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1 year old with red puffy itchy eyes, is it eczema?

Any advice? I have been having itchy eyes lately?

Any remedies for itchy eyes?

Any ways to alleviate itchy eyes?

Are the red pustules under my eyes eczema?

Best itchy eye relief?

Both my eyes are itchy . I feel like I have to rub both my eyes. what should I do about this ?

Bruising under eyes could this be from eczema ?

Can be conjunctivitis make base of eyelashes (skin around eyelashes which near eyecorner) n eyecorner (in eye + skin) itch n dry eye?

Can be eye allergy only have itching (swollen and red skin "only when rub") ? Or is that blepharitis or eyelid dermatitis ? No makeup +cl for long tim

Can i take 20 mg claratin for my very itchy/scaly red eye LIDS?

Can my burning, itchy eyes be due to dryness?

Can someone help me about my burning itching and watering eyes? Not swollen, not feverish.

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Corner of eye itchy . Eye lid swollen and crusty sometime ... Please advice ?

Could a side effect of an eczema lotion be swollen and pink eyes?

Could swollen, red eyelids mean an allergy to my skin lotion?

Could use your help docs! my eyes are very itchy. They are really red and it pains .. What do I have?

Crazy thing I have a rash that is above both my eyelids, above my nose (like a unibrow). And below my left eye. It is itchy, dry and scaly. ?

Dark wrinkley puffy itchy skin under eyes..What do I do?

Doctors can you tell me why do my eyes itch so bad at night?

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Dry eyelids and itchy neck are symptoms of what?

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Eye all of a sudden bloodshot and itchy, what is wrong?

Eye lid rash, appears to be wrinklely and red?

Eye red, itchy, droopy and watery. What is the best eyedrop to use?

Eye swollen after rubbing them with pimple cream ?

Eyecornr+skin around eyes itch, don't wear makeup/cl 7mons.Itch can be lose by scratch it /not.Eyemd said alergy.Itch is back if not take alergymed.Help?

Eyelid redness, dryness, itchiness?

Eyes are itchy swollen under the eyes itchy also?

Eyes are itchy/ really puffy, cause and treatment?

Eyes feel swollen, itchy at night and morning, do I have allergies?

For the last year, my dads eye lids have blister like welts on them & his eyes ooze some sort of liquid that crusts over. What can this be?

For the past 3 weeks my eyes have been watery, itchy, and red. How can I soothe them?

Girlfriend itchy eyes and itchy red face?

Had an itchy corner of eye for 1 day. Don't have allergy's of what I know of. What could it be? Please help thank you

Have had itchy patch on one eyelid for a couple months now. Skin flakes at times. Had same issue with a few years ago. No issue with eye just eyelid. ?

Hayfever : swollen eyes (itching)and swollen to cure.any medication for it.

Hello docs! can you tell me what could be wrong with my itchy eyes?

Help docs! my eyes are so itchy in the summer?

Hi i had swollen itchy eye lids 2 weeks ago now my eyes and around my nose feels so dry and itchy..what could this be? Thank you

Hi my eye are itching and skin is red and dry ?

How can I alleviate itchy eyes?

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How do I treat dry, red skin under my eyes?

How do I treat red, swollen, itchy eye?

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How to treat red, swollen, itchy eyes?

How to treat toddler skin that is red around eyes?

I am experiencing itchy eyes, bloodshot eyes (side: one eye only) and eyelid swelling. Looks like a have viral conjunctivitis. What eye drop I need?

I am having itching in eyes and am having wart in my left eye too?

I got dandruff like dry itchy skin on eye lid plus gave some suggestions?

I got small bump on eye lid and itchy eyes.. bump gone, but eye still itchy, Please advice?

I had an allergic reaction to eye makeup and my eyes have been bloodshot red for 2 days. They don't hurt as much now but when will the redness go away?

I had conjunctivitis. A week later, my eyes have been really itchy and tend to burn. Are these related?

I have rash above my eye lips that itchy and burn?

I have a really red rash around my left eye. Swollen eye lids and its very itchy. No increase in redness with the eye...

I have a red patch on my eyelid that spreads to the corner of my eye it is not scaly but is sore if i apply a cleansing product on the eye area.?

I have a tiny Yellow tinted blister on waterline of my eye, its sore and itchy. Do you know what it could be and what can i do that help it?

I have a very dry itchy eye corner of eye .. Sometime crusty in morning .. Also under eyelid little bumpy dry white patch on off .. Using pataday ?

I have allergies and even washing my face many times my skin around the eyes itch as bad as the eyes?

I have allergies... And my eyes will get so itchy and red at times. How can I prevent this?

I have crusty eyes. What's parinaud's?"

I have dry sore red itchy eyes accompanied with eye flothers I suffer from dandruff in my eyelashes?

I have had dry itchy eyelids for 2 months. What should I do?

I have itching on my eye ?

I have little puss bumps around my eye lid. My eyes water more than normal and itch.?

I have one eye that is red the other is not. The red eye feels dry and does not itch, hurt nor is it oozing pus or have crust. What do I have?

I have really bad allergies and my right eye has been red all week and itches I tried eye drops, but it doesn't help too much what can I do?

I have really itchy eyes, what to do?

I have REALY itchy eyes I've tried itchy eye drops but that doesn't help what can I do.? I do have dry eyes I take Restasis. But doesn't help the itch

I have REALY itchy eyes I've tried itchy eye drops but that doesn't help what can I do..?

I have red eyelids with rashes and itching under the upper eyelids. It inches and waters when i read and the lights are bright.

I have red itchy face & eyes & is sore?

I have red, swollen, itchy eyes. Could this be due to makeup allergy?

I have redness on my eyebrows?

I need help me with my burning eye rash?

I need help! my eyes are puffy, red, saggy, wrinkly, dry, and tired! what should I do?

I need some help, I was rubbing my eye and I heard a pop, and now my eye is all red and itchy. Do you have any idea what is wrong with it?

I need some tips on how to help ease my itchy eyes?

I really need some answers! why are my eyes red, swollen, burning, and flaky?

I rubbed my itchy eyes and now it's really red, puffy, and watery. What should I do?

I think I have an allergy to eyelash glues. My eyes get itchy, sore, and swollen. What can I do?

I think I have conjunctivitis.eye is red, sore/itchy and very weepy and gunky?

I used a small dot of Triamcinolone Cream on my eyelids to help with itchiness and now my eyes are bloodshot and watery. Should I see my doctor?

I've been having itchy eyes lately.. What should I do?

I've been sneezing, and one eye is red and itchy at night. Why is this?