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30 percent optic nerve damage in one eye, other eye normal. 58 years old. Even with treatment, how long before i'm visually impaired or legally blind?

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Can color changes in vision mean optic nerve damage ?? Or retina damage ? Can being under too much light cause this I'm really scared

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Damage to the fovea of the eye would interfere with what?

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Eye can multiple corneal transplants in the same eye cause diminished vision? Can excessive movement after a corneal trnsplant cause it to slip?

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Had damaged been done to my vision?

Have glaucoma w/thinning optic nerve. Dr says visual field normal & shading at very top of field could be eyelash or eyelid causing it. Possible?

Have you ever heard of an eye injury in embroidery?

Hello, I have had laser done in both eyes for retina tears, now I have inflammation of the left iris, I have been on steroids for 7 months eye pain still?

Help please? I want to know what are the implications of having deep injury between the 2 eyes and just above the nose?