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having a hint of yellow on the side corners of my eyes not all so its just hints i turn the iphone light and there no sign of it (i dont sleep much)?

Hello. I was texting an i felt my vision started to get white and the letters on the phone gray. But no other symptoms. Anything I should worry about?

I get these weird bright spots & lines in my eyes & when i get it, i have to close my eyes until it goes away. Im blinded by It,its not a migraine?

seizure? I felt like I was floating it was a bright light my brain felt like it was vibrating with rapid eye movements and I blacked out for a few hr

14 month is delayed cognitive and physical. He gets excited around bright lights. He still has folds under eyes and flat nasal bridge. What is this?

14wks preg..Sometimes I get blurred vision, like a light is being shown in my eyes and there are white spots. What is this?

19yrs old. Keep seeing round light flashes several times/day. Last ~1sec.First were blue&white, &now orange. Negative dilated eye exam in jan. Causes?

2 yr old got bumped on head. I checked his pupils with a light they get smaller but get bigger and smaller again with light on them. He has shunt?

20, male, Docs i am very scared! I was laying down in dark and right eye went blind. everytime i go in dark my right eye goes blind but not in light!

25 weeks pregnant. Yesterday saw bad spots of light distorting vision for about 10 minutes. Woke this morning horrible headache. Normal?

2x now in diff times after intense exercise I saw a flashing ring on right eye that gets bigger and goes away w/o headache. No eye condition. What is?

3 days after eye exam :dilatation, still have pain in head, particularly right eye. Light sensitivity even in bedroom lighting.Vomiting. Need er?

32 weeks pregnant & a couple of times i see like sparkling dots in my eyeside, what causes it & is it normal for this to happen?

33 wk preg, highly myopic, see flashes of small spot light in left eye, no headache, light headed...Bp normal n pulse rate 82. Sud i be concern?

4 days ago i was hit in the eye by a bunge cord. The next day i began to see flashes of light. An eye dr did test and said he didn't see any tears. I am still seeing flashes and it aches. What next?

6 year old doesn't seem unwell or have a rash now but has complained of bright light without his glasses on, and has been rubbing eyes should I worry?

7 hrs ago I began seeing white streaks flash in my left eye. I see in dark or light. No pain or vision loss..Would pressure, cold, or heat be gd?

A few days ago I was sitting and I completely lost vision in both my eyes? It was gone everything black. lasted few minutes. only 18. should i worry

A few days ago, my 5 year old stared into a bright spotlight. Is this a serious problem?

A girl i know has floaters and she drank and ate nothing but water for a few days and her floaters significantly got less noticeable. How is this?

A half hour ago a light started flickering in my peripheral vision and won't stop. It's like the light after someone takes your picture ?

A small white dot in same area of vision flashes like glitter. Comes and goes. Can't reproduce it. Is this serious? Been having head and jaw pain too.

About once a month, I get flashes of light. Is that ok or bad?

Acute neck pain starts on the right side, every time I'm exposed to bright light (sunlight, television, laptop). The same pain also starts when hungry?

After a couple of migraines now have visual disturbance at night where street lights a block or more away look like circles of lights w black centre ?

After being diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine i still get yellow flashing in right eye, tv mobile fone noise can trigger this how can I stop this?

After looking at bright light I started seeing zig zags out of one eye,even with eyes closed. Lasted about 20 min. Very scary. Anything serious?

After throwing up real bad one day my head was pounding and i seen a lot of little red dots on my face near eyes now i feel light headed & migraines?

Almost touched this light switch to turn it on (had glowing light on it) & felt a shock on my finger ..2 days ago. took out plug from laptop 2day then finger (in same spot) was sore . Should I worry?

Are controllable, predictable flashes of light in vision usually benign? Like every time i look up quickly in dark, i see a small flash at the bottom.

Are the scanners from like the store dangerous to your eyes?? i was at 7-11 and the cashier laid the sacnner down and i looked at it twice this happend just about 15 minutes ago. I was just wondering cause the red light..

As I was falling back to sleep this morning I saw a flash of light. What could this be?

At night the light is starting to bother me when i turn it on , I have RA is there any relation ?

At times i get light head and my b/p reads 98/60 is this normal? In addition, i think i may have an sinus infection is that why i get light head?

Bad eye pain on and off started before Christmas when reading,starts when looking on phone,sensitive to light,doctor gave me beta blockers. Thank you?

Bad sleep,woke up exhausted then I noticed a spot in my eye as if I was looking at light for to long then my vision turned kaleidoscope then migraine?

Been having light head pressure - very slight light-headedness - for almost 1 week. Is there something I should be worried about?

Been having very frequent(3-5)bowel movements, rather thin and light brown/yellow. Been feeling tired, headache and light sensitive at times. ?

Been seeing flashes in vision, eye doc says everything looks okay, it still happens, in low light situations, stress related? Or something bad?

Been seeing halo around lights at nightfor the past year or so.I notice it started soon after i got new prescriptive glasses.Could it be the cause or?

Before I sleep n it's dark, wn Iclose my eyes I get a fast flickering light,then it feels like the room is rocking back and forth. What does itmean?

Blurry vision,hr later bright spots,Lt side look like kaleidoscope,bright,lost vision,felt like passing out 1 hr.5hr later bad dizziness,no headache.

Bright lights stay in vision too long, should I be concerned?

Bright little spots in my vision, ought i be concerned?

Bright rainbow snake-like light in my left eye after looking at my phone.. why is this happening? Its happened three times in two months now!

Can a 20watt blk light cause damage to your eyes. If you look into one for about 10 sec by mistake? No I pain. should I be worried delayed reaction

Can a projection clock damage eyes i adjust the time and i look straight into he hole to adjust time is has a red light ?

Can anxiety or stress cause visual disturbances? I have been seeing red and green spots in vision. I also notice small things in the air like dust.

Can anyone explain me how u see flashes of lights i only see eye floaters not flashes of light how it can be visible?Wat they look like?

Can brain problem cause u to sense peripheral flicker if u really concentrate?Most noticed in mix light/dark settings, even if daylight. Eye exam ok.

Can Depakote sprinkles cause colored spots in vision constantly? Have been taking Depakote 15 years but only been seeing spots for 1 year.

Can eye doc see if I have cataracts ? I went for a checkup a month ago cause my vision seemed yellow toned and white toned but he couldn't see anythin

Can gas from a lighter be bad to the eyes if near them for few minutes? I'm really worried because i had a lighter very close to my eyes.

Can lookin accidently into an extreme high voltade lightbulb at night lead to a floater in eye the nextday? I feel this happend to me

Can ms cause visual snow? i've had visual snow for as long as i can remember but it along with seeing flashes seem to be getting worse lately.

Can you list various brain diseases that could cause dim vision{like the lights have been turned down slightly)many thanks for your previous reply?

Cause of white flashes in peripheral vision in just one eye? They aren't happening anymore, but did earlier today. I don't get migraines. Had no pain.

Child 8 no appetite weight loss dizzy episodes grey skin colour changes blue lips then ok again, having funny spells vision blacks out dark sunk eyes?

Colored spots and sparks in vision 24/7 for over a year? Have had every test possible everything comes back normal. What do you recommend? Help please

Concussion 2yrs ago w/PCS. Ever since, if watch tv/movie w/flashing lights, get headache & strange, intense, painful depression ep. What's happening?

Dear doctors. Why do little flashes of light appear in my left eye in a half circle? It looked like the letter "c" flashing little squares and as it started to go away, it became wider and wider till i did not see it at all. This is the first time this h

Did I have a tia? During masturbation i felt half my body go numb, bright flash of light & heard noise when eyes closed, headache after.

Dizziness esspecialy when there's bright lights my eyes burn and I have to squint eventually I get so freaked out I start getting panic attack s?

Do symptoms like flashes of light go away quickly?

Does a light in a room near mine prevent the secretion of melatonine ? Should i turn off every single light ? To have a total obscurity ?

Does sudden flashes in terms of bright spots in the eye considered to be a emergency.

Dorothy has been having "spots" appear in front of her eyes off and on. She says dizziness also comes with it. It only last a few minutes. Any answer?

During an EEG i experienced my eyes roll back and all i could see is white light but there was strobes not just light y could this b?

Ever since I had my eyes dilated I get awful migraines when it's bright out or when i lay down at night, 18 and girl. Why is that exactly ?

Exposed to bleach fumes yesterday for about 3 hours. Today my eyes are very sore and I see halos around lights and dekstop icons on pc.

Eye doctor told me not to box because I have weak retinas but i don't see the problem cause im not getting hit im just doing cardioand hitin a heavybag?

Feels like I have some loss of contrast: indoor artificial lights seem less bright during night.Vitreous deg?Wavefront error 0.66 causing bad glare.

Five days ago had what felt like a migraine. Same yesterday. Pain goes away w/tylenol3. Now left pupil is slightly bigger in dim light. Is this normal?

Flickers at eye corners n strange lights - more so after moving from light to dark or physical exertion.Checked retina, lattice ok. Tests n diagnosis?

Floating silver dots when i got up and turned on the lights. Been here for 8 months, go away after blinking few times. Could it be a brain tumor?

Food doesn't seem appealing, nor my usual after work glass of wine. Arms feel light/heavy at same time, eyes feel odd. Sorry but that's all I can say!

For a few weeks now i keep seeing moving shadows out of the corner of my rt eye. Now yesterday and today i had a bright white flash of light..Same eye?

For about 3-4 days I've been getting intermittent flashes of light in my peripheral vision. It's like someone took my picture, but no source. I have n?

For the past 10 years or so I've been seeing glittery spots only when I do something strenuous or if I stand up to fast. What is causing this?

For the past 2 years l've been seeing constant light flashes in my left vision. However, tests come out normal. What could be the problem?

For what reason do lines come from a light when i look at it with my glasses?

From mirror to mirror, my image changes significantly. Light is a great headache. It feels like my eyes cant adjust to different levels of light, why?

Gray spot in middle of vision.Notice @ night & evening.when looking up at light source.ex: light bulb & street light)goes away after a few.But why?

Greying out of vision 'during' (not after) a hard cough fit (after inhaling). This greying out becomes white patches in dark during coughing. Normal?

Had an X-ray and posted film. What are the bright white circles in my pelvis? I was only wearing underpants durin X-ray

Had pupils dilated for exam today and noticed rainbow halos around lights afterward. Still seeing halos though no longer rainbow. Is that normal?

Half moon like light on the lower half of right eye vision, comes and goes quickly any time of the day-not flashes exactly.Have pvd in that eye.Reason?

Have a pretty bad headcold. Is it normal for my eyes to feel heavy and sensitive to really bright lights?

Have a sinus headache and I was seeing white things floating why would that happen?

Have anxiety for decades and dep.I now see a small black dot flotter in right eye. Could this be stress related?

Have been experiences epesode a of blank staring 10 secs a lot when looking at bright light/outside.. am completely aware of what's going on during ?

Having very small occasional flashes(if i try to move my eyes vigorously in complete dark).Got an appointment only next week.Is the waiting time fine?

Head suddenly felt very warm inside.Vision appeared to dim and I felt like I was fading, but never passed out or lost any function. What could it be?

Headache for 3 weeks from top of forehead to base at my neck. light sensitive - more artificial lights inside than out & 'feel' steps on amatripalyn.

Headaches with left side numbness. Bright lights hurt. Have to be isolated in a bright and noise free room?

Hello doc, I am 35 years old female, off late I am experiencing a black thread like substance in my vision floating with eye movement, other than tha?

Hello I have an eye condition that its so sensetive to light and i can't even read on PC or mobile or even look to any thing i did every test possible?

Help! i just saw a big flash of light in my periphery and it's a saturday doctors are closed. What do I do!? Should i go to the er?

Help! Seeing flashes of light when I tightly shut my eyes and am dizzy, retinas have been checked and are fine what is causing this?

Hi 2 days ago i had flashing lights like heatwaves in both eyes and some vision loss. Lasted about 30 minute and disappeared after coke. Nothing since?