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I got a tiny bump under right eye for over a couple of months. No pain no itchiness, no redness. New one forming under l left eye. Please advice?

My both eyes are red for past 7 days,antibiotic drops are on ,no itcing ,no discharge butceyescare full red and and no improvement?

one week i have a red lump at the corner of my right eye above my tear duck and bridge of my nose. It is itchy eye sore and tired headache?

"Allergic"She got bit2different times last2days in the eye lid area it's itchy swollen and let up since yesterday but is still bad.Any creams for that?

10-month-old girl, corner of her left eye is red, but no itching. suspect she scratched herself. Should I take her to doctor right away?

1eye been teary since ysterday.darkish patch in both eyes(have possibly always been there)but the one in the teary ey's much more noticable. related?

2 days ago i had bad head sore throat and pain behind eyes. 2 days on and getting green, yellow, black phlegm. Eye pain went down but little bloodshot?

2 YO has pinpoint red dots all over both her eye lids and around the eyes, gave her allergy med not working, what is it? do I need to seek ER?

2 yr old put rock in right nostril, got it out but right eye is pink & watery & has rash on cheeks. Related to rock in nose? Suggestions?

3 weeks now, under my son's eye is red, puffy, and dry/a bit rashy. No other symptoms, doesn't bother him, inside eye is fine. 2 yrs old. Dr./lotion?

3 yr old was on antibiotics for 10 days for scarlet fever now 3 days later has red eye on inner corner with dry discharge on the inner corner.Related?

3yr old had a cold with fever for 6-7 days now has crusty eyes when he wakes up and they are a little pink during day but not itchy. Will it go away?

4 year old is allergic to new puppy. He gets red puffy eyes. He went to bed and woke up with one eye still puffy. What can we do to help his eye. ?

4-5 days black eye. Its less swollen but still swollen by the eye bottom and side of my nose. How long for the whole shelling to go away completely.

4th day on clindamycin. left eye red on inner half and slightly irritated. temp 98.8. slight cough. headache. possible SJS?

4yo son has a red line, not whole eye on left side x 2 days. Isn't complaining about it hurting. No pink eye exposure and no gooping.

4yr f woke up with swollen eye and yellow discharge sealed shut . Now other eye has discharge . Does not itch or hurts? Just got over a virus. Help

5 year old son has had a cold a couple days. Now his eyes r very red. No drainage or itch. Just very red. Why is this?

5days ago i woke up and my left eye was leaking and very painful. It became very red only on the left inside cornea. As the day went on a blister form?

63yrd old eye lid always itchy and become redness later, no puss bump around, eyes feel warm n tears come out when it is closed, help!?

6yrs girl right eye swollen bloodshot lunging lower lid bright red thick yellow discharge itches and stings ?

7 days my eye has been hurting and wont stop eye is crusty and swollen in the am.i thought it was conjuctivitus but antibiotics don't work?

7year old woke up with swollen eyes puss oozing medication not working eyes discoloured , what can cause this?

8 year old daughter had red and swollen eye lid, 24 hours now. NO redness in actual eye, no pus, no itchy/grainy feeling, no pain. What could it be?

9 month old has redness in right eye. No pain, no discharge, no itchiness. It doesn't brother him. Cluster of red veins right of pupil. How to treat?

A doctor diagnosed me with pink eye gave me drops and antibiotic yesterday. It is still swollen shut and very red. Is this normal?

A month ago I was applying my faults lashes I got a large amount of glue in my eye an a couple weeks later I started seein dots dryness an ichiness?

A week ago I was in the wilderness for 3 days. After the second day of hiking, my right eye was very red. It's been red and full of mucuos since.

A week ago, my left lacrimal punctum was swollen; however, it subsided the next day. Today, I realise it is still swollen around duct and it's itchy.

Accidentally poked baby on eyelid with nail. Baby cried as in lots of pain but calmed down. Eyelid is red and a little bit swollen. I'm very worried.

Accidentally poked baby on eyelid yesterday. Not swollen or red today but watery. Baby is also coughing and with a runny nose. Are tears related?

Accidentally rubbed pre cum on my right eye, week fter got very itchy right eye with redness sometimes dry eye or yllow discharge, what does it means?

After being on ciprofloxocin for pink eye for 5 days. I still have slight matted eyes, but extremely itchy. What should I do?

After six days, is it late to see a doctor after an accident that has left the eye red, painful and watery.

After spray painting my eyes are all red, irritated and swolen... looks like a pink eye kinda... it didn't happen until about 24 hr after the painting?

After throwing up (pregnant) got red rash on my temples near my eyes. What could that be?

All night my eye has been leaking tears and is now all red, sensitive to light and hurts. Do i need to see a doctor? This has never happened before I do not think it is pink eye it does not itch and there was no crusty stuff. It just hurts and is sensitiv

All of s sudden I have a really itchy stingy eye The other days ago it happen to the other eye and was ok the next day what could this be?

Around my eyelids started to get itchy the rest of my face got tiny bumps then my eyes are swollen ?

Bad cold virus for 5 days now. Eye infection in both eyes. Left ear starting to hurt. Is that normal?

Been 2 two different eye docs. Both says allergies but red lines on eyes since July. Eye pain behind eyelid comes and seeing eyelashes. Why?

Blister on rim of eyelid on occasion. Irritates eye (feels like I have something in it). Sometimes itchy. Gone within a day. What could this be?

Burning eyes painful to the light what can be the cause thank u so much?

Burning white head rash on face. Mask like. Burning worse below eyes next to nose. Not allergic to anything?

Can i be alergic to antibiotic tretment for eyes? I got a extrem red and swollen itchy eye after a week of tretment and had to quit treatment

Can klacid ( clarithromycin ) cause red irritated eyes ?

Can my eyes get red and itch because of a strep infection ?

Can someone tell me what I should do? My left eye has been watery and itchy for about a week today, but it's not red.?

Can you give me advice please! i got punched right in my eye! it's swollen almost shut, I have a bump under eye and it's whole red and painful! what shoul i do?

Child has red eye on one side looks like pink eye but no itching or burning?

Corneal abrasion heal on its own? I scratched my eye today with my fingernail, and my eye immediately started turning red in the corner of my eye where i scratched it. I have no soreness, or headaches, or blurred vision, or any other symptoms, just a red

Could use your help docs! my eyelids get swollen and red?

Do I need epi pen? I have severe cat allrgies normally my eyes swell shut, itchy watery eyes and nose. Today throat itchy tingly swollen lips?

Doctor told me that the redness in my eye was from a sinus infection due to allergies, however I woke up the next morning with a lot of sticky puss in that eye, should I go back In for evaluation?

Does conjuctivitus always itch? My son has a red eye, with mucus coming from the top eyelid. But it doesn't itch or hurt.

Does conjunctivitis typically make the eyelid feel bruised (as if someone punched it)? And does it always itch?

Does my sister have pink eye? Her eye is itchy and she says it hurts she only 2 years old and it kind of pink but not a whole lot

Does pink eye cause a scratching sensation against your eyeball? It feels like something is constantly scratching it and is so uncomfortable

Dry, itchy, red eyes that drain at night and in the morning. Blurry vision comes and goes. No fever or headache. Congestions as well. What could it be?

Dry, mildly burning, mildly red eyes for couple of weeks. One eye has two tanish spots. What could they be? Currently taking isotrentinoin.

Eye accidentally got head and shoulders dandruf shampoo in my eye? Is it dangerous? I feel slight pain, itchiness, and puffiness.

Eye is sore but not red since Friday. When I wake, eyelid is a little red and swollen. I have been leaving it alone. Should I see a Dr?

Eye mucuas long and stringy out of out side corner of eye. No pain or swelling lower eye lid extremely red. ?

Eye pain 1 week, burning can't keep open, no itch, no discharge, vision change, woke up with bruise and swelling on eyelid?

Eye pain behind my eyes not as bad as it was 2 days ago its from the cold and little bloodshot and congested. What can I do? And how long b4 it goes?

Eye was streaming yesterday while i was out in the cold (0 c). Now I have a burning, puffy & red spot under my eye. How best to treat or let heal?

Eyecorner, margin of eyes, n around the lid are itch, got medicine frm ophtalmologist(levoflaxcin n gentamycin), but now very itch, abit hurt, red , help me?

Eyelid has been swollen for well over a month. Saw doc & it's norm. Says allergies is that normal? Hurts a bit too

Eyelid just got over the flu. But now my upper eye lid is red and looks alittle swollen. Its the left eye only. Its not watery. Just itches on and off. Mostly when it start it itch its at the corner the part closed to your nose. Its not really discharging

Eyes always a little red and always slightly burning. On Accutane. Is this normal?

Eyes are inflamed red sore in lower lids also sticky in morning try antibiotic drops each time clears up but returns also raised lumps under eye why ?

Eyes burning with slight red veins showing on upper part of eyeball. Have not wore contacts since Sunday. Is this from old contacts or dry eye? Infect

Eyes got severe red & swollen from outside but no pain especially in the morning.

Eyes: Itchy, red, swollen, tearing (no abnor. discharge). Worse in right eye. Occurred 1 day last week, went away and is back. Allergic or Pink eye?

Face gone red and eye gone swollen, should I be concerned?

Face is really red except like a glasses line round eyes, it is burning and feels tight and sore.

Face is red, itchy, eyes irritated, slight swelling at edge of eyelid, fatigued, very dizzy, woozy, sometimes slight blurring of vision, what could it be?

Felt something in my eye and when i checked it i Washed hands and got irritant out, but now have a burning sensation on eye that wasn't there before?

For 3 weeks I've had a pink eye/sore throat virus. Pink eye was gone for a while but has come back full force. Is that normal? How much longer? :(

For past week have woken up with eyes crusted shut. Slight redness and itching in and around eye. How do I treat? Do I need to see an eye doctor?

For the past 4 years I have been experiencing severely swollen eyelids(almost shut) and body rash even on an overcast day if it outside for 15min?

For the past few days, my the inside corner of my right eye has been slightly red, but not itchy or watery. Is it something I should worry about?

For the past week I've got several red dots and sty's around my both eyes. It comes and goes and moves around every day. ?

For what reason did i wake up with my right eye red?

Forehead pain, constant weeping green eye discharge, antibiotics and Advil (ibuprofen) no help. Massaged my eye, a "pop" sound happened, then all ok. What isit?

Found a hard painful lump in front of my ear with jaw pain. Also have pink eye that is getting worse after using the drops. not pink eye? Related?

Going to an ophthalmologist today for severe cellulitis. what to expect? My eye is severely swollen, closed, and very painful

Got a large redbump center of eyelid-size of pupil in low light).When I squint my eye, bump feels like a bee sting. Lid stil swollen 2 days.saw spidr.

Got shingles, one eye is itchy and its corner is very painful, how long it lasts? what can I do for the eye pain and itchiness?

Had allergies first then turn into cough then bad sinus infection, then pink eye in both eyes. Left side of thoat almost swell shut and painful.

Had sore red eyes few days n very watery but feel dry inside eyes also tired eyes. Also runny left nostril ? What is it an what will help

Hai my left eyes red colour till pain?

Half of mt eye is red, this started roughly 2 weeks ago. At times it starts to get itchy and it becomes painful i also lose vision in my left eye?

Halloween makeup got into eyes last night for several hours. The skin around my eyes is red, burning, and painful still today. How do I treat this?

Happens at night watery itchy eye wake up in the morning with swelling underneath the eye?

Have 4-5 days with a black and blue eye. Still a bit swollen above my eye and by the side of my nose. Should I continue putting ice at this point?

Have a cold for a few days now w sinus pressure & sore throat. Today noticed that my left eye was a little irritated under the iris. What could it be?

Have a white spot on my eye, with local redness it is very painful. I called teladoc and got antibacterial eyedrops but they aren't working?

Have bad cough, very nauseas and tired bad head ache and recently also have red eyes kinda itchy. Left eye and cheek swollen what is this?

Have had itchy severely swollen eyes for a couple days, and i haven't changed anything . Benedryl and eye drops are not helping.