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retina dr that treats epiretinal membrane thinks much of the macropsia is refractive because vision is 20/20. Recent rx didn't help. Any suggestions?

10 yo daughter has pigmentation on retina both eyes. Found at age 5. No known family hx of RP. No changes in visual fields. Could it be RP?

2 mos. ago 3rd opinion glaucoma specialist said glaucoma early stage w/minimal field loss. Now I may notice loss driving. Could it happen that fast?

2 risk factors for macular degeneration Drusen 125 micron. PreserVision has 80mg Zn (hospitalization for urinary) Doc wants 2 pills a day. How safe?

3 eye drs. Agree glaucoma caught early. 30% nerve damage, minimal peripheral vision loss. Pressure lowered from 27to target 18. Hope this stops it?

30 percent optic nerve damage due to open angle glaucoma pressure 31. With treatment is it likely loss of peripheral vision will be prevented?

30% optic nerve damage with no vision loss. Late beginning stage to early moderate stage. Was glaucoma caught early enough to prevent vision loss?

46 y pt. Suffred weak of vision because thrombosis in optical center of brain what is the treatment to liquefaction trombosis & return vision?

58 w/glaucoma, nerve tissue thinning, field vision normal, oct suspicious, pressure reduced from 28 to 16. Is this good?

58 yrs.Old, 30% nerve damage, minimal peripheral vision loss. Mother's glaucoma uncontrolled. My prognosis diminished because of these factors?

58-year old recently diagnosed w/glaucoma, 30% nerve damage & some peripheral vision loss. What is long term prognosis? Can surgery be avoided?

8% of population have lattice degeneration. Could it be that most myopes have LD and never get detected or have problems and the real % may be higher?

A month ago I had acute closed angle glaucoma laser treatment. Now I don't have pressure in my eye. But I still experiencing funny vision issies?

Accordin to ur experience, among high myopes only, what is the % of retinal tear/detachment?Is there factors like age, ethnicity, gender among such myopes

Advanced Macular pucker & stable glaucoma in 1 eye. 2nd eye mild ERM. What is prognosis for adequate vision. Concerned that both eyes have disease.

After blood vein occlusion in the eye, how long can a person expect swelling in the eye ball after healing ? (diagnosis: cystoid macular degenerative / venous tributary occlusion) the occlusion happened over a year ago and I have been under a ophthamolo

After drops & laser mother has uncontrollable glaucoma with severe vision loss but is still functional. Will now try trab. What would her prognosis be?

After one week of lasik I still have incomplete sight improvement and I'm very anxious as I was told I have mild immune response. What should I do?

After the first sign of cataracts, when should you have them removed?

After vitrectomy for macular pucker, how does the patient function in daily living activities during the recovery process. ?

After vitrectomy for macular pucker, on average how long is it before you can read and drive.

Age 58. 30 percent optic nerve damage in 1 eye due to open angle glaucoma. Withg treatment is it possible to prevent vision loss in lifetime?

Am 51 & just told I have vitreomacular traction. Does it usually progress?

Any chance of a repair to an optic nerve in the near future? Eg stem cells. I developed glaucoma and lost most of my sight in my left eye.

Any ideas why tunnel vision happens? Can it be cured?

Any link between hypothyroidism and weak retina? I know that hypothyroidism can lead to early cataracts in women, but any link with retinal changes?

Any new solutions for l4/5 degeneration?

Any on-line sites for people with macular dystrophy?

Any possible vision impairments assosiciated with long exposure to black lights in the 60s?

Any relation to lower eyelid spasm intravitreal lucentis (ranibizumab). From 3 weeks ago..

Anyone with a visual impairment from type 1 dm worsening while been pregnant?

Are my current vision problems caused by my retinal surgery?

Are there any current studies being done for cystoid macular edema ?

Are there any environmental factors that could worsen or cause macular generation/retinal detachment? Is mobile phone use in dark one of them? PC use?

Are there currently any stem cell studies being done for young patients w very complicated eye issues? Ectopic lens & pupil, cataracts, macular edema?

As part of glaucoma diagnosis i was told that I have low normal central corneal thickness. Does this mean below average thickness of cornea?

At what point in the progression of cataracts does a human eye become cloudy?

Besides carrots, what foods are good for vision and warding off glaucoma? Have a family history of glaucoma and already seeing early signs.

Best economical treatment of 42 yr old lady having immature cataract in one eye n myopia of no -8 in other eye? Please tell some possible treatment ?

Blurred vision in early morning only gets this is normal in early pregnancy.i have undergone laser treatment for short sight bfr 2 yrs.

Burning eyes and blurred vision . What is the cause.? I am diabetic and I have congestive heart failure. I recently had a steroid injection.

Can a laser for a simple retinal tear cause or increase your risk of getting a cataract from heat or some other factor? How likely is this ?

Can a moderate epiretinal membrane cause loss of depth perception.

Can a new type 1 diabetic have vision changes?

Can a person with macular edema get medical marijuana?

Can an eye patch help treat central serous retinopathy?

Can an ophthalmologist tell how a patient got floaters such as infection, normal aging process etc.?

Can anyone post visual colors of stool from billary issues?

Can cataracts caused by uv rays be cured totally?

Can contrast sensitivity occur even if glaucoma is caught early?

Can dry macular degeneration turn into the wet form? I've read that it sometimes happens, but it doesn't make sense to me. Don't the two forms of macular degeneration have different causes? .

Can dryness increase problem of corneal neovascularization?

Can epiretinal membrane become worse over the years based solely on number of years it has been there even if no additional vitreous has pulled away?

Can i get good results in dealing with macular degeneration?

Can i really have no exposure to sunlight after central serous retinopathy (csr) surgery?

Can late stage Lyme disease cause peripheral vision loss?

Can Macular Degeneration be considered "wet" in absence of blood or water in the eye? Grandmother dx as early wet (occult) but no blood or water seen.

Can microaneurysms in the eye can be reversed or improved? Who can I talk to about this?

Can my mother live alone? She has temporal arteritis; she is now blind in one eye; she is insulin diabetic; she has inflamatory bowl disease

Can optometrist be relied on to diagnose glaucoma? Said i didn't have it yet but would watch it. Glaucoma specialist said I have it at moderate stage

Can plavix (clopidogrel) cause vision loss? My father (75 years old) had a stroke 10 months ago. He has also glaucoma and the cataract is starting.

Can radial keratotomy vision deteriorate throughout life?

Can severe myopia reverse somewhat as one ages?

Can severe trauma to the visual cortex of the brain be cured by a transplant or any kind of surgery to restore eyesight?

Can smoking weed be good or bad for eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion?

Can staring at the sun as a kid (around 8 years ago, I'm 18 now), cause blindness/loss of vision later in life? (I've recently had a digital retinal scan done around 6 months ago and my optometrist said my eyes were perfectly healthy)

Can sudden peripheral vision loss due to optic nerve head drusen reverse, change in severity or fully recover?

Can untreated biotin deficiency cause a reversible cataract like clouding of the eye lenses?

Can vision loss due to glaucoma be fully recovered by homeopathy?

Can vitrectomy for epiretinal membrane cause glaucoma to worsen. I currently have 25% optic nerve damage.

Can watching movies late night can increase the existing case of inflamation (uveitis) in eyes? I feel faded vision in the morning in such cases.

Can you send me a link for any clinical trials being done for dry macular degeneration that leads to total blindness?

Can you suggest me best eye hospital or doc for my brother's poor eyesight due to demylenating neuropathy?

Can you tell me about being diagnosed with posterior subcapsular cataracts?

Continuous increased intraocular pressure that seemingly evolved from an eye injury - walks and talks like glaucoma but less likely as she's 26y.....?

Cornea dr diagnosed early stage Fuchs dystrophy with/clear cornea, said unusua because densitometry reading is high-42. Any idea why the high reading?

Corneal inflammation --- how long until vision returns?

Could progression of visual field loss be related to optic nerve damage that occurred 5 mos. prior or is that not long enough for it to be seen.

Could removing an AC iol improve chronic cystoid macular edema?

Could you define contrast sensitivity and at what stage in the progression of glaucoma it would most likely appear and cause problems driving?

Cupping with normal pressure. My ophthamologist has told me for 3 years that I have severe cupping that he says might occur in 1% of pts. Meaning?

Damage to optic nerve is 30 percent. With treatment how likely is it that in the future i will notice loss of peripheral vision in my sight?

Diabetic eye disease - vision lost, what to do?

Diabetic mother was dianosed with early macular degeneration, how long before her vision is significantly compromised?

Diag with DM retinopathy, macular edema and scattered hemes and my eyesight is -225/-200 in R eye and -200/-100 in L eye.I cant find wht #'s mean

Diagnosed w/mild glaucoma 2 yrs. ago. Pressure perfect but now much damage to optic nerve & I'll be blind in 5 yrs. Is it really glaucoma? What to do?

Diagnosed with epiretinal membrane, that dr will watch. Also have early glaucoma & early cataracts in same eye. Which condition would be causing glare?

Diagnosed with hypotony. Trabeculectomy surgery 14 years ago. Can I live with low eye pressure? Pressure 4-5 being treated with steroid antibiotic

Differential effects of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein (bpi) analogues on retinal neovascularization and retinal pericyte growth?

Do all myopics have standard measurement of thinner retina with each degree of higher myopia? Couldn't it be due to defects in anterior layers of eye?

Do eye exercises really work? My mother-in-law has macular degeneration. Her doctor told her it's untreatable, so she has turned to the internet and found claims that eye exercises can "improve your vision naturally!" she even made me watch a youtube vid

Do floaters (in vision) pose a a health risk or sight-loss risk? My family has a history of macular degeneration, I am 20, and especially in bright conditions i notice frequent floaters in my field of vision

Do people with normal tension glaucoma progress to vision loss sooner than regular tension patients.

Do you know are my current vision problems caused by my retinal surgery?

Do you know if the cornea changes are progressive or will they stop for 10 yrs Post-Op LASIK patient on Male to Female HRT ?

Doctors say that lattice degeneration develops at an age of 12 or so, only now I am having the symptoms. True? Does that mean it won't progress later?

Does a pre existing diabetes diagnosis escalate the burn degree due to neuropathy, or should such patients just make visual inspection?

Does all high/severe myopia have lattice degeneration at some time ? How can it be diagnosed? I had seen 2 retina docs in last 6 months, they mentioned nothing

Does anyone know the function of the anterior chamber in our eye?

Does corneal thickness affect how well you can see?