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2 years ago I had multi focal lensectomy on both eyes. Initially both lenses were near and far correction. Right eye lens was replaced with just far?

About how long does astigmatism last?

Am a myope with glasses to have cataract surgery. A monocular IOL to be used. Should it be set at near or distance to mimic my present viewing?

Any advantage to myopia while doing close-up work?

Anyway to correct nearsightedness? Without lasik H

Apart from presbyopia, at forties, can the ageing increase also the hyperopia and/or astigmatism degrading also the far vision?

Are intraocular lens really effective for high myopia rate patients (-15)? Are there different types of these intraocular lenses for myopia? Risky?

Are MS and myopia (nearsightedness) related to each other?

Are there any glasses that could correct the vision at least 50%? I have albinism with eyes problems: nystagmus, astigmatism, photophobia.

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Are there symptoms to predict farsightedness?

Are there ways to avoid age-related refractive errors?

Are there ways to avoid age-related refractive errors?

Astigmatism correction in one eye. Should I have slight magnification in other to balance it?

Astigmatism might require corrective lenses or glasses. At what level of astigmatism would I need help?

Astigmatism myopia -- is it harmful?

Astigmatism, nystagmus and +6.5 lenses, what could I do to improve my vision?

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Can myopia be prevented?

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Can refractive errors of the eye affect the offspring?

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Can you please define myopic shift?

Can you tell me how are spherical abberations caused by lasik corrected?

Can you tell me how to correct near sightedness?

Can you tell me in hyperopia, we have something like a spherical no. or cylinderical no. or both for each eye. what is it?

Can you tell me more about cycloplegic refraction (cyclo exam)?

Can your eyes change from nearsighted to farsighted (or the opposite) as you age?

Convergence insufficiency after prk?

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Could you outgrow farsightedness?

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Deep-set small eyes cause astigmatism & nearsightedness? How?

Diet for person having myopia ?

Discuss refractive errors in nigerian adults?

Do all toric contacts correct both astigmatism and myopia? Some of them say they are for astigmatism and don't mention nearsightedness.

Do contacts lenses slow the progression of or even decrease nearsightedness?

Do diopters measure nearsightedness?

Do eye diseases affect refractive errors?

Do eyeglasses really cure nearsightedness?

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Do refractive errors of the eye affect your offspring consistently?

Do refractive errors run in families?

Do they have pre-prescribed eyeglasses for nearsightedness?

Do you know are lenticular and progressive lenses the same?

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Do you think an optometrist would miss keratoconus?

Does astigmatism and farsightedness progress as fast as nearsightedness?

Does astigmatism have anything to do with seeing at night?

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Does hyperopia change with age?

Does lasik count as uncorrected vision at dmv?

Does myopia cause other eye problems? I have had myopia since grade school. Is it possible that my nearsightedness will cause other problems with my eyes?

Does single vision mean that I am far sighted?

Does the length of the eyeball decrease with decrease in nearsightedness (myopic power in diopters)? If so, how does it affect the retina/vitreous?

Expert opinions? Which is the best method of determination for refractive error of eyes?

Explain the most common refractive errors in children?

Explain why the nearsighted eye cannot view distant objects well?

Far-sightedness and presbyopia, are they the same except for age of onset?

Farsighted in one eye, nearsighted in the other. Is that possible?

Farsighted in one eye, nearsighted in the other. Now i'm getting headaches - anything i can do?

For what degree of nearsightedness are thinner lenses recommended?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes nearsightedness/farsightedness ?

Help! Is it possible to have an astigmatism, but have perfect vision?

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How are refractive errors detected and measured?

How can refractive error relate to your 20/__ vision?

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How can I get myopia (short sighted)?

How can I identify whether I have axial or pseudo-myopia? Is pseudo-myopia is restricted upto some power(diopter)?

How can I tell whether I have an astigmatism or a lazy eye and astigmatism?

How can you be farsighted and nearsighted together?