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Eyes are so red and only my right one is ichty I keep sniffing. It's making me mad. ?

25 weeks pregnant & have yellow in my eyes under the lid & also underneath my eyes, im also suffering from bile/acid coming, but have tablets for it?

6th day of pink eye. Still getting worse. Have used polymyxin b sulfate. There seems to be liquid buildup in membrane can barely see

8 weeks post lasik. Constantly feel like I have eyelash in my right eye. Drops do nothing. Plugs put in, eat omegas... Please tell me this will goaway?

After getting poked in the eye how long until redness go away?

After I take off my contacts, my left eye tends to be painful. I put in eye drops, but it still hurts. It stops hurting once I put contacts in again.

After red eye is there any problem for getting pregnant ? Red eye virus make any problem for conceiving baby?

After wearing my contacts for several weeks, they began to get very irritated and I took them out. Currently my eyes are every dry, watery, & sting ?

Always had bad spots due to stress and insomnia but have this one that keeps coming up under my eye covering most of my cheek, how can I handle this?

An eyelash in my eye keeps staying trapped there; how do I get it out?

Anxiety stays high a lot. I feel like the corner of my eyes tingle or get weak and then eyes will water up. And mouth feels like it wants to droop. ;(?

Are allergy pills supposed to completely relieve your symptoms? I still wake up with swollen eyelids every morning and puffy bags...

Area around my eyes is burning and i m feeling a bit of heat in my eyes from 9 hours i dont know what is the cause and how to get rid of it..

Baby eye has been swollen for a week and he wakes up with cold in his eyes. what is the reason & how can I get rid of it?

Believe cut on eye and day after still red but don't hurt. Does that mean I have pnkeye? Should I see dr or just let it rest up?

Blood comes out like tears from both eyes, also from mouth?

Blood comes out like tears from both the eyes and mouth?

Both of my 2 week olds have lots of "eye boogers". Alot of times they wake up w their eyes stuck shut. Is this normal? What do I do to get rid of it.

Both of my eyes are red, & they hurt a lot & I'm losing vision in one, I noticed this about two years ago & I've tried many otc medicine & none work?

Can a healthly person get pink eye by taking contact with his own sneeze? For example, sneeze in his hand and rub his eyes?

Can a moderate dry eye condition get better with time or become normal again if the cause is just age and menopause?

Can allergies make it feel like there is something in your eye?

Can allergy makes my eyes in pain like a needle poke?

Can being sick with a cold also make me get pink eye.?

Can contact lense dry up and get suck 2 d white of eye if so wud this hurt and wud u notice this.?

Can damage be done to your eyes by getting water thrown in them?

Can eyes get smaller from being dry?

Can I get sick from a urine splash into my eyes?

Can lemon juice cause the eyes to get bloodshot for a few days?

Can putting eyedrops on pimples make the redness go away?

Can rubbing the eyes white area make floaters worse?

Can sleeping with contacts in make the whites of your eyes start to turn yellow?

Can sweat from another person cause your eye to swell, I was having sex with my partner and his sweat dripped in my eye causing it to swell shut...

Can the eyes become normal if they have gone inside too much?

Can there be any other reasons as to why someone gets red eyes other than crying or smoking pot?

Can uou get pink eye if someone was to fart in your face?

Can you get conjuctivitis from someone farting in your face?

Can you get pink eye from hot tub?

Can you get red eye from stress?

Can you only get pink eye from a person who has it farts om your pillow?

Can you please describe the best ways for getting rid of pink eye fast without drops?

Can you suggest a means to get my eyes to stop burning after i cry?

Can you tell me how to prevent pink eye from getting worse?

Can your eye get swollen if you have allergies? But he not sure if it a infection and told me to come back in a week!

Cocaine bad.If gets into eye?

Corner of my eyes starting itching for no reason, comes and goes. Been like this now for about a weak .Will it go away on its own?

Could contacts be a bad idea I have allergies and tend to get quite a few styes?

Could pro sight vitamins be causing my eye irritations since i start taking it i've had on going infections and watery eyes?

Currently I have the flu and everytime i watch tv, my eyes start to water. What causes my eyes to water?

Do dry eyes get worse with pregnancy?

Do lots of people get red eyes, or is it unusual?

Doctor I have eye styes in my eyes the two of them and i always pop them they come back again. Are there any vitamins or pills you think i shoud take?

Does it mean something is wrong with my eyes when only one of them water, swells, and gets irritated?

Does weed make your eyes yellow?

Doesnt happen often but when it does its always the inner corner of my right eye that starts to itch,then i start sneezing & lasts for a few minutes?

Dry cough, and the back of my eyes hurt. Anybody have any ideas for relief?

Dry eye i feel like sands going around..what are the treatiment !

Dry, burning eye, one side. Worse after YAG laser capsulotomy. Vision worse. Burning starts minutes after waking. Drops help only a little. Now?

During the past about month my right eye has started to water. No makeup it waters. Only my right eye. Help?

Eczema bad around my eyes stomach every where, what to do?

Every morning I wake up with a burning and sticky eye. It is usually hot all day. Just small drop of water helps me open it in the morning. What to do?

Every time I go to church my eyes get red, and when I leave my eyes are fine, what can I do so that my eyes won't get red during church?

Every time I take sleep medication my eyes swell and get very red. Why does this happen?

Every time i urinate, i get the hiccups and my right eye burns. Any ideas?

Everytime i put a warm compresser on for my stye my eyes become 2 times swollen when i wake up what else an i try. Please helppp?

Everytime i put artificial tears my eyes feel heavy and they go really blurry .. How can I cure it asap?

Everytime I take nighttime cold meds, why do I get crusty eyes?

Everytime II open my eyes there sore/watering.. Tv/lights/sunlight make them worse. Been going on weeks now?

Eye doc gave me fluorometholone for my dry eyes. I put it in and got a gross taste in back of throat?

Eye dry and a little blurry this weekend, how to make it better?

Eye gets dry fast to where I would have to close my eyes. They feel dry and burn. It's happening more often and I've never had this happen before. ?

Eye glasses make a sore on the bridge of my nose that has been there for years and won't get well. What can I do?

Eye lids swell when i sleep. Also are real itchy during the day. Then peels after swelling gose down. Use to only happen in spring but now winter.

Eye redness since June thst won't go away. I know I had sinus infection plus ear infections but still. Makes me look ugly. Eyes are usually white.

Eye still half-closed after infection. How can I get it back to normal?

Eye swells up like allergy only when/after taking makeup off to put more on. Doesnt happen everytime I wear makeup dont ever use anythin different?

Eye watering but burning when water comes out not got anything in it?

Eyes are red, burning, watery, itching. Comes and goes. Upon waking sometimes also. Dry climate. Should I get dry eye or allergy eye drops?

Eyes feel like sand in them upon waking, and lips are turning white and sting unless I keep Vaseline on them?

Eyes get red, itchy, and swell aggravated. I have tried over-the-counter allergy medicines along with eye drops. Nothing helps. Do I need a eye doctor?

Eyes watering like crazy. No pollen in the air. No nose symptoms. Cant drive car and have to wipe eyes constantly. Possible causes?

Feeling like eye floater & mild burning in eye. It gets better when i wash eyes with cold water. Is this inflammation, allergy, infect, or floater.

Felt something go in eye but can't see anything there. It hurts every time I blink, what do I do. Tried flushing with saline wash and water.

For the last 3 weeks, my eyes have been in a staring mode.They feel like they are dry desert and it feels like there is no moisture in my eyes. What should I do?

For the last couple weeks, I wake with "stuff" on my eyelids. Crusty stuff but I can't see it; poor eye sight. What, why and how to get rid of?

For the past two months my eyelids will become inflammed, itchy, and dry i've gone to the doctor and they've said nothing, i also wear makeup but i ha?

For the past two weeks my right eye has been jumping. What do you think has caused this? I have tried warm towels.

Gf has something come in every winter next to eye looks like shingles but it happens every winter next to eye and works its way closer what is this?

Good afternoon, please I have being battling with eye problem for time now. I have being having too much water or tears in my eyes please what can Ido?

Had a black eye after getting out of the she shower. Anything to reduce the swelling?

Had herpes infection on right eye 7 times idk lost count..But is there away to make it go forever if comes back btw have watery eye and doesn't stop):?

Have a virus - pink eye going away but now I have bad pain in throat (feels like a shard of glass) in same spot for few days. Is that from the virus?

Have been doing restasis-3 months & eyes feel good. If starting to feel dry again will it take 2 months to work again? Thank you!

Have bugs in my hair that bite and ive tried everything they keep coming back they get in my eye an my eye gets an infection ?

Have felt like I have something in my eye for several days but I can't find anything. I wear contacts but my eye feels irritated even w them out?

Have got a red eye fills like it has grit in it and seems to be running with water when i try to sleep and when i sleep they go all hot ?

Have had a stye for 3 months, greatly improved but still very noticeable, doesn't hurt but is very ugly, y can't I wear contacts? it doesn't hurt my eye when I eat contacts but I'm wondering if it makes my eye worse.

Have only one blood shot eye on and off for a month, dr says allergy or virus and gave drops, but I feel like I should be more concerned?

Hello, I got too much sun this weekend, and I am very swollen under my eyes. What can I use to reduce the swelling?

Help please! could colds make your eyes hurt?