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1/2 week old has pink eye and flu, is this dangerous?

After a viral pharyngitis, it will make me imune to the virus in other parts of the body? like the eye(pink eye), I'm already with no symptoms

An alcoholic drink splashed into my eye. chance of getting ocular herpes?

Anyone know what is a stye caused by?

Are pink eye & HSV2 connected?

Are the lights from indirect and direct ophthalmoscopes bad for eyes, when exposed to them more frequently (like within a week or so)?

Bacterias present in Cover Ear Headphones, can cause pink eye, if make contact with the ear skin in a pillow and then the eyes for example?

Can a person get an STD in their eyes?

Can a person with Conjunctivitis pass me Adenovirus and make me get Diarrhea? Can I get Conjunctivitis from my feces in this case?

Can anyone get acanthamoeba keratitis?

Can bacteria vsginosis cause a eye bacteria if I was lookin at my vagina and so happen rubbed my eye without washing my hands?

Can cancer be contracted through cancerous bodily fluids/tissue coming into contact with the eye or nose or mouth?

Can chalazion's happen in 20somes due to dirty old contacts and wiping eyes without cleaning hands? any why would they need to be surigically removed

Can chlamydia be shared through eye makeup if one person has active chlamydial conjunctivitis? or if they have vaginal chlamydia and share makeup?

Can diseases be transferred through getting spit in your eye?

Can diseases be transmitted by spit in someone's eye?

Can dogs give humans pink eye?

Can getting semen infected with trich in your eye on accident cause any infection in your eye?

Can herpes enter the body through the eye? for ex spitball to eye/eyelash area? or contacted from another part and then rides up the optical nerve?

Can HIV be passed on through tears in the eyes?

Can HPV be carried in salvia to the eye?

Can I contract ocular herpes through my own breath getting in contact with my eyes?

Can I get eyelid surgery if I have dry eyes and herpes zoster? I have zoster on the inside of my eye and not on my skin. I currently don't have it.

Can i get pink eye(viral or bacterial) in home? With bacterias of my own body? If no one was sick in my home?

Can I infect someone if I have Herpes Zoster in the eye? I have a bf with healthy eyes and we kiss and such so our faces are close to each other.

Can Lyme disease cause dry eyes? Also can it be transfered by fleas?

Can one catch an infection or STD from spit in the eye?

Can pink eye be spread through your saliva?

Can pink eye occur after treatment for gonorrhea?

Can there be such a thing as a pinkeye carrier?

Can you catch pink eye from fecal matter?

Can you catch pink eye from your pet?

Can you contract chlamydia or gonorrhea from an infected persons eye mucus getting in your eye?

Can you get conjunctivitis from someone sharing your pillow?

Can you get ebola from coming into contact with someone who has it?

Can you get herpes of the eye from a dog?

Can you get HIV and conjunctivitis at the same time?

Can you get pink eye even if the kids were on antibiotics at the time. ?

Can you get pink eye from a handjob then touching your face?

Can you get pink eye from kissing someone?

Can you get presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome from being accidentally spat in the eye by someone who has the histoplasmosis lung infection?

Can you tell me what occurs when parasites enter through eye or nose.?

Conjunctivitis re Sinus infection. Tobramycin drops & Keflex 1 1/2 days now. Time Eyes contagious? Threw out makeup. Don't want to contaminate new.

Could a common wart on finger spread to you're eye via a contact lens?

Could conjunctivitis be caused by living in a squalid environment?

Could eye contact with semen of person with HPV cause warts or any condition in eyes?

Could fecal bacteria cause pink eye?

Could i get conjunctivitis from a pillow?

Could I have salmonella through my eye?

Could marijuana prevent my eye infected with viral conjunctivitis from healing?

Could someone catch an eye infection from a cat?

Could someone get mesothelioma in their eyes?

Could someone get presumed ocular histoplasmosis syndrome from spit in their eyes?

Could you catch pink eye from another person who only had an ear infection?

Could you get an infection from touching your eye to much?

Could you tell me if there is a lot of dog urine in carpet can it cause pink eye?

Diagnosed CHRONIC GIANT PAPILLARY CONJUNCTIVITIS. Have enzymatic cleaned contacts/not worn them. Eyes still closed w/pus in am. Bacterial?

Do I have blepharitis or conjunctivitis? Does it matter which if I get antibiotics?

Do i need to take my son to the dr for his eye conjunctivitis that he got from a stomach virus?

Doc thinks viral pink-eye b/c caught cough from older sister and runny nose. Gave eye antibiotic b/c lot of eye mucus. why did eyes improve on erythro?

Does allergy passes from one person to the other?does it spread or happens to the person who looks into the eye of the one who is having it?

Does cataract spread from one eye to another?

Does everybody get a pink eye in their lifetime.? Which age is the most common getting pink eye?

Does eye allergy/virus passes from one person to the other?does it spread or happens to the person who looks into the eye of the one who is having it?

Does having keratitis once make you more likely to get it again? I had a really bad case of keratitis, with corneal ulcers. Do i need to be extra careful with my eyes to be sure i don't get it again? .

During the incubation period, a person who contracted Pink Eye is contagious?

Educational purposes. if u catch eye to eye ophthalmic chlamydial conjunctivitis.can that infection spread 2 ur genitalia n become sexualy passed on?

Even though you keep yourself really clean, can you still catch infection in eye from contacts?

Everyone I have been around hasn't caught my pink eye. Isn't it supposed to be contagious?

Eye flushed with saline cause of possible dog faeces in it. Is antibacterial ointment to prevent infection from faeces or from eye being disturbed?

Eye infection. How easy can u get from partner? Have to be close contact or can get without close contact

Eye infections from litter box? 10m old

For how long an Adenovirus(specifically) Sore Throat will make saliva contagious? Can I infect my eyes with my saliva, after a week for example?

For what length of time can bacteria remain in the eyes?

Having a herpes ob near eye?

Help please? How long until symptoms of eye herpes appear if infected?

Herpes virus infectd eye of patient experiences cloudyness in eye. Wat is the reason. Can it be cured ?

Hi is it possible to give yourself pinkeye? My BF farted numerous times in his hands while naked and woke up with pink eye.

Hi my tear duct is sore I had scratched it yesterday. I usually have hay fever and I'm a contact wearer. what should I do?

Hi ocular pressure, blepharoconjuctivitis, growths on tonsils & back of throat. Got antibacterial eye drops &zithromax no change. Herpes or fungus?

How can get clymidia in the eye ?

How can one avoid getting viral conjunctivitis?

How can one get infected with pink eye?

How clear an eye infection from contacts naturally?

How contagious are scabies? It possible to get them on your eye?

How contagious is pink eye? How is it spread?

How devastating is contracting pink eye after LASIK?

How did my 6month old get impetigo by his eye?

How do I make sure my conjunctivitis does not spread?

How do u get rid of a viral eye infection and how contagious is it? My eye dr says I can't go back to work for 7 days

How long after being exposed do pink eye symptoms appear?

How long after being exposed to pink eye do I get symptoms?

How long after infection of eye and nose herpes do the symptoms start to appear?

How long after you've contacted pink eye do symptoms show?

How long does pink eye germs last on stuffed animals?

How long does the pink eye bacteria live?

How long is pink eye contagious? My son's child care has a policy that children with pink eye stay home until they're no longer contagious.

How many knids of pinkeye are there?

How often can having chlamydia give you pink eye? Had pink eye, got drops; treated chlamydia & eye still seems infected..unrelated?

How often can I contract pink eye?