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been having horrible recurrent unilateral HAs since last week. The pain is kinda throbbing behind eye feel like a throbing brain freeze behind my eye?

Doctor i feel dizzy ,having headache around my eyes, if i open my eye the pain is stonger. And having heartburn.

I've been stress the last couple days today I cried and now see blurry my head hurt pressure on my right eye, chest hurt I also have a small hart ?

my eyes are so strained and sore and dry. I'm extremely sensitive to light. It's making my anxiety about 100x worse because the pain is horrendous.

pain in eyeball. headaches if i nod. sleeping or closing eyes feel better. little acidity at night. happening for past 3 days. feeling worried!

sinusitis for past 12 yrs.severe pain behind eyes 90% of the time.Mucus comes from nose when i press my eyes.Cant even read.Feel like dying often?

:( I've still been getting that strange/dizzy type eye feeling on / off mainly in left eye?

14 male. Headache x 4 days. Says left eye "dim" today. "pressure" in forehead & behind eye. No injury, nausea/vomit, photosensitivity. Wears glasses?

2 days ago i ran into a door and hit my side temple still have a headache eye is a little puffy and eye a little blurry should i see a dr?

29yr pregnant. I lost vision on my right eye, cannot move it. Preceded with intense headache.What could it be?

3 days I woke up with headache.. Why can this happen? Its above eyes likw pressure.

33 f healthy left by eye and nose above eyebrow headache when i bend over it throbs has had for 3 days seems to be less and less help?

35wks preg. Sver frontalheadache, blured vision, pain eyes, sore tumi, sore legs hands, not swollenbp n bloods normal, getting worse.Doc wont decide y?

3yr old has been complaining of eye pain for 2months. Eye dr says eyes look fine but dry. She also has been having tummy pain for 8weeks, now headache?

4 days I ve a cold with headache. Now it s better and it hurts just when I breathe(left side + eye), a sharpen pain, like when I drink cold. What is?

5 day old black eye. Went to ER on day 4. I been feeling now still a bit of a headache from side of black eye and eye feels a bit uncomfortable.Norma?

5 day old black eye. Went to ER on day 4. I been feeling now still a bit of a headache from side of black eye and eye feels a bit uncomfortable.Norma?

6 day black eye. Saw er doc 3-4day. I have a small headache on same side of eye trauma. And small eye discomfort. Is this normal. Headache on one side?

6 day black eye. Saw er doc 3-4day. I have a small headache on same side of eye trauma. And small eye discomfort. Is this normal. Headache on one side?

9 years ago i felt eye problem many times, in which i saw shimmering vision of one side caused hard to see of one side for half an hour, what was it?

A pain right above my eyebrow feels like There's pressure on my eye it makes the area hurt a bit when I cough?

A pulling sensation in front of forehead and eyes. Also very dizzy. Why?

A vein up on the left side of my nose by my eye socket has started to pulsate quite noticeably lately it has never before, is this normal?

About 1 every 2 months for 2 years i see "shooting stars" in my vision. About 100 pinpoints moving in all directions. No headaches. Randomly induced.?

About a month ago my eyes had this burning feeling every afternoon, the buruning has now stoped and now they get slightly blurry with headache.?

About once every week or two i get what feels like the same headache: behind my left eye, and slowly growing in intensity. What can cause this?

After 2 days my left eye still feels heavy and weird/pressure. What could cause this? Sinus/ upcoming cold or worse? Its bothersome on/off.

After a days work feeling tired, the back of my ears feels slight discomfort. Also the area between my eye bags and cheek. Is this normal?

After falling asleep in contacts (took them out middle or night), woke up to watering left eye stinging and runny left nostril. Sensitive to light.

After school or time on devices my eye starts to hurt but only the left one. It feels weird/Puffy. Left side of my head also hurts too. Eye check?

Age 50, sugar ok, BP ok. Last 6 months very bad headaches and now twitching in right eye and right lip has begun.Weakness.Headaches becoming worse.Help?

All of a sudden I have a black eye no trauma but have had a bad head ache off and on all day?

Almost every night I have headache(in my whole head,everywhere) and pain in my right eye, also cant see clear. What is it?

Always getting random pressure behind eyes, feels like my eyes are going to pop out. Causing horrible headaches. Why and what can I do?

At night saw a bit of light near right eye (astigmatism in that one) I don't get much sleep due to my anxiety + pinched nerve in neck . plus back is tense . What is this?

Av got pain in me Wright eye an temple?

Bad heachache between my eye and in top of my head and nose.And my eye lead.What this can be?Do i need cat scan...Its been like this for 2 days

Been feeling a small bruising like pain where my glasses stay behind my ears. Is it possible to develop pressure points from the tip of glasses arm?

Been having these headaches feels like my brain is exploding and my eye starts watering and twitchin along with my head what do u thing it is ?

Been on patanase for a week. Eye has began twitching and feeling numbish. Also a little blurry. If i stop will it go back normal?

Bent over sharp burning pain shot up my nose into my eye like pool water. made my eye and side of nose throb and hurt still have headache ?

Blood red, painful, burning, skin.Blurry eye sight, vomiting, extreme head ache.Are these severe symptoms of a reaction from niacin?How long will it last?

Blurd vision mainly right eye, black lines in both eyes. Very light headed yeserday, slight chest pain, heart area ?

Blurred vision brightly pulsing light around my eyes some slight pain pulsing in chest.Little dizy gright light pulsing around my eyes....Exhausted yet can't sleep well

Brain feels swollen like. Weird headaches. Eye twitching. No appetite. No emotions. Queasy. No fever. Facial twitches at times. Don't feel right ?

Buring pain in forhead espically above eyes and nose pain and feelings of my forhead being swollen what could this be? And should I be worried

Can a bend in the ocular nerve cause nausea, dizziness, and pain behind the eyes especially when moving them. What causes this and is there treatment?

Can brain tumor cause your forehead to feel numb when only lifting eye brows. It isn't completely numb just feels weird.

Can mascara give a headache? I feel like wearing it gives me a headache

Can my nexplanon cause me to have blood clots? I've been having eye pain n both eyes & I don't even have a headache when this happens! Been on it 4wks

Can you get headaches, dizziness, and slight pressure behind the eyes from not wearing glasses when you need them?

Can you get optic neuropathy from getting hit in the head or in the eye?

Can you help me out with what is causing the severe pain on top of my eyes when i bring anything close to it like wearing anytype of glasses?

Can't tolerate anything touching my forehead. Causes a pulling sensation in eyes and forehead. Also dizzy. All brain scans are normal. Why do I feel i?

Complains of chest pains for 2 days when running,X-ray was clear, lungs are clear.said his eyes went blind for a second 1and Headache once today. ?

Constant almost daily mild to moderate headaches and sharp pain behind the eyes. I apply pressure to my eyes and feel little relief. Please help. ?

Constant eye pressure feeling?

Constant eye strain? Eyes checked was normal! moove my eyes can hear muscles crunching also neck is really tight . Burning eye.Dull ache , face aches

Constant headache, no meds helping. Blurry left eye when looking close, pain behind eye that comes and goes. What could be the cause?

Constant headaches in back right side of my head and smelling smoke about once a day. Neurologist said eye blood vessels are fine, but I'm concerned.

Cough 2-3weeks now head ache bloodshot irrt. Eyes that feel bulging some chest pain nausea fatigue doc say try antihistamine should and when I go ER?

Could an inflamed sac near the nose &below the eye cause such horrible pain behind eyes &in the whole head &high blood pressure.Iam taking antibiotic?

Could headaches centered around my left eye/left side of forehead (headaches aren't often) be caused by a black eye I got as a toddler? What can I do?

Craniotomy 3yrs ago.Incision area leaking on&off.Pressure headaches daily.Vision js weird lately.Sometimes blurry, spotty,eyes rattle side2side.Help?

D.R, I have headache in last of the neck and is become hot and comes to up from the head after this pain my eye burn me i want the cause and treatment

Daily headache in both sides near the eye causes?Feels like it was pressed on

Daily pressure behind eyes/in back of head & neck stiffness/headaches. Eye doctor saw slight elevation in left eye, but nothing serious. Suggestions?

Dear doctor my eyes are very sensitive to light and are very dry and sometimes I feel pain in my eyes and my vision is 6/12 in left and 6/18 in right?

Dizziness, eyes feel slighty strange and kind of hard to focus, also pressure under and above eyes, no blocked nose also, puffy top eye lids!plz help!

Dizzy, my eyes see stars. Almost fainting few times, nose bleeds & then blacking out. My right hand randomly started hurting. Should I go to the ER?

Do u get a stabbing headache with pink eye? I have had it for several days now it lasts for only 10 seconds or so but it is awful about once an hour

Doc saidblocked sinus.Sudden,bad headache, pain around right eye,rightside nose up forhed,behind eye,temple,achy pressurenow,cud it b sentinel hedache?

Does the uncomfortable feeling on the sides of my eyes allergies ? If so how do I help them?

Dull head ache front forehead towards right for 2-3 days also my right eye patch of real bloodshot like pop blood vessel what is it also very tired ?

Dull pain under eye outer eye corhner, top of cheek just started today. Comes and goes?

Every so often my eyes go blurry get a headache hands n face go numb and tingerly?

Every time when im tring to bend low, my right side eyes started to have pain..And its also affecting my jaws and eyes socet..What it is?

Everytime i bend over i get a pain behind my left eye as soon as i stand up it goes away. I also have a swollen optic nerve in the eye. What is wrong?

Experiencing intense pressure behind my left eye and during conversation only my right eye is focused which is resulting in anxiety, confusion etc.

Eye twitching, some pain and pressure in right eye. Not all the time. Face feels a little tingly when this happens. Tumor? Stress? Can't focus smtimes

Eyes are bloodshot. Some sinius pain. Head feels cloudy.. Back of neck sore. Dr started me on lisonpril-hctz. 20.12.5 7 days. Normal side effects?

Eyes are dilated and my head hurts mainly in the back whenever i move or move to fast. I also feel sluggish. My right eye hurts sometimes also.

Eyes feel like there is a slight pressure pulling them down, but look normal when it happens. Vision is blurry after, and pushing on 'em helps.?

Eyes feel like they are burning all the time and vision feels strained is this sinus?

Eyes were tired & itchy, suddenly it felt like something moved in my eye, like it squirmed for 2 seconds. No pain. Eye drops helped. Spasm? Parasites?

Feel like there is pressure in my head I have no headaches and i di suffer with sinuses .. I'm squinting a lot to so maybe i need glasses can u help?

Feel headache one side on one side for past 6 months.Also vision problems like left eye slightly pain and blur due to headache.Its a migraine.Help me

Feel off balanced. Pain and fullness under eyes and face. Feel tight. Blood pressure fine. Ear ache a little. What could this be?

Feeling constantly sick for over a week. Also suffering from headaches behind my eyes for the past 10 months. I have been to the opticians.

Feeling heaviness over eyes and i feel like to close my eyes whenever i get such type of feeling.And feeling there is some type of stress on forehead?

Feeling like throwing up and heavy migrain with a lot of pressure to my right eye ... i have been diagnosed with migraines ?

Feeling nauseous, tired and got pain in my back and kidney area. I have black bags under my eyes too.What could this be?

Feeling nauseous,eyes hurting,slight headache after reading print on phone or cpu..isn this normal? What going on? Wat can I do?

Feeling pressure behind my left eye. I had a nagging headache since monday. Headache is gone, but my left eye and cheek are puffy. Sinusitis?

Feeling pressure over lft temple left eye. Knows if very dry. Is it my sinuses? Drinking a lot of water and it has slightly subsided.

Feels like a trickling of water is running down the inside left side of my face followed by blurred vision momentarily. What is this? Also numb face

Feels like I have eyelash in eye for over hour, nothing there. No pain. What could this be?

Floaters for years and every now and then my eyes hurt to touch as it feels like there's pressure in my eyes and then I feel terrible like weak ?

For 3weeks I've been seeing bright spots and having frequent headaches. Today I woke up with headache and pain in one eye. What might be causing this?

For about a month now I get blury vision in my eyes but mostly in right eye and right hand and foot get a numb and tingling feelng and am gettng worri?