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2 yo scratched eye lid. Today the small scratch on lid spread across lower lid by lashes. Looks like red eyeliner under lid. Not bothering him. Help?

After blepharoplasty, I have bleeding inside the eyeball.What should I do?

After removing a bug from my eye my eye lid is red and the lid is swollen. What can I do to sooth it. Eye drops?

Am 26 .My eyes have gone deep .And hair from lower eye lid from the corner is going into the eye from nose side...

Been suffering from eye allergies , in the mornings I have a hard time opening my eyelids. Is something wrong with my eyelid muscles?

Blisters on lower eye lid?

Blisters on my upper eye lid?

Can a style be inside your eyelid?

Can be allergy conjunctivitis attack only upper n lower lid skin(where lashes grow)mostly near eyecorner and in eye corner are itch+feel dryeye ?

Can citralopram cause puffy eyes?

Can constantly rubbing eyes cause the eyelid to droop?

Can dry eyes cause eyelids to droop, like is it a symptom?

Can eye injury cause sties?

Can I wear eye make up on opposite eyelid when I have a chalazion?

Can I wear new mascara on my upper eyelashes when my internal stye is under my lower eyelid?

Can the lower eye lid make the eyes droop if to much peels are done under there?

Can wearing eyeglasses cause my eyelids to look puffy?

Can you get eyelashes tinted if you have blepharits?

Can you let me know what you suggest for puffy eyes?

Can you tell me a blepharoncus is a tumor of which part of the eye?

Can you tell me about external (on the outer part of the eye) blepharitis?

Can zits on your eye lid?

Circle lens rubbing against eyelid, what do you advise?

Could getting hit cause droopy eyelid?

Could one get droopy eyelids from allergies?

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Could the stye in my eye be causing all this crustiness in my eyelids?

Do I have blepharitis? Eyelids stuck

Do you know what blepharophimosis is like?

Does antibiotics cause puffy lower eye lids?

Does blepharitis cause any other eye symptoms other than crusting on the lashes?

Does blepharitis cause puffy eyelids?

Does mgd cause sore eyelashes?

Does posterior blepharitis cause sore eyelashes?

Does the conjunctiva have eyelashes protruding from it?

Drooping in upper and lower eyelid of one eye, what to do?

Eye iching , eye lids swollen , eye lashes loss?

Eye spasm for the past one week. Right eye only, below eye brow ,eye lid area?

Eye strain, swollen lid, black spot on eyelid. What could it be?

Eyelash stuck in upper eyelid, how to get it out?

Eyelid burning a sign of posterior blepharitis?

Eyelid started drooping, itchy head, what to do?

Eyelids burn after using eye shadow, what to do?

Eyelids swollen from my eyelash extensions, what can I do?

Half face is numb I woke up and can't close my eye lid?

Have an eye lash growing in my eye lid, how could i get it out?

Have contact dermatitis on eyebrows and near lids and to the side of eyes. What should I do?

Help! could someone with psoriasis, have a flare up on the eye lid?

How can I fix the over lapping skin on my eye lid?

How can I reduce the puffines of my eyelids?

How can you reduce eye puffiness after crying?

How can you reduce puffiness under the eyes?

How can you remove wrinkles under the eye lashes , lower lid region?

How come I have a puffy eye in the morning?

How do u treat a sty in a 3 yr old eye ? Its at inner corner and just noticed it now?S lower eyelid is where it is . Its not touching eye . Its lower.

How do you get an eyelash out from under the top eyelid?

How long after i had a swollen eye lid stye before i can put on my eye make up?

How to get something out of your upper eye lid?

How to make your double eyelid into a single eyelid?

I am 17 and have drooping eyelids, is this normal? I look into the mirror and without lifting my eyebrows you can't see my eyelid on the right side.

I am experiencing drooping eyelid (side: one eye only) .

I get styes in my eyes probably a new one every other week and my eye lids are red and I wake up ?

I had a blepharoplasty in my lower eye lids a month ago, I'm still recovering from it, but I think there is something wrong because my eye has change?

I had a chalazion in my upper lid. Its now very small after warm compresses. My lid however is puffy. What can I do to remove puffiness & chalazion?

I had a forehead lift, upper and lower eyelids, but I still have so much swelling especially my eyes?

I had Botox on my forehead & between my eyebrows on May 21. My eyelids are still puffy. It's now May 31st. What can I do to reduce puffiness?

I had my eye chalazion removed yesterday and I still have swollen under my eye lid which looks the same as a chalazion. Is this normal ?

I have a bump on my upper eyelid but it is not a sty. What could it be and what should I do?

I have a bump on my upper eyelid but it is not a stye. What else could it be?

I have a chalazion on my bottom eye lid, it's not very big yet and not very noticeable. I wanted to know what a doctor will do?

I have a drooping eyelid on my right eye. What can I do to get rid of it?

I have a little yellow bump up under my eye lid on my eye lid it has been there for about 2 months. It feel like something in my eye. What could it be?

I have a lower eyelid stye my doctor prescribed keflex but my eye is itching and watering now what should I do?

I have a pimple thing on my eye lash what could it be?

I have a pimple thing on my eye lash. What could it be?

I have a rash around my left eye for 6 months involving the lids and skin, not the eye. Ideas?

I have a sty on my upper eye lid and used heat compresses and now my vision is blurry. What can I do for it?

I have a sty on my upper right eyelid how to remove ?

I have a stye in my inner top eyelid. If I pull my eyelid up I can see a whitehead. If I don't pull my eyelid up, the whitehead is against my eyeball.

I have a stye on my eye and it hurts a lot. What should I do?

I have a stye on my eyelid it is on the inner part of the lid and it hurts to blink I have had lots of styles before. Can I wear makeup and contacts?

I have a sudden extra eyelid after i had a swollen eye and it won't go away. So one eye has double eyelids but the other has triple. How do I cure it?

I have an eyelash under my bottom eyelid, but i can't see it. What should I do?

I have blepharitis for an year and a half now.Eyelids are itchy, in the inner corners of the eyes and in the eyelashes base, please advise!

I have bumps under my eyelid. What could it be?

I have drooping in upper and lower eyelid of one eye?

I have dry skin under my eyes and on top of my eyelid. What could iput on them?

I have erythromycin ointment for eyelid lump and redness. Should this go in the eye? She said just to cover eyelid to base of lashes. Is this right

I have eye discharge under bottom eyelid, what to do?

I have eye lid/lash pain around the eye lash area. My eyelids are swollen every day?

I have eye puffiness in the outer corner of my eyes. What could this be.

I have had a stye on my left bottom eyelid for 6 months! please help!?

I have head ache on forehead upper the eye brow from three days & my eyes are blinking my eyes to sunsight and heat plz help!!!!

I have intermittent, ingrown lower eye lashes. What could it be?

I have lump on my eyeball under my uper left eye lid. What cause this be?

I have one blister above my eye ilid now I have in inner eye lid?

I have pain around eye the bone eye lid?

I have puffy eyes and i need a salutation. ?

I have twitching in eyelids of both my eyes. Mainly lower eyelid but when I rub my eyes, even the upper eyelid twitches.Is this just dry eyes or more?

I have what i think is a stye, no lump under my eyelid but in between layers of d eyelid.My eyelid is swollen and puffy now. What can I do?