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I think I have a stye but it's in the far corner of my eye. there's no bump on my eyelid but I have all the same symptoms as a stye?

I was told to massage eyes for blepharitis ages ago, just making sure I am doing it right. Do you massage the outer corner of eye in a circle motion?

I went to my eye doc because I have swollen eyelids in mornings. Doc said my eyes are ok. Forgot to ask him about orbital cellulitis. Can that be it?

I wokeup with a double eyelid on one eye a couple weeks ago&it hasntgone away now one day looks bigger than the other.How can turn it into single lid?

I;ve noticed that the eyelashes on my right eye lid are not as sensitive as the lashes on my left eye lid. Should i be worried?

I'm only 20y/o, and I have ptosis i believe on both my eyes. Their eyelid fold isn't right above the eyelashes like it should be. What should I do?

I've always had puffy lower eyelids in the morning, but now my upper eyelids get puffy too. Is this normal?

I've been having sores in the corners of eye. What causes that?

If my eyes are watery and eyelids are puffy what do I have?

Is blepharitis just on or by the eyelashes? Or can it be in the crease of the eyelid?

Is it bad to scratch my eye lids a lot?

Is it normal to have swollen eyes after a blepharoplasty?

Is it okay to wear lashline eye makeup after 2 months of chalazion stye surgery?

Is it safe to pop a chalazion on the top of my eye lid?

Is it weird that i only have one double eyelid?

Is there a way to fix a stye on your eyelid without going to the doctor?

Is this ptosis if one eyes is a tiny bit lower than the other and its upper lid is more heavy and puffier than the other? Natural Treatments? Causes?

Left eye is flickering most of the time near upper eye lid.

M 19 can a droopy eyelid be caused by rubbing or anxiety? I have health anxiety and have been rubbing my eye for 2 days left eyelid slightly drooped.

My 1 year old woke up with a very poofy eye...Could it be a stye?

My 2 1/2 year old woke up with a stye in his eye. What , if anything, can I do to help ?

My 2 year old son has a stye on his upper eye lid. Is there an easy-to-use treatment?

My baby has a sty on her eye lid, can u please tell me some information about them. Thank u.?

My eye doctor diagnosed me with posterior blepharitis , I have been doing warm compresses and lid massages . Yet my vision is still blurry . Why?

My eye lids one or both can droop when ever I get high off of meth?

My eyelid is swollenand I have little blisters on top of my eye lid on the eyelid and the eyelashes..what could be the cause?

My eyelids are single but there are double eyelid curve and lines above my eyes.when i try to widen my eyes the double eyelid eyes will appear.

My left eye have been growing stye very frequently on the same spot. I do have dry eye.

My left eyelid never opens all the way. What can I do?

My lower eyelid has curled and now is laying on my eye?

My right eye lid has been heavy in top corner and feels like there is some kind of pressure on it. the lid has been twitching on and off but eye is ok?

My right eye lid sticks to my eye ball for a second when i blink. Why?

My right eye/eyelid hurts when i blink. What should I do?

My right eyelid is puffy. From tear duct to brow bone. No sty. No redness in the eye. After the puffy goes away my eyelid skin sheds.

My upper eye lid is tender to touch and so is my lower eye lid what could it be ? My upper eye lid is also going red and starting to swell up

My upper eyelids are swollen, drooping over eyelashes..Is this serious?

One of my eyelids is lower than the other. What is cause and cure?

Only lower eye lid eye lashes fall and itching red eyes?

Only lower eye lid eye lashes fall and itching red eyes. Is this something serious?

Pimple under left eyelid, eye very sore....?

Please tell me can getting hit above your eye cause droopy eyelid?

Puffy eye lid, what to do?

Puffy, swollen (swishy) eyes, between upper eye lid and eyebrow. I've recently been using over-the-counter eye drops to relieve irritated, watery eyes?

Red eyelids and crusties and stys this weekend, what to do ?

Remedy for a sore in the eye lid?

Right eye lid drooping and some puffyness under it? Teeth/jaw pain. Could this be from sinus's.

Should i stop kickboxing if I have a droopy eyelid in my left eye?

So, i had a stye in the upper corner of my right eye and it caused redness in that eye, should I also be having redness in the other eye?

Sore eye inside lower eyelid. Please help!?

Stye on my upper eye waterline? Help?

Swollen eye lid?


Tell me what is triple eyelid?

The inter corner of my eye is really hurting , what can it be ? Is it the makeup bothering my eye , my fake eye lashes or is there something wrong ?

The top corner of my upper eye lid has been twitching excessively for more than three days now, I'm 18. Is that normal?

There is a bump above my eye lid, what could it be?

Today i woke up and i had one drooping eyelid! what should I do?

Twitchy top lid of my eye? Didn't even bump it on anything.

Upper eyelid puffy from lash extensions, what should I do?

What also causes flakey white bumps on eye lids & eye brows?

What are causes of bilateral buffiness of upper eye lids after getting up from sleeping?

What are some of the common reasons for having puffy eyelids in the morning?

What are some possible causes for a droopy eyelid that's a bit puffy?

What can I do about bleeding inside the eyeball after blepharoplasty?

What can I do for an eyelash stuck in the corner of my eye?

What can I do if my left eye lid is all messed up and it does not look the same as my right eye lid. How can I fix it?

What can I do to differentiate between a hooded eye and a puffy eye?

What can I give my 16mos old for a puffy eye? He has a cold and crust in the puffy eye.

What cause puffy eyes?

What causes bruising on your eyelids?

What causes face and eyes puff up?

What causes follicle in the eyes?

What causes puffy eyelids?

What could be the cause of sudden bags/folds under my lower eyelids?

What could cause my eyelid and under eye swelling?

What could cause your eyelids to bruise ?

What do you suggest if my eyelids just keep on getting puffier and puffier, I don't know why?

What do you suggest if my left eye is fake and the eyelid won't open all the way?

What does a drooping eyelid look like?

What does dryness on eyelids and under eyes mean?

What does it mean if my eyebrow/eyelid droops periodically?

What does it mean if my one eyelid starts to droop?

What does it mean if your eyeball itself isn't sore but when rubbing your eyes your eyelid is sore?

What does it mean to have a third eyelid?

What does it mean when my bottom lid of my eye is twitching?

What dose it mean when you have itchy eyelids and eye shadow?

What is called the part of the eye that is below the brow bone and above the eyelid fold, the skin that makes you have an eyelid fold?

What is good for a stye inside the eye?

What is good for puffy eyes?

What is medicn for under eye brow pimple?

What is the best for lines, undereye puffiness, and sensitive skin on the lower eyelids?

What is the best remedy for a sty inside lower eye lid?

What is the cause of my bottom eyelid and the skin beneath my eye twitching?

What is the definition or description of: puffy eyelids?

What is the difference between a double and a single eye lid?

What is the difference between a double eye lid and a single eye lid?

What is the proper way to express your mebomian glands on your eye lids?

What should I do for a sty in my lower left eyelid corner?

What should I do for pimples in lower eyelid?

What to do about a growth on the lower eyelid?