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3 weeks boy. White-blond hair. Pupils seem to be black, but has greyish ring in iris. Fluorescent light reflects off eyes. Has brown freckle. Albinism?

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Causes of blue sclera in infancy?

Causes of blue sclera in infants include what?

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Dear docs! What is melanosis on the white sclera of the eyes and is there a treatment.My son 4 year old has been diagnozed,he has black spotson sclera?

Do people who have a considerable amount of veins in the eyes tent to have a really light yellow tint next to them? White where no veins are.

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Do you take blue cross blue shield insurance?

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Does latisse (bimatoprost) cause blue eyes to turn brown?

Got coconut oil in my eye. It's a dark green on the outside, the iris is a dark brown. From a distance it looks brown. I want my eye hazel again, Help?

Have not worn any make up in two days . My eyes look like I have two black eyes with yellow and green color to them . What could this be ?

Hello, im wondering why one of my eyes change from pale blue to green or brown or a mix of them all and the other stays blue, what is the cause?

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How common is it for my eyes to change colour so drastically? I have brown eyes and my dad has one blue eyes one green eye (that appears yellow sometimes) why the rapid change?

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How is it that I have very dark brown eyes when my mum's eyes are grayish and my dad's are green?

How many weeks am I if clear blue says 1-2?

How to change your eye color if you have dark green eyes, without using colored contacts?

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How to tell why I have 1 brown eye and 1 blue eye?

I am a darker skinned individual and my eyes are slighty yellow. For example, I have a yellow ring around my pupil. Is it hereditary? Are there any eye drops that I could take to make the whites of my eyes whiter?

I am now 63 yrs old and noticed the whites of my eyes are a bluish grey color. Is this normal?

I has brown eyes but has started getting grey rings around the iris. what could cause this?

I have a blue a blue ring around my brown iris and a blotchy brown line outside of that. What is this? And, does it affect my vision?

I have a brown circle around the iris of my eyes. Is this something I should be concerned about?

I have a dark blue color around my iris.from the time i was born I've had iris is dark brown but sometimes wen in pics theyd look blue/green?

I have a dark blue coloring under my eye, and some red streaks on them is this a sign of tiredness?

I have blue eyes and I noticed that there is slight yellow coloring in the iris, hear the pupil. Is this normal? Thanks

I have blue eyes, but one of them has 1/3 of brown at the top. Can i make the brown more pronounced?

I have blue eyes. My husband has a greenish hazel color. What eye color will our baby more favor? Or is it just a 50/50 chance, of having either?

I have blue sclera in both eyes that just appeared a couple of months ago. I dont have OI..I need to know what else is a possible cause?

I have blue sclera in my right eye only.. It has been blue since i was born. I have no other symptoms. Is there any treatment for it?

I have brown coloured eyes but in my left eye there developed dark brown or yellow type rings around iris what is this would u plz tell me ?

I have brown eyes and I have gray blue green rings outside out the eye twice change pure hazel and once blue then I notice golden dark brown greenish?

I have brown eyes but I have bluish gray circles around them what is this from?

I have brown eyes but there is a blue ring around it is this normal?

I have brown hair brown eyes , husband has blue eyes blonde hair fair skin, will baby most likely have brown eyes and brown hair?

I have dark brown eyes and I have head aches every day and my iris is starting to turn blue, what does that mean?

I have hazel/blue eyes. In the edge of the iris I have an orange spot. I have been told I have risk of cancer b/c. Is this true?

I have light brown eyes, my mom has blue eyes, husband has blue eyes, blue eyes run in his family what are the chances of our baby having blue eyes?

I have medium brown eyes and want to get coloured contacts. What brand will work well over my eye colour?

I have occular cutaneous albinism and my eyes are turning green. Is there any way to stop this?

I have one blue eye and one green&brown eye (yet as I was born with a cataract I have very poor vision in my green eye), what are the chances of this?

I have one light blue eye and one green eye. How common is this?

I have some orange coloration in the sclera of both my eyes. i also have some black dots in the sclera since i have memory. im 19?

I have very dark purple blue under eyes, even with more sleep, help!?

I know that sometimes albino people have red, or seemingly pink eyes, but could a non-albino be born with red eyes?

I learned that behind brown eyes are blue eyes. Is that true?

I need your expertise, is brown hair & eyes more dominant than blond hair & green eyes?