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have heard that all retinal tear does not lead to detachment,if yes,what is the max & min time a tear takes to lead to detachment?

11 weeks after retinal reattachment (gas bubble +new lens) whai's the whirling transparent 'fan' I sometimes see in lhe centre of my field of vision?

3weeks post op for vitrectomy with gas bubble due to retinal detachment. Is it better to be active and use the eye for bubble to reabsorb?

52 years old, male. After 3 weeks of having a double surgery -catarats and detachment of retina- can I be exposed to sand, sun and be under sea water?

A friend has been diagnosed with retina detachment . How can this be treated and is it dangerous?

About what percentage of pvd end up with retinal detachment?

After a retinal detachment surgery the dr said i can go back to my professional boxing career after 6 months. What are my chances of another retina detachment in a fight after 6 months?

After having retinal detachment surgery, is it normal for your eye to hurt?

After laser argon barrage, seeing floaters and a slight pain even after 2 weeks. doc said that no detachment and retina is healthy. anything to worry?

After retinal detachment surgery, is it normal for your eye to hurt months later?

After retinal detachment, how do you get the sight back into a damage eye?

After retinal detachment, what are the key treatments for eye health?

Am I still susceptible to a recurrence of retinal detachment as I had a successful scleral buckling half a year ago?I'm quite myopia, -5.75D in both.

An optometrist is capable of detecting a torn retina, right?

Any one havie a longterm visual problem with posterior vitreous detachment of the eye?

Any risk in a myopic pregnant woman (-8 diopters) getting retinal detachment from pushing during delivery?

Any risk in a myopic pregnant woman getting retinal detachment from pushing during delivery?

Are retina lattice regions associated with very tiny holes always?I saw 3 retinal docs:2 found only lattice(no holes) and 1 saw tiny holes present.

Are retinal detachments common after getting hit in the eye. How can this be fixed?

Are the symptoms of detached retina bad?

Are there any supplements you'd recommend that would help me regain better vision in the eye that had retinal detachment surgery 5 months ago?

Are there any types of massages you should not get if you have a repaired retina tear?

Are there other methods to cure a torn retina?

Back of my eyes hurt randomly, does this mean my retina is becoming detached? I've had a history of retinal holes/tears and had them lasered.Worried :(

Been to 3 retinal specialists for lattice degeneration (no tears/holes) with floaters. 1 of them advised b/l barrage, rest 2 were against. What to do?

Blood clot in posterior to the retina due to blunt injury to the eye with loss of vission. Pls tell me if the vision comes back or not?

Can a 'complete' posterior vitreous detachment (pvd) be sometimes not associated with flashes of light at all, and have symptoms of only floaters?

Can a detached retina change your eye if left untreated?

Can a epiretinal membrane deteriorate? or can it get better?

Can a lattice degeneration by itself (and not associated with any tear or hole) cause or worsen eye floaters?

Can a person continue to drive a vehcle after they have had detached retina surgery?

Can a person have posterior vitreous detachment on both eyes far apart?

Can a very small retinal hole be seen by a doctor? What are the symptoms?

Can a whole-body detoxifier clear a vitreous hemorrhage?

Can air travel affect the healing rate of a retinal detachment?

Can alcohol abuse cause retina detach?

Can alcohol affect the healing of surgery for detached retina?

Can an optometrist detect a torn or detached retina when she dilates my eyes for the exam?

Can anterior vitreous detachment occur before pvd? Does it reduce the retinal risks assoc with cataract surgery? Symptoms other than floaters?

Can any doc tell me what's pthisis bulbi and how can you get it?

Can anyone tell me is vitreous detachment after a retinal detachment surgery risking another retinal detachment?

Can Armour Thyroid cause detached retina?

Can carrying heavy objects lead to retinal detachments?

Can contacts be worn after retinal detachment surgery?

Can direct ophthalmoscope detect most of retinal tears or detachments (if not all)? The doc i will see will have a direct one and not indirect.

Can examination with slit-lamp (dilated pupil) determine if a tear or retinal detachment has occurred? Also if post vitreous detachment is occurring?

Can eye floaters be caused by general anesthesia or swimming goggles?

Can floaters be a symptom of vitreo-retinal traction? Or are they associated with only flashes or sometimes be completely asymptomatic?

Can floaters be aspirated?

Can homeopathy help to prevent retinal detachment or does it provide only symptomatic relief to flashes and floaters?

Can i expect an increase in floaters after undergoing barrage laser procedure for lattice on retina? I mean can more floaters be a side effect this treatment?

Can i expect an increase in floaters after undergoing barrage laser procedure for lattice on retina? I mean can the laser cut through the vitreous?

Can I get laser eye surgery if I had a scleral buckle for a previous retinal detachement a couple of years ago?

Can i prevent retinal detachment with a healthy diet and multivitamins and omega 3 and exercise? I had tears in both eyes treated by laser 3months ago

Can i smoke marijuana after retinal detatchment surgery?

Can I take eyebright herb after vitrectomy surgery to speed up recovery? I had vitreous hemorrhage and concerned about taking things that cause bleeds

Can it cause eye damage? If I do as hobby miniature very small mosaic work , i had retinophexy may 9 the bubble is gone nd have catarat in 1 eye

Can it is possible retinal hole surgery with lesik?

Can laser eye surgery cause a detached retina weeks later?

Can lasik delay or prevent Posterior vitreous detachment in a person who is severely shortsighted?

Can medical marijuana help prevent retinal detatchment due to HCV treatment? I tore my retina in 3 places 16 years ago

Can milk thistle help clear my vitreous hemorrhage?

Can moderate macular pucker cause retinal detachment? Is that what doctor checks for on follow-up exams.

Can opthamologists tell the difference between hyaline cendensation and vitreous bodies and eye floaters w/dilated eye exam? Same prognosis for both?

Can retinal detachment be prevented if you already had a tear?

Can retinal detachment be prevented?

Can retinal detachment happen without flashes(retinal traction)?

Can retinal detachment/tear be genetic ?

Can taking antioxidant, taurine, hyaluonic acid, omega 3 cure my eye floaters, having floaters past 1 year, eye normal checked by retina specialist.

Can there be a stem cell treatment for retinal detachment?

Can traditional lasik cause lattice degeneration and retinal holes. Can the surgery in 2001?

Can you develop keratitis after retinal detachment surgery?

Can you exercise if you are at risk of a retinal detachment?

Can you exercise when you have a retinal hole?

Can you give me more info on a detached retina surgery?

Can you still jog with pvd of the eye. I was just diagnosed.

Can you tell me about epiretinal membrane peel and vitrectomy plus a new lense?

Can you tell me about pthisis bulbi and how can you get it?

Can you tell me about retinal detachment surgery in the form of a scleral buckle?

Can you tell me about retinal detachment surgery?

Can you tell me about surgery for a detached retina?

Can you tell me about treatment for vitreous detachment?

Can you tell me about vitrectomy & retinal peel?

Can you tell me are hyperopes at risk for retinal detachments, pvds, etc?

Can you tell me are hyperopic people at risk for retinal detachment?

Can you tell me if i could still pursue amateur boxing after a retinal detachment surgery?

Can you tell me in my vision. what are the chances that I will have a retinal detachment ?

Can you tell me what to do if I don't have flashes but I'm scared anyway I will have retinal detachment?

Can you tell me, are there homeopathic remedies to prevent retinal detachment?

Cataract surgery 8/3/2016 and my pupil is still a pinpoint. Indoors I see floaters and cloudiness or complete shadow. how long until this resolves?

Checked by retina specialist, no vitrious detached or pvd, vision 6/6 every thing normal, then why I got floaters, what may be the reason? I am 23.

Could a retina detachment test make me blind ?

Could getting posterior vitreous detachment automatically mean you will one day get retinal detachment?

Could i get a retinal detachment after i get lasik or phakic iol's?

Could i get laser eye surgery if I have a scleral buckle for a previous retinal detachement?

Could my lazy eye due to detached retina be repaired?

Could my retinal detatchment be treated?

Could my severe retinal detachment be repaired after so many years?

Could retinal detachment be caused by severe myopia?

Could the retina detach gradually or all @ once & is it extremely painful?