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16 month old with grey spots on Sclera both eyes.. Should I worry?

20yo guy.Dark brown eyes.A small black spot in on iris.Last eye checkup was 5-6 mnths ago. Seems slightly raised.Vision=ok.Pupil=ok concerns:melanoma?

9 year old girl. Seeing coloured spots(red, yellow, blue, purple).Spots in centre of vision, not twinkling, no nausea, no headache. Possible causes?

9month old white flacky spot on neck and near his told spot near eye color is pale but spread around eye.also many on chest?

A friend of mine In Sri Lanka has white spots in the iris of both eyes. The eyes hurt sometimes. What can it be?

A greyish blemish on my eye ball?

A month ago a friend noticed a brown spot on the white part of my eye at the corner. I am a 31 yr old latina female.Can it be melanoma?

A spec of dust or something hit me in the eye now their is a small black spot on the white part of my eye. Are black spots serious?

A spot in the white of my eye, looks like a freckle. Eye doc said no need to remove it. What is it anyway, and why did it develop? Had it for 10 years

A spot or speck under the upper lid of the eye that won't just go away? Could it be a mole?

After eye exam today, i was told I have a very small white spot, called retinal pigment epithelium drop out. However, the dr was not concerned at all. Should i be?

Are black floaters (spots and strings) resulting from a petechial hemmorhage permanent?

Are purple spots on my eye dangerous?

Black dots appear in my vision when I stand up- what is wrong?

Black spot visible in lower right corner of vision. Right eye. Same spot. Visible 50% time. Specialist says nothing on retina. Thoughts?

Blind spot has developed in my left eye, what to do?

Blind spot in center of eye when looking to side?

Blind spot in left eye in the dark, what to do?

Blind spot in side of eye when looking to side. Why?

Blue spots in front of eyes, should I be concerned?

Brown spots with red squiggly veins on eyeballs?

Can photopsia appear as a circle?

Can you please describe the black spots on both of my eyeballs?

Can you see a freckle on eye ball?

Can you tell me how I could solve my problem of the blak spot on the eye?

Can you tell me how to get these brown spots outta my eyes?

Can you tell me if the blind spot in your eye supposed to be big or small?

Can you tell me reasons why i see a black spot in my left eye?

Cause of dark grey patches on the surface of the eyes?

Colored lights appeared in my left eye. Eventually they disappered. This has always happend once or twice per year. What's the cause?

Could seeing tiny little dots and slightly fuzzy vision be caused by having crossed eyes?

Could you tell me why i see a black spot in my left eye but not my right?

Dark under eyes with little white dots but they aren't really that visible what is this?

Dear doctor, i saw a white spot in my eye and it's little red also. Please suggest me.?

Do grey spots on sclera go away with time?

Do I need glasses if I have 20/35 vision also what does it mean to have white circle spots on your eyeballs?

Does hydrocephalus cause spots or darkness on your eye pupil?

Does everyone have blind spots in the same spot?

For the last couple of days I have been seen tiny spots in my right eye only. Is it possible i may have cataracts?

For what reason do I see a black spot in my left eye?

Girlfriend was in the sun all day and she now has a small black spot on her upper eye lid. She is light skinned with blue eyes and the spot was just n?

Green light in my left eye, blind spots, half vision?

Had a white spot on the edge of my iris with red on the white of my eye. Felt like something was in my eye and hurt. Now the spot is red? What is it?

Had lazer treatment on my right eye 10 days ago for a hole in my retina.Today I noticed a cloudy spot in my vision. Is this something to worry about?

Hello, I have a white spot under and near my iris edge, where is the color of the eye and my eye is red but not inflamed. Is it still the case Benign?

Hi I've noticed a brown Pigmented spot on the white part of my eye. It's slowly spreading further. Can this be anything serious?

Hi when i close my left and look with my right eye on bright white it has a red tint and when i look with my right eye its bright white. Help?

Hi, wife just saw that o have a white spot in my pupil. It is very small but it can be seen with naked eye. What can this be? I'm 37 years old.

Hi. I just noticed some grey spots on my 3 1/2 year old daughter's white of the eye- and only on one eye. She is 1/4 black and 3/4 Caucasian.

Hi. I saw two tiny black spots on my iris ( hazel eyes) . I am worried. What could this be?

How come I get a blind spot in my right eye?

How to remove the black spot in my left eye?

I accidentaly shined 5mw laser into the eye and now there is small dots ?

I am 18 years old Chinese. My sclera is gery bluish. There are brown spots on my sclera. A brown dot on my left eye and an irregular shape on right?

I am seeing a black spot in one eye and it's getting bigger and bigger..Please help?

I am seeing a black spot in one of my eyes when I close them. It's always in the same spot, and never appears in the light. It disappears in seconds.

I am seeing a spot in front of me, it's in both of my eyes (same spot) it's obstructing my vision. What is this?

I am seeing a tiny black spot from my left eye when focusing in bright light. Should I be worried?

I am seeing spots and eye floaters! should I be worried?

I can see a small gray dot on my left eye ball, what is this?

I got hit in my eye 4 months ago and i still have a light black spot under my eye is there anything that can help clear my face?

I had a cataract surgery on my left eye when I was 15 yrs old. Now I realised that eye has a white spot on pics with camera flash. Shld I be worried?

I had a patch of grey that blinded part of my vision I couldn't see through it then it for smaller and disappeared. It had blue sparkles and red?

I had spot in my eye wht can I do?

I have a black lesion/spot in the corner of my right eye near the pink part, what could this be?

I have a black spot in the edge of my eyes.. I have it from my birth .. I don't know what is it!!

I have a black spot on the left part of the white part of my eye. There is red lines basically around this spot, should I be concerned/?

I have a blood spot in my eye from 5 yrs ago that has since dried and left a small brown spot in my eye!

I have a brown spot in my left eye. Will it go away or should I see the doctor?

I have a brown spot in the white part of my eye.. It has developed a month ago. I am 19 and I have myopia. Is there a way to get rid of the spot. ?

I have a brown spot on my iris and a mole that has 2 white spots on the back of my eye what does this mean?

I have a daughter that is 11 years old and she has black spots on her sclera. Is this bad for her eyes?

I have a grey spot on my left eye. Could it be nevus?

I have a light white/pink dot underneath my left eye lid. I'm blind in my left eye and I'm diabetic. Just wanted to know what this could be?

I have a little black spot inside my right eye. My eyes are green but in my right eye, there's a black spot inside. What can this be? Vision is fine

I have a red blood spot on my eye? Should I see a doctor?

I have a red dot of blood spot in my eye what is it?

I have a small white dot in the corner of my eye?

I have a small white dot on the corner of my eye.?

I have a small, black dot on the white of my left eye. My eye md told me it was just some kind of pigmentation of my sclera, but what is it exactly ?

I have a spot under my eye , what can this cause?

I have a white spot in my right eye what could it be?

I have a white spot on my caruncle on my left eye. What could it be?

I have brown eyes that are turning gray from the outer rim toward the pupil. Should I be worried?

I have brown spot on both side of my pupils in the white area with red blood Vessels in the corners of my eye?

I have Brown spots on my eye in the Iris area that I haven't noticed before. Any suggestions?

I have dark circle around my eyes and recently I've noticed that my eyes havr sunken in. What should I do?

I have dark spots and what looks like dark clouds moving in front of my eyes

I have green eyes and two very light brown tiny dots, almost look like freckles in the iris. Is this common? What are they?

I have had this brown spot on my left eye ever since i was 12 and it's still there 9 years later. What should I do?

I have large dark floaters in my left eye, what should I do?

I have little black dots in my eyes four in the right eye and two in the left but i don't see them in my visin so please help me?

I have little black spots in vision?

I have noticed yellow spots on my eyes and on my skin how can I cure this?

I have red spots around my eyes from vomiting when will they go away?

I have this brown spot on the white of my eye. Is it possible to remove it?

I have this huge dot on my side of my eye. Is that just a freckle?

I have two light purple spots in the whites of my left eye. Should I be worried?

I have uveitis.. Would the white spots on my stomach and back have to do with my uveitis if so what is it?

I have white dot on bottom of iris but doesn't irritate eye. The only eye problem I have is styes. Should I be worried about the dot?