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After using retacnyl 0.025-0.05% (tgt w chemical peels) for my acne, my cheeks seem to have a ,shiny, waxy, enlarged pores orange peel texture? im 21

How do I choose a proper moisturizer?

I have a very sensitive skin. DOes drinking estrogen can help improve my skin condition?

`will vinegar be helpful for oily but sensitive skin?

1 of my problems was messing around with different products?Cetaphil is the only thing that doesn't break me out/irritate 2 repair my skin do I continu

15 years young and have excessive amounts of acne on forehead and cheeks. Natural ways to clear up skin?

16 year old girl. How do you pop acne without leaving scars? Also what are the effects of everday makeup on the skin? Skin not dry or oily.

2 months off dairy skin has improved significantly. I suspect dairy allergy. Few breakouts. What can I use to even out skin tone and reduce blemishes?

21 years old female from india.I have oily and very sensitive skin.i react to harsh chemical and have fine line,blackheads.suggest me skin care routin?

21, male. Face reacts to every topical/moisturizer besides zinc and basic face wash.. When should my acne finally stop being stubborn and clear up?

21yr old female fine lines on lower eye lid. Moderate acne pimples, not too oily skinned. What's the best skin care regime/routine? (Prefer organic)

22female oily/sensitive skin.. Mild-moderate acne. I have a few deep scars. How can I make sure it doesn't get deeper and how to banish them?

A good drugstore moisturizer for dry skin that wont clog pores? Trying to save money.

A product called bio-oil, they said for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging&dehydrated skin, how far its write and do you recommend to use it?

About 3 months ago I began washing my face way too much and have been struggling with an overproduction of sebum. How can I make my skin tone normal?

Acne problem.I have oily t zone and dry cheeks .Age 20.?

Acne prone oily skin. Pcod also. Really like wearing make-up! use non-comdogenic and oil free stuff only, but still scared that it might break me out?

Acnil formation on scalp...Oily face....What can be done?

Advice for skin care. I have a sensitive skin and I get acne easily. What things or food do I need to avoid? What is the proper regimen? Or any advice

After Accutane i know ill be afraid of breaking out again?How do I avoid this?Is exfoliating important?How often should one exfoliate for healthy skin

After accutane, can I use facial moisturizers? I am scared that facial moisturizers will stimulate oil glands.

After acne is healed? Whats is a great way to heal or rejuvenate the skin? In diet, products, exfoliation?

After enjoying post Accutane clear skin, I now seem to be having a reaction. Leathery textured skin with visible pores. How long Will this last?

After skin facial, can we still use homemade remedies?

Am from India and I have a oily and dull skin am looking for a fairness and skin whitening creams on medical level which r effective and don't have si?

Any foundation recommendations for eczema-prone skin?

Are facials enough to improve the texture of my skin? What are the differences between chemical peels and medical facials? Does one irritate the skin more, but work better? I'd like to have a smoother feel and appearance of the skin on my nose and around

Are products with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, cholesterol and niacinamide generally helpful for oily, sensitive facial skin Dx seborrheic dermatitis?

Are st. Ives priducts good for the skin?

Are there affordable skin care products that won't cause me to get cancer?

Are there any eczema treatments that i can use to help with oily skin?

Are there any natural remedies for dry, acne prone face?

Are there any over-the-counter products that can minimize the look of large pores?

Are there any products (price doesn't matter) that i could use to even skintone redness and acne scarring on cheeks to get even skin. Im on accutane?

Are there some natural remedies or cures for sunburn that actually work (and are ok on sensitive skin of face)?

At what age does sebum production start to decrease ? I'm a 19 year old female and have extremely oily, acne prone and hypersensitive skin

Benefits of cleansing on daily basis?Benefits of exfoliation twice a week?Skin type: CombinationAge 24

Besides accutane, what is an effective skin care system?

Best cleaning solution for diff type skin: sensitive clear face, insensitive back of neck with acne?

Best defolients for skin? I can't afford a dermatologist i hav bad acne and just want a great OTC brand to get dead skin off top layer of my skin

Best thing you can do for your skin besides sunscreen . Retinoids ?

Can any doc tell me what's the best anti aging skin care product in your opinion?

Can anyone tell me what can I do to stop my skin from being so oily?

Can anyone tell me what can I use to tighten my skin?

Can banana facials make you breakout?

Can dermablend foundation cause acne ? It is made for sensitive skin and severe acne and skin problems

Can I apply serum based on ceramides and toner stem cell after washing my face, while taking accutane? ??

Can I use my skin from the other part of body to replace my acne scar on my face ?

Can I use tazorac (tazarotene) on my penis? I'm wanting to impove my skin and hopefully loosen up some of the skin that is tight from my circumcision . That ok ?

Can liquid foundation cause sensitive skin to breakout?

Can little bit of salicylic acid useful for hyperpigmentation of wounds but not acne? Can it be used for removing some grey areas on face?

Can proactive work for all skin types ?

Can prolonged and heavy use of 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide permanently damage the skin?

Can sensitive skin on my face can be cured?

Can we add clindamycin in moisturiser to maintain clear skin?

Can you suggest a good OTC facial cleanser & moisturizer for african american skin, that is mild enough for a 10 year old? My 10 year old daughter is starting to get acne & I am nervous about what to put on her skin, being that she is still so young. I do

Can you suggest me some good moisturizer for my skin?Tell me the one which I can find in Italy or Pakistan. my skin type is oily

Can you tell me about recs for natural skin care for sensitive, light acne-prone skin?

Can you tell me about the best anti aging skin care product in your opinion ?

Can you tell me how I could make my face look less oliy after using moisturizer?

Can you tell me how to take care of dry and acne prone skin?

Can you tell me if yes then which is best to follow the basic skin care routine - cleansing, toning & moisturising for oily skin?

Can you use vinegar to cure skin blemishes?

Could not afford facials for a couple of years: how does one get old dirt and oil out of the pores in one's skin?

Could you please give me a facial routine which is simply to do every day with simple availble ingredients and products to have a shiny facial skin?

Dear doc, everytime i try to use nivea soft i have a breakout, i have oily combination skin,could it be causing the cause?

Dermatologist question... What are the main basic facial cleansers I need to use..?

Dermatology I use prescription wash, aczone & climacin (?) on face. Is it ok to use skin lotions & when/type, besides spf? I'm 48 fair/sensitive skin. Thx

Despite Keratosis Pilaris (KP), I'm getting a tattoo. Once the tattoo heals, will exfoliation (loofah/body scrub/AmLactin lotion) harm the tattoo?

Do acne oral medications cause dry and sensitive skin?

Do doctors think using too many facial products only makes the skin so much worse?

Do I have to be seen by a doctor to get rid of acne? My skin is sensitive and I can't use the scrub face wash. I didn't have acne as a teenager.

Do retinoids like tretinoine really work for great skin? Can I use face oils along with the treatment?

Do you know which herbs have great benefits for the skin if you apply them?

Doc, my age is 16years old. my skin face have lot of acnes. i have tried many supplements,skin products. but it won't work on me. what can i do?

Doctor so please guide me a natural way to remove blackheads i have alot of blackheads and my skin is oiy?

Doe all coverups work on rosacea?

Does Accutane make everyone's skin more sensitive in regards to scrubs and skin treatments? I use retin a (tretinoin) on top of the meds and no irritation, no dry

Does acne treatment Proactiv make your skin dry?

Does anyone know of a good skin tightening cream I can pick up in paris?

Does applying alcohol before shaving can help prevent acne? Does that hurt sensitive skin?

Does betnovate-n increase your pimples due to its oily property?

Does blackheads extraction regulary good for the skin ?

Does deligent application of mosturizer on face helps maintain the look of youthfullness for a longer period of time?

Does drinking a lot of water good for your skin, and against acne?

Does my skin pass as pale skin if I use fairness cremes?

Does shaving more often damage/benefit normal facial skin (not dry, not oily, etc)? Is using a depilatory powder a better/worse alternative for men?

Does st. Ives makeup and facial cleanser for all skin types prevent acne? I barely started using it this morning. Will it prevent acne?

Does taking hot showers increase acne and oily skin on face? Is this known to worsen the issue? Are lukewarm showers better?

Does the dryness of my oily skin face as a result of using "benzac AC gel 5%" normal ?

Does tretinoin shrink and effect oil glands similar to Accutane ? Or does it just shed skin ? Also how many time should you wash your face while on i

Does using a facial toner containing vitamin c make your skin super sensitive to the sun?

Dry face 10 yrs, no other symptoms so not psoriasis/eczema. Use Baking soda exfoliation, no other products. Want Retin-A 4 wrinkles. Advisable?

Expert opinions? Which is better, neutrogena skin id or proactive?

For a dermatologist. Can breast milk help with adult acne by using it on the skin?

For a dermatologist. Would you recommend using coconut oil to help clear acne prone skin? Does it help or is that a myth?

For home remedy on my ezcema, I use honey as body cleansing and face cleansing everyday. Will i get diabetic - absorb to my pores ?

For hyperkeratotic skin diseases, which is more better for sensitive skin - lactic acid lotion (lac-hydrin) or urea-based creams?

Hello my self shikha, my age is 24,my skin tone is average even i face so many acne and pimple problem even i want to make my skin fairer so any cream?

Hello, I have alightly oily/combination skin. There are ... Hidden acnes in my skin mostly found on the sides of my noses. How should I treat them?