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Hello my eyelid keeps swelling up when I wake up in the morning . My eye lid does go down but instead I have been having my eyelid going red and sore?

It's been three months since I had a stye under my top eyelid and there is still a bump? It doesn't hurt but I think it's slowly growing..

2 months after chalazion eye surgery & if i look closely at the eyelid looks bigger than the other & when i touch it there's nothing is it normal?

5 days ago i had an upper and lower blepharoplasty , my left eye got blood inside it " white area" how can I reduce it ? Eye drops , warm compress

A cyst (?) popped under the skin/scar on my face yesterday, didnt feel right, now puffy, the size of a 50cent pc, and puffed towards my eye! Help?!

A pimple on internal corner of eye, its frequently occurring, its the 4th time this year, can you help me doctor?

After chalazion surgery, will the eye go back to the way it was, or will there be a permanent scar left behind?

After i apply latisse (bimatoprost) to upper eyelids, i notice it dripping down the back of my throat. Should i be concerned?

After my stye went away i still had a bump, googled it & found out it is a chalazion but now my eyelid is way darker than the other. Why? Treatment?

After swelling of lash line right eye near tear duct- swelling gone now only a dot on inner lash line- why?&what now? Swelling is gone by the way-

After using compress on upper eyelid stye some blood came out. Is this normal? I started antibiotic ointment yesterday. how should I proceed?

Am having cyst in the corner of my right eye from past 3 days. Eyelid is swollen and cyst is small but painful. Also having eye allergy from 10 years?

Anyone with a stye like thing on your eye during pregnancy. It is a small red lump/spot near my tear duct. I've been prescribed fusidic acid ointment?

Aside from surgery is there other medical treatment for stye and chalzion. Because my eye inflammation last for 3 months and did'nt cure when putting ointment. And I am so scared to have a surgery, is there other medical treatment for chalzion or stye

Bilateral Dacrocytitis 2xs bottom lid & 2xs upper lid opposite eye in 4 months. What are the treatment options besides drops & I&D? It's very painful

Bottom eye lid is swollen from lash extension what can I do?? at first it wa my top it went down for the most part but now my bottom lids are a bit swollen and itchy. I have an event Thursday - Sunday. Is there any quick way to relieve this?

Can a chalazion occur without a stye and/or internal hordeolum? I have had no inflammation; however, suddenly feel a 2mm size nodule in the upper lid

Can a stye get worst before it gets better? Doing warm compresses for 4 days. Stye seems to not change in size. It's on lower outside lid.

Can anyone tell me what causes a stye? My whole eyelid is swollen since yesterday.

Can contacts get stuck in my top eyelid?

Can Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) cause headache. Its above eyes and forehead..A little on top of head. Hida scan function at 33%. Styes in both eyes. Neck glands swollen.

Can I cure conjunctivitis inside my eyelid before I go to doctor?

Can i give my baby poralamine he's been bitten by a mosquito on his eye lid and keeps rubbing it abd very swollen how much is the dosage he's 8.5 kg?

Can I go in chlorine with a sty?

Can I go to my job (waitressing) with a stye on my eyelid?

Can I have water retention in my upper eyelid. I've had a stye before but there is no pus head. Really painful. Almost swollen shut. No allergies.?Why

Can I put some terramycin cream on my stye that is on my upper waterline?

Can i take prednisone for a stye infecftion on my outer upper eyelid ?

Can I use potassium iodide to get rid of an internal hordeolum? If so, do I apply it right to the eyelid?

Can i wear contacts if the swelling from a stye is gone, but the outer edge of my eye is still sort of tender?

Can not wearing prescription glasses cause meibomian gland to overproduce oil/thicken? (no stye or chalazion just thickened eyelid)

Can slk cause my upper eyelid to chronically swell from water, heat or other irritating factors?

Can this round inside my eyelid after i had stye will be gone also? I took ciprofloxacin but the pus gone not the round inside my eyelid

Can u use a tiny bit of listerine on a q-tip to resolve a stye/ infection on your lid?

Can you give me suggestion: my eyelid is bothering me!?

Can you tell me what it mean to have a type of crust on the eyelid?

Chalazion(stye) surgery over a month ago and the swelling won't go down. Help?

Could a blind pimple cause veins to come out in your eye if it is by your eyebrow or cause it to swell?

Could I have staph in my eye? This girl on my team just two days ago got staph in her eye. Well today they closed the gym for a few days because it has staph in it. My right eye is starting to bother me on the corner, on the line of my eyelashes and on my

Could internal hordeolum look like chalazion?

Could you tell me what's the best way to clean your eye lids from blocked oil gland from pas?

Daughter as sm pea size bump under her bottom eye lid for a few months eye Dr said Chalazion and said nothing he can do How to get rid Chalazion?

Daughter as this small pea size bump under her bottom eye lid for a few months what could this be? Can I try warm compress What dr if needed to go to?

Diagnosed with chalazion on lower lid. Now upper and lower lid is swollen and painful. I have a lot of crust. No meds has worked. What could be wrong?

Doc said I have a blocked gland on my lower eyelid and to massage it. It's been two weeks and hasn't gone away. What other treatments can I do @home? doctor did operation on my sty..but 1month na never sty go away or heel..swollen and red bump still in my upper lid..i ask f what shuld i do?

Does a hordeolum look like chalazion?

Does internal hordeolum look like a chalazion?

Every night after 6pm my eyes feel irritated. Mid to late day there is yellowish goop at the tear duct and lid margins get redder. Why just at night?

Eye md says I have mild blepharitis. Upper eyelids swollen and red/purple & small hive under left eye. Tried ocusoft & benadr. Will doxycylcine help?

Eyelid abscess I&D today and now the eye bag area is more red, swollen painful I'm on Doxycycline & Erythromycin ointment Is this swelling normal ?

Eyelid swelling lower/upper randomly. Starts as hive on eyelid sometimes. I think I've connected it to ibuprofen, does this mean I'm allergic?

Eyelids are thicker from very mild meibomianitis, how long should I do warrm compress and doxycyline until thickness goes away?

Feels like there's something in my eye..Possibly a sty. Is a sty contagious?

Fleshy mass under top eye lid (lacrimal gland) i went to the opticians he said it's not a cyst or stye no fluid within it referred me for a biopsy ???

For a stye on the eye lid should I see a doctor do I need antibiotics ? Stye is coming and going for several months.

For a stye on the eye lid should I see a doctor do I need antibiotics ? Stye is coming and going for several months.

For a stye on the eye lid should I see a doctor do I need antibiotics ? Stye is coming and going for several months.

For a stye on the eye lid should I see a doctor do I need antibiotics ? Stye is coming and going for several months.

Given that it's not painful, but you can feel the bump underneath, do you think it's still a sty or chalazion?

Gland swelling at below right eye lid. No pain, but it is red. What is the remedy for it. One doctor prescribed for surgery treatment.

Got a stye for 2 months, what can the doctor do?

Had a stye in my lower eyelid. Seems to be gone but, there is still a bump with what it looks like the infection?

Had chalazion removed from lower lid 3 days ago looks much the same can still feel hard lump have been using warm compress since surgery is this norm?

Have a cold. On antibiotics. Noticed red swollen eyelid and felt small lump (2mm) upper part back eyelid. Doc gave me genta ointment. Is that gd rx?

Have a stye or pink eye in right eye swoll up suddenly unda bottom lid.. Is there a quick home cure to help heal fast?

Have reoccurring styes on both eyes. No conjunctivitis, but the upper and lower lids are swollen and hurt much. Stye so large blocks sight. What 2do?

Help, i've only itch on upper+lower lid skin where lashes grow(mostly near eyecorner)+in eyecorner, feel dryeye. Eyemd said allergy conjunc.Tried 10meds?

Hi I just started top eyelids hurt n look dr said do warm compress and scrub lids daily .n give restasis time to work will restasis help with my puffy top eyelids ? will it make them shink?

Hi i have stye inside in my eye around tear duct What will i do if it rupture then the pus will go into my eye? Im so afraid

Hi my 18 week old baby has got chicken pox and has one right in the corner of her mouth & two on her eye lid is this ok/normal or do I need to go to?

Hi, i hve swollen upper eyelid.. What will i do, its 5 days from now.. Happen quickly i don't know why.. Pls help me.. ?

Hi. I've seen my opthamologist for this and now the stye is slightly bigger. I've been using toderdex and warm compresses since friday?

How a chalazion could be recurrent in other parts of the face? My son has one and now he has 2 more in the nose and the checks.

How can I get the lids off stubborn jars?

How can I treat a small cyst on the lower eyelid?

How can I treat the lump under my eyelid?

How can you tell if chalazion is not as effective anymore?

How come my eyes burn and are more red by my tear ducts?

How common are pyogenic granuloma's are of the inner eye lid? & can they form after a chalazion or stye? what do I do about them? Do they always bleed

How could I have gotten a pyogenic granuloma on top of a chalazion in my eyelid only in 5 weeks?I did have old contacts in& kept poking at it. im 28

How do u know when a stye is HEALED. i've been putting stye med + warm compresses for 2 weeks. looks gone but i think i feel a tiny bump still?

How does a doctor get rid of a stye I have one on my upper eyelid close to the eyelash i feel like it getting bigger? Why dosomedoctors not remove it

How long can an inflamed eyelid last for?

How long do pimples on the eyelid last? My 4 year old daughter has had one next to her lower lash line for over a year. It's gotten a little bigger.

How long does a stye on the top of your eyelid usually last?

How long does a stye on your upper eyelid take to be removed if you go to the doctors? Does the doctor have to sleep your eye when they drain it?

How r u supposed to wash the bottom of ur eyelid like the waterline with baby shampoo? And how long does it usuall take for the blepharitis to go awy?

How to bring down swelling, on a toddler eye lid from a masquito bite also on the ear tooo?

How to calm down eyes after being plucked for very first time help really sore x ?

How to get rid of a stye on my eyelid when ever i blink it hurt will i loose my sight if it don't go away in within a week

How to get rid of saggy loose eyelid skin on top of upper eyelid? Without surgery? Naturally? Would it go away on its own if I ignore it?

How to treat/can you pop an internal hordeolum?

Husband has small purple growth on inner lower eyelid eyedrops have not helped..could it be cancer?

I accidentally ruptured my stye. What can I do now to prevent infecting other glands and getting more styes????

I always get small pimples under my eyelids, why is that? Its super annoying and some people call it a stye or something. Is it an infecection?

I am 47 and I have sever drooping of skin under my brows, above my eyelids. It looks like its full of fluid. Its laying on my eyes what can I do.Help?

I am a 28 year old female. 5 weeks back i started having dry eye lids, i applied cream and oil, but it didn't go. My eye lids as well as the area belo?

I am on a topical antibiotic for my eye. I have now developed 2 styes, same eye. The stye on my lower lid has a swollen pouch under it, what is it?

I am on antibiotics for Cellulitis in my eye lid right now. I want to go to the beach. Is it safe to be in the sun with my eye a little puffy?