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2 year old wakes up.tired every day, with dark circles around her eyes. Is it normal?

21 yrs old,having dark sunken eyes due to lack of sleep,does getting enough sleep help restore my eyes as befrore?if not what is the remedy?plz help

21 yrs old , having sunken eyes with dark circles for past 2 yrs ,not hereditary,using glasses for past 3 yrs,plz tell me possible cause and remedy?

22yr female. Dehydration/fine lines on lower eye lid(on the lid itself)I also have acne pimples&black heads plus enlarged pores will chemicalPeels fix?

25 year old, female. I had spring catarrh as a child. I still have red and ichy eyes in summers. Moreover my eyes appear sunken. Please help.

25y/o m blonde/blue eyes; went tanning a few times w/o goggles.. Maybe 60min of exposure to be conservative. How much raised risk for ocular melanoma?

29 and always had bad skin clogged pores spots dark circles under eyes baggy eyes. I've tried every facial product with different ingredients help?

3 weeks ago my gums were inflamed I reduced smoking a lot .40+ hear habit down to 8 per day. A week ago one eye had blue tint now both eyes have tint ?

31, female and have dark circles and some wrinkles under eyes aswell as trough lines what will get rid of these tried numerous products nothing works?

7 weeks baby with under eye dark circles. Normal? She has very fair skin and her dad has them as well. Is it indicative of allergies?

9mo eyes water,red,puffy when outside. Try 2 keep her in the shade, hat, sunglasses. Allergies or Something she might grow out of?

A portion of my eyelids (upper) is dark, why? I have dark circles and and about a quarter of both upper eyelids is the same color as my dark circles.

A year ago I was using eye lash growth serum and mistakenly inserted it in my eye causing a dark stain. Can I get clear white eye again ?

After i exercise my face is bright red - why?

Any definite treatment of dark circles please?

Any effective treatment for dark circle?

Any remedy 4 recurring headaches..Dark under eye circles...N impatient behaviour?

Any treatment or tip for dark circle?

Are dark circles around eyes be caused by allergies ?

Are dark circles under eyes after heart attack common? Maybe the medications?

Are dark circles under your eyes a normal side effect of antibiotics?

Are dark circles under your eyes bad? What is the cause?

Are dark circles under your eyes permanent?

Are herbal green tea bags good for treating under eye dark circles?

Aside from sleep, what do you do to remove dark circles under eyes?

Bad wrinkles under eyes. 43 but look 80. Lost weight. Think something wrong beyond age/weight loss. Drink soda, use retin-a, hot showers, need to use eye moisturize. I worry alot. What's cause/remedy?

Bcos lack sleep dark circles are occurring under eyes how to get rid of it?

Besides lack of sleep could dark circles tired eyes be from lack of a specific vitamin?

Best cure for dark eyes circle?

Best dark circles under the eyes solution for kids?

Bought a sleeping mask, poly. Fibers, to help avoid dark circles. Slept 6 hrs woke up put it on then slept 4 hrs. Now circles look darker. Possible?

Can a bleeding disorder be causing the dark circles under my eyes?

Can a tooth cause redness in and a dark circle around one eye?

Can ambi daily moisturizer help with dark circles under the eyes?

Can an iron deficiency cause dark circles under your eyes?

Can camera flash change the baby's eye color? For e.g, can blue eyes turn hazel due to the use of flash while the baby's eyes are still developing?

Can changing from glasses to contacts cause bags or dark circles to form under the eyes?

Can chronic dark circles under the eyes be a sign of lupus?

Can citirizin be useful for curing dark circle under my eyes?

Can darkness be harmful to the eyes after awhile like in alaska?

Can dehydration make one look worn out and run down plus eyes with dark circles?

Can green tea jasmine help get rid of eye infection in cats?

Can honey truly lighten your eyes ?

Can I use hhsone ( mometasone furoate ) for around the eyes to treat the dark circles around the eyes ?Thx.

Can I use home made cucumber eye pads to help reduce the puffiness and dark blue color under my eyes from being tired and sleeping late?

Can I use hydraquinoin around my eyes for dark circles? I sleep over 8 hours

Can I use hydraquinoin to remove my dark eye circles ? 4%

Can I use hydroquinone 2% on my under eye dark circles?

Can I use hydroquinone 2% under eye dark circles?

Can injecting hyaloronic acid be useful for dark circles around eyes?

Can insulin resistance be the cause of my under eye dark circles?

Can lack of sleep cause dark circles under eyes?

Can lupus cause dark circles and puffiness around eyes?

Can masturbating everyday for a 17 year old boy lead to excessive protein loss from body, causing dark circles below eyes?

Can overdosing on dark chocolate treat my dark depression?

Can someone with red-green colorblindness see natural red hair?

Can stress and anxiety cause dark circles around the eyes ?

Can there be a way to darken your eyes ?

Can ultraquin help erase fine lines under the eyes? Can you please help me find the right cream to fade away the fine lines under my eyes? Thank you!

Can using computer all day cause dark circles?

Can vitamin K reduce the appearence of eye bags/dark circles?

Can we get sunken eyes and dark circles due to gerd? I'm 33 years old male with this condition, doctor says its becz of weak eyesight, kindly advice!

Can we get sunken eyes and dark circles due to stomach problems? Thanks for your guidance!

Can wearing eye shadow and eye makeup cause changes in the colour of the eyelid? Can makeup cause vitiligo? Is wearing makeup daily bad for skin?

Can you grow a wort in the eye? I have a spot on the edge of the iris. And some worts popping up on face.

Can you really lighten your eye color with honey and water and if so is there and health concerns in doing so.?

Can you suggest any solution for deep circles under the eyes?

Can you tell me about the difference between dark circles under eyes and eyebags?

Can you tell me is it healthy to workout wth pink eye?

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Could a lack of oxygen to the eyes cause dark circles?

Could glow in the dark contacts be causingdamage to your eyes?

Could i rid of dark circles under my eyes even if it was genetic?

Could laser lessens the dark circles around my eyes please advise ...Give me other solutions as well if my question is untrue..Help please...?

Could my allergy cause dark circles around eyes.I have itchy and running nose especially in the mornings..Help what should I do to remove bad circles?

Could someone get black circles around their eyes from using sleeping masks?

Could there be anything wrong with me having black circles around the iris?

Could u advise me of some creams that are good to tighten the small capillaries under the eyes that cause dark circles.

Could you tell me if someone is red-green colour blind, will they be able to see green eyes correctly?

Dark circle under eye? Any home remedy or cream that really work?

Dark circle beneath my eyes..I sleep at least 6-8 hrs a day. What to do?

Dark circle under my eyes?

Dark circles around eyes . How to remove them?

Dark circles around eyes how can be removed?

Dark circles under eyes after meningitis. What do you suggest?

Dark circles under eyes, since I was 11, only got better when I was pregnant?? Doc said it was to much caffeine, tried decaf but didn't work

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Dark spot under eye?

Darkcircles around the eyes? What's the cause and please tell me the treatment. Does'nt have any bad addictions

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Do the dark circles under my child's eyes mean he has allergies?

Do u know the name of ointment for dark circles which can be available in pakistan ?

Docs can you explain, does masturbation cause dark circles?

Doctor I have dark circle growing in my eyes.What should I have to do stop this.And food to be taken.

Doctor..I suffer from nasal congestion almost for the whole year.I hv dark circles around my eyes.. And dark pigmentation around my lips. Plz suggest.

Does a treatment exist that makes the white part of an eye whiter?