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1 week ago, eyes dry n floaters in R eye. Did dilation exam, given steroid n lubricant drops. Still see floaters all the time. Need to see doc again?

5 months post lasik. Sometimes feels like eyelash in right eye. Dryness? Surgeon puts stain in eye and says not very dry. Schirmers score of 5 and 8.

Any advice on medication for chronic dry eyed?

Any links between dry eyes, blepharitis, floaters and possible diabetes?

Any thing new for the dry eyes, as restasis and lacrymal duct plugs did not help.?

Anything to help blepharitis or similiar eyelids skin dryness?

Are dry eyes something that can be cured? I have read on how to maintain symptoms of dry eyes but not how to get rid of them completely.

Are dry lips and eye infections related?

Are my dry eyes and BP meds related?

Are red veins in eyes due to dry eyes permanent?

Are there any over-the-counter medicine for a minor eye infection?

Are there any solutions or cures for reacurring dry eyes?

Are there massagers useful in reducing eye fatigue, eye strain, or dryness?

Are there ways to eliminate eye redness?

Are vision problems also associated with dry eyes and if so are they treated the same as other dry eye symptoms.

Bad itching in caruncle, superior +inferior lacrimal punctum, n dryeyes. Md said allergy, but no meds work on me, don't use eye makeup, lenses 7months.Help?

Bad itchy and dry eyes due to overuse on laptop?

Been taking Dothiepin for more than 1 year. Dry eyes 1 month ago. If dry eyes are caused by Dothiepin, can side effect be felt so many months later?

Best type of eye drop for sinusitis related itch, red eyes . worst in the morning. most noticible on the outer edges of eye, away from no nose?

Blurred vision from posterior blepharitis ... Effective cures ? Warm compresses not working

Can a nasal steroid thin the skin under my eyes?

Can an eyelash cause bad eye irritation?

Can an irritation from baby shampoo on eyelids present itself like blepharitis?

Can birth controll change your body's chemistry & make it more prone to allergies?More sensitive such as around the eyes?Makeup has been irrit my eyes

Can Blepharitis or meiobiam gland dysfunction cause me to have corneal edema ?

Can dry eye be managed completely? Meaning minimal symptoms while on treatment artificial tears, plugs, etc?

Can dry eye cause migraines or vice verse with migraine causing dry eye. Have suspected dry eye and migraine from medication change. Restasis?

Can Dry Eye leas to there Eye diseases?

Can dry eyes when wearing contact lenses cause a runny nose and itchiness near tear duct? And sometimes headaches?

Can dry patches on cornea cause swelling on the optic disc and or could being on computer too much cause either problems please help?

Can excess sweating cause eye irritation?

Can flying in an airplane make my Blepharitis and dry eye and eye strain worse ? My pupils tend to dilate on their own due to eye strain

Can humidity level in the air affect dry eye after lasik?

Can hydrocortisone 1% be used for dry skin on the eye lids? If so for how long?

Can I wear eye make up daily with chronic mild blepharitis?

Can I wear eye make up with mild blepharitis?

Can inferior scleral show cause dry eyes, which then leads your eyelids to droop due to your eyes being dry from the scleral show?

Can light sensitivity be treatable when you have dry eye sindrome? Or is it permanent?

Can meibomitis lead to rosacea or not?

Can my enlarged adenoids worsen my dry eyes ? Everytime I put some kind of nasal spray my vision goes clear not blurry that it usually is cause of dry

Can Pataday help with your dry eyes if caused by allergies? I heard that it helps with inflammation so you can produce/release tears better?

Can people with sjogrens syndrome and severe dry eye syndrome have Lasix (furosemide) eye surgery?

Can post viral syndrome cause dry eyes, eye soreness and slightly blurry vision?

Can red eyes caused by dry eyes be reversed?

Can restasis thin my skin in eye area?

Can rubbing the eyes, or eye area make blepharitis worse?

Can severe dry eyes and eye strain cause fatigue?

Can stem cell Platelet Rich Plasma drops regenerate The lacrimal gland damaged by Sjogrens? Or re-grow damaged eyelashes? Dry eye 80% better

Can the dryness from Sjogrens ever improve? I was diagnosed 4 months ago and my mouth/eyes are still painfully dry

Can untreated dry eye cause longterm consequences or is treatment just for comfort? I don't realize eyes are dry from cpap mask & meds. No sjogren's.

Can untreated dry eye cause longterm consequences or is treatment just for comfort? I don't realize eyes are dry from cpap mask & meds. No sjogren's.

Can wearing an eye mask to sleep cause under-eye redness?

Can you give me suggestions if i was diagnosed with dry eye, but no symptom!?

Can you tell me about any treatment/advice for dry eyes syndrome. They say cortisone eye capsules caused it .?

Can you tell me about the problem in child eyes was dropping lot of tears and lot of dust forming in lids ?

Can you tell me how I could reduce puffy eyes due to shingles?

Can you use antihistamine eye drops for irritation due to herpes simplex?

Caruncle is bubbled, permenantly blood shot sclera & corneal degeneration in eye. Causes? Solutions? Fungus? I'm 41/female. Have been on antibiotics.

Could using steroid creams on your eye lids and brow bone cause retinal detachment/tear?

Could hypothyroid cause itching on brow bone and eyelids which leads to hives around eyes?

Could my chonic dry eyes and the dryness at the corners of mouth be caused by vitamin deficiency?

Could needed glasses cause excessive tearing? My vision is constantly blurry but my eyes aren't sore. Still I have extra "goop" in them. No infection.

Could someone with chronic uveitis also get lasik?

Could there possibly be a link between alopecia and eye conditions such as bleparitis or dry eye, like a hormone imbalance or something?

Could TMJ cause photophobia/red eye/dry eye syndrom?

Could you tell me what is the problem with a child's eyes if it was dropping lot of tears and lot of dust forming in lids?

Could you use antihistamine eye drops for irritation due to herpes simplex in the eye?

Diagnosed eye retention cyst, shrunk in a few days, very little present, eye still red and irritated for 2 weeks. Lubricating eye drops aren't helping?

Different itching symptom about dryeye and primary meibomian glands dysfunction ? Can be allergy only attack eyelid where eyelashes grow + eyecorner?

Do I need antibiotics to cure my dry eye syndrome?

Do punctal plugs make much of a difference for dry eyes?

Does beta carotene help dry eyes?

Does dry eye cause blepharitis or other way around? I have been dx with both years ago, but I go through times with no problems

Does ipl treatment really help for dry eye syndrome?

Does it take a while for dry eyes to heel. i have had dry eyes for a year. i thin kits dry because its not infected and theres no problem with eyes?

Does Lotemax (loteprednol) help taking out red veins in eyes due to Dry Eyes?

Does nac-acetyl cysteine help relieve dry eye?

Does visine remove redness due to conjunctivitis?

Dry eye problem due to contacts, what to do?

Dry eyes (excessive time looking at monitor)?

Dry eyes at high level, redness, harden eyes, awkwards eyes, headachs, pain in eyes, evaporate tears instanly doctors, tell me symptoms of dry eye.

Dry eyes blepharitis. On Dothiepin 31mg. Don't know if it contribute to problem. SSRI not well tolerated. Which antidepressant won't cause dry eyes?

Dry eyes n blepharitis. Seen 2 eye doc. Always give FML, (fluorometholone) lubricants. Sick of frequent eye inflammation, use eye drops daily n clean eyelid. Any cure?

Dry eyes n blepharitis.Use natural tears. Eyes always hav red veins, sometimes itchy, gritty. How to tell when I have infection or inflammation (dry)?

Dry eyes, are they diagnostic of sjogren's syndrome?

Dry eyes, irritation to brightness, headache due to heat of sun, darkness in front of eyes while standin for few seconds....Is it normal?

Dry eyes? Does dry eyes caused by medicine go away? Would changing the meds or lowering the dosage cure dry eyes or is this a permanent effect?

Dry eyes. Using eye gel 3x/day + no preservatives artificial tears. Eyes always a lot of red veins. Means long term inflammation? Permanent damage?

Dry eyes. Using eye lubricant. Still see ripples in 1 eye. Is there a treatment for tear film instability? If left untreated, any complications?

Dry, red, gritty eyes due to contact use?

Dx - optic nerve hyperemia. Blurred vision in left eye for more than a year. Possible causes? Can be from use of Zaditor (ketotifen) for allergies?

Explain how sodium chloride treats anterior basement membrane dystrophy. I also have severe dry eyes and blurred vision in one eye.

Eyes are almost always irritated. Dry, watery, red, small amounts of mucus. Have allergies and dry eyes. Eye drops don't always help. Best solution?

Eyes become dry White deposited on the eye formed. Pain in the eyes?

Eyes burn to point i squint alot. I use restasis but doesn't help. What's causing it and what can I do about it? Eyes bulge some from graves disease.

Eyes dry despite artificial tears. Constant floaters Vision unclear. Considering plugging tear ducts n vitreolysis. Any side effects or risks?

Feelings itching in my eyes, my eyes also become dry wht to do?

For contact lens wearers, can dry eyes and dry relative humidity cause your upper eyelid to have periodic spasms?

For the last 2 months my eyes of been inflamed and sore and also dry my eyesight as is very blurry as result I have lots of tests still no answer?

From two year having eye irritation problem. Some time have puffy inflation over lower eye lid . Having azythromycin drops. What to do ?