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19 m over last 3 weeks have had slight double vision when looking at lit lettering (tv) exit sign. Even when both eyes covered. 20/20 vision causes?

19 male. If you cover each eye individually and still see a faint verticle ghost image on both eyes is the monocular or binocular?

23 old male is complaining from a black spot on visual field in one eye, normal mri, normal fundus and normal intracranial pressure. What can be this?

23 y/o have had floaters recently havebig round white ones. Only when I look outside if it's bright. Moves if I look at it. Floaters or flash in eye?

25years old,myopia(-5.00) floaters for 2 years Last 2 months some days I see a green/purple dot for a second and then it goes(once or twice per day)?

64 y.O. Female. With transient 3-5 minutes) vision change: vibrating, black zigzag lines, glowing around periphery of both eyes. Not blurred x 3?

67yo with spot in vision. No flashing or h/a can see peripherally ok. Could this be just a floater. Keep rubbing eye no luck. No pain.

After cataract surgery saw straight line glow from lights in car console, at night, dark. Surg eye only. Concern? Line same angle even moved head.

After exercise I see little black spots like camera flashs in vision against white background, its not floaters. I do get migraines with aura some.

After field exam and tomography i was diagnosed scotoma in the left eye. 2 days ago hardly noticeble things started floating in my eye.Please advise?

After Heart Valve surgery few yrs ago see a small bright spec of light( very rarely )that moves across field of vision why would i need to see ENT?

Any ideas why is it that I have white dancing stars in front of my eyes?

Any reason why I am seeing rainbow halos?

Are a few odd specks in the iris of the eye of any serious concern?

Are floaters seen in the visual field optically reversed? In other words, if I see one coming down from top, is it actually coming up from bottom?

Are lots of black floaters a sign you are going blind, why can I mostly see them only in my left eye? Been seeing them for a year now.

Are severely impaired vision and auditory hallucinations common in migraines? this is n like looking through black film

Are there any conditions other than macular degeneration that cause lines to look wavy in your vision?

At times i see black sgiggle lines in my vision field?

Been experiencing vision problems like halos. What age do cataracts appear?

Been seeing bright flashes or blurred vision/ tiny blind spots that go away. I am going to a neurologist wednesday. Any ideas?

Been to eye doc july(red lines) & oct. (Floaters). Both times eye doc said eyes fine. Now notice at night, I see starburst(the lines) @ street lights ?

Blind spot appeared in vision along with major stress?

Blind spot in center of vision and then patches of prisms? Aura?

Blind spot in center of vision--went away after few minutes. Should I have called eye doctor?

Blind spot in eyes. Hard to fucus and wavy ines on upper eye for 20min. Was in store with very poor flurecent lighting. Should i see a doc.

Blind spot in vision; also like a sparkly prism?

Blind spots, vision problems, hypochondriac, what to do?

Blue oval-shaped (like the shape of an eye) light in vision when looking at a small source of red light in a dark room. Problem?

Blurry vision lower quarter visual field of left eye (is like a greasy film over bottom quarter of eye.) Blood pressure perfect.

Can a caffeine molecule be seen with the naked eye?

Can a doctor tell if there is a brain tumor by looking into your eyes with that light?

Can blind people have normal looking eyes and not the filmy layer covering it?

Can looking directly at the sun cause someone to go color blind?

Can Posterior vitreous detachment cause you to see mild trails when you wave your hand in front of you and everything to seem brighter and sharper?

Can starving cause flashing dots in one's vision?

Can you tell if an eye is bulging just by looking? My dr said you can't see white above iris so it isn't bulging. Just paranoid.

Can you tell me if I have had damage to my central vision for months. A colored ripply thing i can't see passed. The doctors am blind?

Can you tell me the anatomy of the human eye that causes blind spots?

Can you tell me what it mean when bright prizmatic light distorts your vision and goes away in ten minutes?

Can you tell me why I am seeing fireflies in vision?

Cloudy, hazy vision. Seeing lines. Why?

Cn eye floater change shape from a cobweb to cobweb with long strands attached to it? I am freaked out, help

Colored spots in vision daily that come and go and have had constant visual aura for 15 years. Mri EEG blood work eye exam all normal. What is this?

Dark shadow like spot under vision? Is that a serious problem?

Dilated eye exam: 20/20 vision, no problems but floaters. Is 30's young for floaters? Why noticing them suddenly? Can body reabsorb debris? Worried!

Do people without eye floaters see perfectly clear when looking at the sky? No debris or opacities whatsoever?

Do the shape of floaters (cobwebs, strands, dots etc.) and their texture (glass-like, shadow etc.) tell anything about a more serious retinal issue?

Do you think of semi rimless glasses look good?

Doc found a black spot behind my eye said it could be a freckle sending me for 2nd opinion. Seeing floaters n blurry vision eyepain is this normal?

Does dot and fleck retinopathy look specific if it's alport?can you have a small amount of mottling on retina and not be alport ?

Does having white spots in your vision mean some sort of rods and cones problem?

Does hydrocephalus cause sqigly lines in your vision?

Eyes test was perfect 20/20 vision. I see black spots flashes and Sparks of blue but my eye test was perfect nothing wrong. What could be the cause?

Flashing in left eye perriferial. Only when looking at a certain spot and in certain lighting. Indoor lighting with window curtains open. Ideas?

For a month I've been seeing floater on and off and little flashes in the centre of vision some days I see this some days I don't ?

For two days i keep getting a floating black circle shape floating in the vision of my right eye, it's driving me crazy what is it?

Geometric, flashing, colored patterns in vision. Is there any hope to cure this?

Ghosting of vision (night light;reading white text in black background) in eyes.Doc checked cornea and lens with slit lamp: no issues. Astigmatism?

Gray spot in field of vision can be removed?

Grey speck in field of vision, what is this?

Had Mri was normal . Usually Rt eye. Have blind spot in vision looks like a kliedascope. Lasts 30 mins. Mri?

Had my eyes checked and my vision and eye health is fine but I get a black spot in my vision that comes and goes it doesn't float and can be fuzzy?

Had this squiggly line in one eye that lasts ab 20min. Its like a squiggly lightning arch. Happening for years on and off randomly. Optical Migraine?

Have eyes tested every 2 yrs .When looking at mobile or laptop and looking away see a branch of yellow thin lightning type lines when blink any ideas?

Have graves disease. See flashing wavy line in my vision at times, interfering with my sight. What is it?

Have IIH. When reading or writing on my phone, I see white & grey kind of flurries in my peripherals. It makes things look like their fading. Why?

Have Macular pucker causes white to appear gray. Also have glaucoma. Will visual field test be inaccurate because background is gray instead of white.

Having flashes of light and tiny specks in my visual field, what is the possible diagnosis?

Having wavy floating patterns in vision after laughing gas..What do I do?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes zigzag lines in ones peripheral vision?

Help please? What is the cause of seeing dots with headaches?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a central scotoma like?

Hi I get blurred spots and Ziggy zag lines in my vision , I don't know if I should be worried or not ?

Hi. They've suddenly started seeing bright flashes of light across whole field of vision like once or twice daily. No floaters or vision loss?

How can I be sure that my recent eye floater is not a scotoma ? This one is totally opaque unlike the others, and doesn't seem to really move.

How can one start seeing in the blind spot?

How come i get floaters when looking at the sky?

How come when I look at the sky, stars are brighter in my peripheral vision. When I look directly at them they are dimmed.

How do I find out if I have a blind spot in my central vision?

How do I know if I have glaucoma? My eye is red, and I have been seeing strange halos when i look at lights. Sometimes one of my eyes hurts a lot. Could this mean that I have glaucoma?

How do we figure out shower of floaters in the field of vision (for sign of rd)? Do they cover central vision or peripheral & any specific shape?

How does your eye sustain a picture, after your eyes adjust in a dark room, from a flash from say a camera?

How is someone's vision if in a dark place?

How long after eye laser treatment before you stop seeing floating cells and have cloudy vision?

How often do brain tumors cause a circular flashing light in your periphery?

I am 21& having floaters for 2yrs, i see a black stationary spot in the corner of my left eye when i squint very very hard, could this be a retinal tear?

I am 26. I have never been to the eye doctor and for a few years now, i've been seeing stringy like pieces floating in my vision. What could this be?

I am diabetic operated for cataract one year ago now i see some black clouds in vision. What should I do?

I am noticing a green pulse in vision at night. What could cause?

I am seeing a dot in my vision and I don't know what to do. Help?

I am seeing a small type like sheet billowing in the bottom of my eye - thought floaters were dark in color.?

I am seeing like a sheet billowing in the bottom of my eye - i thought floaters were dark?

I am seeing little black floating things and I am nearsighted. What are they?

I am seeing thousands of tiny sparks across my field of vision. What could cause that?

I am seeing white dots through new eyeglasses will my eyes adjust to this or is something wrong and its not floaters thank you?

I am seeing white outlines around everything in my vision. I'm 60 years old and only occasionally have hypertension. What kind of doctor should I see?

I blinded myself by a reflection from the sun and am still seeing a spots. Should i be worried?

I can see a black shadow in my peripheral from time to time. Is this normal?

I can see floaters and sometimes flashers outside the worst. Eye doc said there benign. Does this mean I'm going blind and cataracts?