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Any reason why blinking is good for eye especially for those who has myopia?

Are eyedrops effective to stop rapid eye blinking?

At first my 5 yr old keeps on blinking his eyes..Five days after aside from blinking his eye, his keeps on moving his nose.

Blinking 1 eye. Is this stress?

Blinking eyes --is this stress?

Blinking eyes due to blast of air?

Blinking eyes is this stress?

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Blinking eyes. Some says it's mannerism.?

Both of my eyes are twitching when i close them I've been on the computer a lot this week could this be why i?

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Can any doc explain why blinking is good for eye especially for those who has myopia?

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Can eyestrain cause involuntary eye movement?

Can eyestrain cause involuntary eye movements?

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My three months old baby sometimes blinks with one eye five times in a row. It has been a week, do she have tics? I also squeeze my eyes a lot.

Please help! i'm having pain under eyelid when blinking?

Please tell me what can excessive studying every day for year cause for eye conditions ( what are the conditions) ?

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Sleep problems/drooping eyelids/eye strain?

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Under eye wrinkles, eyelid puffyness from lack of sleep. What do I do?

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What could cause a kid blinking eyes?

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