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After consuming tetracycline, cn i expose to light?

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Any need for buying the expensive ($100+) light therapy lamps?

Anyone treated with blue light acne treatment?

Anyone used blue light acne treatment ?

Approximately how long does the after-image last after an exposure of multiple strobe-like high intensity photo flashes against a dark setting?

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Blue light therapy acne treatment appropriate?

Blue light therapy acne treatment machines. Helpful or just a gimmick?

Blue light therapy and acne? I've heard of blue light therapy for acne, and am wondering if that is the same kind of blue light used to treat depression? I'm 33, and still have problems with acne, and am considering using a blue light, but worry about any

Builder had a laser level put it on the bench and I started at the green light coming out of the unit can this blind me? Can looking at a laser blind you?

Can blue light phototherapy cause skin cancer?

Can bright light therapy cause agitation?

Can coloured leds damage the eye simply because only a tight frequency spectrum of light is shinning on your eye and we evolved with full sun spectra?

Can coloured leds damage the eye simply because only a tight frequency spectrum of light is shinning on your eye and we evolved with the sun's spectra?

Can ematrix and blue light laser do at the same time?

Can I use a tanning bed as light therapy to improve my moodiness?

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Can intensive pulse light therapy for my unwanted hairs cause any harm later or immediately?And how.Much sun protection is needed after it is done?

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Can the light from the lightbulb in my room have similar effects on your body like natural sunlight?

Can tretinoin be applied with the bedroom lights on or cellphone lights emmitted at night?

Can ultraviolet "black light" lamps safely be used as indoor light sources for extended time periods? Or does a hazard exist that could cause photoxic injury?

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Does compact fluorescent lights (cfls)—the energy-saving bulbs cause skin cancer?

Does dermatologist test for sensitivity to ultraviolet light?Is there a test for it in his office? Or can I just expose self to sun 15minutes to test?

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Does light therapy(mixed blue and red light)work to clear acne? Thank you

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Does sad light therapy help ?

During light therapy for psoriasis, how many minutes does each session take..How long will I be under the uv lamp each time?

For what reason wouldn't led light therapy work for blackheads?

Hello I am a 27 year old that is considering purchasing a red/ blue light therapy product to us at home. Is it worth the investment?

Help can blue light therapy work for acne?

Help docs, is intense pulsed light devices helpful to treat the skin problems?

Hi docs, would a light therapy lamp improve fatigue, and add?

Hi doctors; what is the effect of light cure on resin composites?

Hi.. I want to know that the uv lights used to treat psoraisis is different to market available uv lights or they have some special feature?

How can home uvb lights be used to clear-up plaque psoriasis as quickly as possible?

How can light therapy help my depression in summer?

How do I do light therapy for psoriasis at home?

How does light therapy fix jaundice?

How effective are light boxes at combating SAD? Which light boxes would you recommend?

How effective is red light to heal lesions at 650 nm, will it promote healing or is light therapy a waste of time?

How long will having blue light therapy take? Had little success with topical forms of acne treatment, so i'm interested in trying blue light therapy.

How much blue wave light can you take per day before its unhealthy?

How much feet i must be far from compact fluorescent lights (cfls)—the energy-saving bulbs so that i don't get skin cancer?

How painful is blue light acne treatment?

I am 8 weeks after laser resurfacing (mp 20 m + pf 450 m) - sciton. Redness is fading but not evenly. Some areas are dark pink, other light pink. How can I speed the tone to even? Will vbeam help?

I am looking for a home uv phototherapy unit?

I broke a fluoresnt light bulb will it harm me?

I hate the fluorescent lights at my work. What should I do?

I have been operating a high powered led microfiche scanner at work. It is a 100 watt red led putting out 633nm wavelength of light. The light source is not sheilded from the operator in any way at all, light constantly hits me in the face and eyes all da

I have mild/moderate acne, using blue/red light therapy mask for it, its helping, but insomnia has worsened, does the light block my own melatonin?

I miss my open toed sandals. Will intense pulsed light (ipl) technology kill toenail fungus?

I started red ligt therapy in a tannjng bed, no uv light so i'm not working eye goggles is this alright as long as i don't stare into the light?

If a person does not like being in bright (light/sun) environments but is not afraid of it, would they be considered to have Heliophobia?

If someone does not like being in light/sun (bright) environments, what would this be considered, if they are not scared of these bright environments?

In your opinion which at home blue or red light device is most effective for treating acne?

Interested to know how does a fluorescent light treat jaundice?

Is blue wave therapy cancer causing?

Is green light laser therapy effective and safe?

Is green light laser therapy for prostrate safe and effective?

Is it right that lamp light may decrease the effects of tretinoin ?

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Is light therapy effective in acne?

Is light therapy safe and successful in leukoderma?

Is red light therapy available at tanning salons helpful as advertised?

Is red light therapy safe for people with lupus?

Is the blue light from led computer screens different than the blue light used in studies that shows it can boost cognitive performance?

Is there a difference between blue light and uv light for sad?

Is there evidence that either red light or photofacial therapy will treat the constant redness from rosacea?

Is vrm laser safe and useful for light pigmentaion .?

It's my understanding that LED light treatments (red, blue, amber, near-infrared) are not effective for rosacea, but could it make rosacea worse?

My compact fluorescent lights (cfls)—the energy-saving bulbs in the roof of my bedroom are they far enough so that i don't get skin cancer?

Please explain why is all surgical equipment colored light blue?

Psoriosis phototherapy uvb lamp, do they work?

Sensitivity to sun, do I need thyroid treatment?

Should I be light headed after completing oxygen therapy?

Should i worry about getting skin cancer from drying my gel nails under a led light @ the nail salon every 2 weeks? Is led light safer than the uv?

So does florissant light or indoor lights effect renova (tretinoin) ?