid (hydrocortisone) only work for helping itch or helps getting rid of rashes also?

Does cortaid (hydrocortisone) only work for helping itching or does it help getting rid of rashes also?

Does cortisone, cortaid, (hydrocortisone) or lotrinim work best on getting rid of a armpit rash?

Does tablet sinarest causes any rashes on skin?

Dose Eucerin redness relief help with all kinds of redness on the face?

Dry and flaky rash on buttock thats been around for more than a month. Tried hydrogen peroxide, hydrocortisone and a few other. No cut, same diet.

Dryness on penis, now with redness + pimple like marks and few cuts noticed. Doc said dermatitis so apply cortisoid creams & moisturizor. Not curing.?

Dust mite skin rashes that wont go away, no insurance so i need a strong OTC cream that istopical but i don't know what. I have tried hydrocortisone?

E45 Itch relief cream is the only cream that moisturises and relieves my itchy shins. What can cause a deficiency in Urea in the skin?

Every night i get rashes on my hands, feet, and wrists. I've tried lotion, anti itch creams, and kalomine lotion. Everywhere i go it happens.

Face got really itchy and swollen from a cleanser i used so i took so Benadryl (diphenhydramine) but my face is still dry, should I use calamine lotion or hydrocortisone?

Foot skin rash itchy and spreading between toes, what to do? I have used curash that stops itchiness for a few hours.

For the past few days my left wrist has been very itchy. I have a bad nickel allergy so no jewelry. I tried lotion, Olux, and Cortizone (hydrocortisone) and no relief.

Friend has small pimples in hands & itching.Dr said it was eczema & was on meds.Itching less but pimples there & now drops of fluid from it.Help.

Getting a lot of itchiness of the whole body. Wha'ts the strongest antihistamine and cream to apply?

Getting rid of an allergic rash - is hydrocortisone the best cream?

Given topical steroid for eczema on both wrists. The rash has gotten more red and has slightly spread. It also really burns when I put on the cream.

Got eczema on my neck and arm, is the vanos cream good to cure it?

Had rash applied hydrocortisone lotion 2.5% on body for 5 days 4 times daily.Now my skin looks aged is it reversible?

Hallo doc,have been having small rashes on my face for the last 2months and they get itchy at times what can be the cause please ,i don't use creams?

Has had dry, flaky skin on his penis for months. No rashes, bumps, pain or itching. What could it be? Used anti-fungal cream too. Nothing.

Have rosacea, tried metronidazole,, ceraVe, & vani cream. All make skin red, itch, hot, burn, hurt. I see a dermatologist but it's not helpin. :(?

Have this patch of dry skin on my areola. It's flaky and seems wounded. Been there for weeks. What do I do with hydrocortisone cream? I'm 17 Dose pls?

Have Tinea Vesicular-Hands&feet. Using Ketoconazole,Econazole creams for 5wks. I never touch my feet and apply creams w Qtips how r hands blistering?

Hello i have a rash and i don't know what it is and i would like to know if u can tall me if this cream will heal it ?

Hello,can you please look at this.What is it and it is itching.What do I apply?

Hello. I was just wondering if there is a cure for my flaking skin. My forehead skin is always flaking. Used to always use hydrocortisone but no luck?

Help please! could cutemol hurt dermatitis?

Help please? What is the name of the cream to remove the rash?

Help with a small rash on my armpit. Need an OTC cream or something to rid it?

Hi doctor, i had been on roaccutane and steroid pill for 1year and after i stop my skin become so dry red and itchy..I might think like eczema please help?

Hi doctor..I get red rashes on my cheeks daily at I use elomet every night before it good?

Hi my son and I had itching in skin. Dr recommended cream we put at night and wash off. We are fine now but my son continues to itch on his scalp.

Hi, I was wondering if I could use an OTC anti fungal ointment for what I think is atopic eczema on my cheeks and chin. My cheeks get red & super dry.

Hi, the skin around my penis is very peeling and really so itchy with som reddness , is it and STD or not ? Is there any medication or creme to apply.

Hi. I got a lot itching in my scalp can I use Hibiclens ?